Prepper – Fluchtfahrzeug | Bug out vehicle | German HD 1080p

by love proper that you can go back to a new video today so today I want to show you the escape vehicle again we have about it discussed what the perfect getaway vehicle is i think personally there is this perfect escape vehicle everyone just has to see for himself what he is takes it comes to the point so I have only completely whistled with the car but now picture away from it then of course there is always one that is always so beautiful Quotation marks escape vehicles to see on the internet and that thick trucks and so on and so on or so suvs or so but we all need them way too much fuel yes i don't know where to get so much fuel from should take let alone if I fa around then it can partly be that i can't get ahead roads are congested So afterwards I was like that I thought it was good too I just got away from it somehow I think I have to myself now personally found the best escape vehicle I even do and that's it, yes you are correct, it's a scooter from too say that is but not a small one is a big role so 125 cubic meters so there is running It takes around 100 kilometers per hour if you always drive at full throttle or almost at full speed what then does he not need 3 liters per 100 kilometers he needs it by 2.5 liters frugal drives even less this is the perfect getaway vehicle for Definitely me and we'll take a look at the whole thing now closer to a lot of fun so first of all I would briefly go into the tires and although as you will see now, look at the back, nice studded tires, I think it's very practical so you can smell a little bit then you can't Driving off-road so easily doesn’t get stuck and compute ahead I think that's pretty good and now we're looking at the tire in front Unfortunately, there is no tire on it in the offroad but I believe in the office on the rear drive it is most important but it doesn't matter so i think that fits now I briefly blurred the camera a bit, as I said in the back is the tire in front and the profile on it fits and we take a look at the device keep going so you can see my scooter or man again Escape vehicle a complete warm-up and I'm going straight into the picture strutting there I am already when I briefly explain and you will find the suitcase sown back here so well, so that pretty big fit a lot in yes super perfect then we still have further colleague exactly the back seat we can open some helmet compartment but there you can store something in it pretty big and then we go on we have a little forward where our feet can be put on really put something in, maybe I'll put 20 liter petrol cans there one probably and then up front there you see we have one of these here bracing because I would like to build something as you will see you will see one storage space where I can still carry something on it so there is quite a bit of space the escape backpack also takes care bridges have already been tried out so i think the device is mega mega cool for them cursed yes and that was a little idea like one Escape vehicle looks like write something in the comments you think of it and what kind of escape vehicle you have or what for you the best escape vehicle would be prepared in this sense since you see each other but nothing video

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