Premier Self Defence — Debi Steven shows self-defence techniques

and hi my name is Debbie Stephen from premier self-defense this is Jonathan and this is kes and we're going to show you some physical self-defense tools obviously this is the last part of a surf a very good self-defense package all of the tools is we're going to show you our very realistic situations that may happen to women unfortunately for us most of these situations or most of the attacks happen from behind we're going to show you things that I've researched on YouTube that I think is absolutely wrong and then we're going to show you examples where I honestly believe you've got a good chance of actually getting after the attack the difficult thing is if things are done incorrectly and unfortunately many martial artists try and super impose their martial arts tools into self-defense if they are done incorrectly then you have a chance obviously unfortunately the worst case scenario is that you will be raped or killed the good self-defense technique is just to give you a window opportunity to act to be able to escape one of the first techniques we're going to run through I saw or advertised in personal safety tips in one of the top magazines in Delhi and what they say is if a man approaches you you should hit them as hard as you can in the chest so I want to demonstrate as a woman after the karate for 25 years I know that I can hit hard but I want to show you how almost certainly that won't work so I'm just going to demonstrate by clenching Jonathan and I will try and hit as hard as I can in the chest which is what they say they say hits a man in a chest and he will have a problem breathing so this is just the reality of it now I'm good to do is show the punch again but the attacker is going to try have some real energy because if something doesn't work of course their man is going to become more aggressive so I'll just demonstrate again and punch but now Jonathan is going to have some realistic energy coming injured were what we're going to do now is show if somebody instead of the punch what would we do and what the technique that we're going to demonstrate is a slap to the carotid artery the carotid artery sits sort of just here in the neck so you can see it runs down the back of the neck and down underneath the collarbone it's the palm of your hand that hits the carotid artery and it's because it will affect the options for around the body that it is so that is why is such an incredible tool so if I just do a demonstration of that then you can see sorry then you can see it's a much more effective tool than me and creating the body it's because it's not obviously because I'm super strong it's just because I know exactly where to hit what's your problem the technique we were to do now is grab to the throat it's very common for a male attacker to grab a woman around her throat because it gives him a sense of power and control which is obviously one of the animal elements behind a sexual attack one of the things I've seen demonstrated is that when it when it made attacker grabs a woman around the throat and these are one of the things that you should not do they do they give you advice that you should lift your hand up and come down on both of his hand some of them actually even say grab with a sort of the bread and an armlock at the same time the reality is when the man grabs you around the throat and you try to get your gums up he's going to respond in a way where it's impossible and you can obviously hear from our voice that the minute I start struggling the male attacker will immediately start putting pressure on both my carotid artery and on my windpipe which makes it even more scary I've always said why do you need to do all these complicated things because you get a man of you the worst thing to do is to think you should find strength with strength you need to immediately work out how you will cause pain so if kids didn't grab me all up inside my hands into this face why would I need to do order these complicated moves Oh the next Cygnus we're going to demonstrate again is another very very common attack on woman and it's when a male attacker grabs a word from behind one of the wrong things that has been taught is that when the guy grabs you from behind you need to have a look whereas footers lift your knee up and slam it down onto the root of his foot the reality of it is is the guy will not grab you and just keep you in that one place where you actually have time to look down and start pounding on his foot in a real situation more than likely if you grabbed up this the guys go to grab you and try and move you from one location to the next as quickly as you possibly can so what we're going to demonstrate now is the real source that happens when a man grabs you from behind and I'm going to try and actually do what is faulty ever Thomas to try and actually cause pain by stepping on kissers foot but to show you how it's almost impossible to be able to do that so he's going to grab you from behind what is very difficult in that situation is I'm spending five or six or seven seconds trying to actually hit the foot the reality of it is is I need to get the male attacker off me within three seconds and the only way to do that is to actually cause pain so again we will show you where kids dragon grabs me in a realistic way and obviously what I'll do is in a realistic way even if he grabs as hard as he can I still have the movement of my hips and his groin is obviously absolutely 100% within reach so the renal situation if case takes two steps back he grabs me immediately I've got his groin and from the coin obviously there's other opportunities that you could follow up with the next thing we're going to discuss is the Wiegel it is a multifunctional personal safety aide the first thing that it does is as you can see carries keys so it's a key fob it opens up and inside the Weeble is a storage facility for 14 milliliters of urine and this would be used if there was a rape that was drug-assisted you would obviously need to take a sample of urine to help provide evidence to the police that you were drugged and before you erect inside the people as well is a card where you would racked emergency contact telephone numbers on if I asked you do you remember your parents or your partners contact telephone number you may do that now and then if I ask kids to attack you and immediately after that sitting what is that telephone number you probably would forget so the telephone storage facility goes inside the we will also with money so it is a keyring it stores the emergency money it's a urine sample holder and it stores your emergency contact details the great advantage of the Weeble as a physical tool is you can use the butt of the Weeble to try and get somebody off you as well as actually using the keys the advantage of using the keys is as you can see there's extra distance so if somebody was coming in to attack you you've got a longer reach than if you were just using your hands and your legs if you grab me around the throat I could either use the keys to strike him in the face or I could use the shaft of the Weeble and you could hit him anywhere straight into the face onto the carotid artery straight into this ear even hitting very brought down on to the top of the hands almost certainly if I did this with a hundred percent power you would release this for a second and then I would have many more options and obviously very importantly I'd be able to breathe because his hands were off my neck the Weeble can also be used if he had grabbed you from behind is that I would slam the Weeble into his groin again after use the keys or I could use the shaft of the wheel what you've seen in the last few minutes of the premier self-defense DVD is just the physical it's important to understand that a very good personal safety package also includes advice on how to implement great personal safety habits into your life have to become a much more aware person aware about your safety what happens if you see a situation that's uncomfortable trusting your intuition and avoiding situations all together we also include verbal diffusion which is a very important personal safety skill to have and always your last last option is the physical and that's really important you've seen all of the physical but you haven't actually seen the full package that we do if you would like to contact us to get more information about our full courses then please do that through my website which is premier self defense dot co dot UK

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