Prepping: Beginners, “Fire”, “The Basics” Part 2 “Fire for Cooking”

technician 775 here this morning we're going to be covering a fire source for your cooking needs and it looks like we have some really bad weather moving in you could probably hear the wind chimes in the background so I'm gonna try to be quick with this but thorough okay we bought a stove tech stove and this is Wow it is pretty pretty windy outside okay this is one of the best stoves I've seen and had any dealings with that you can actually cook with using wood it is a really nice little stove the cost in it this is the deluxe stove with the two doors it's about $125 and it's well worth it I've seen the construction on this is this really good for the for the amount of money that you have to pay for it okay one of the things that we did and I do is go down to the local cabinet shops people who do woodwork in cabinetry you know and such and asked him for their ends and pieces of the would normally they'll just give them to you and if you give them a few dollars if you have some long long pieces you don't have the ability not necessarily technical ability but the physical tools that they can do the job with they will cut the wood into small pieces for you and maybe charge you a few dollars for their time which is well worth it and those pieces of wood you can actually store in a five-gallon bucket we'll go into the operation of the stove later on but this is one great option right here for cooking maybe not necessarily in an apartment but you can see this is the two-door version okay and you can actually go to I think a stove TechNet and see more about their their stoves okay next I'm gonna pick and put this my camera on the tripod here so what we can have is a I can have both hands-free to demonstrate this stove right here this is a typical stove you get its chinese-built everything's built in China just about anymore but anyways you go to anyone of the Oriental stores in the largest city and some of the smaller have a good over you know store a lot of times it can be the speed oriental food store they will have these this Dover here was about fifteen dollars excellent stove for the price you can't beat it they also you can go into the camping section of Walmart's Kmart's targeting and such as that academies and whatever and look at different stoves and they're such right here but this one right here is was one of my favorites it does put out quite a bit of BTUs the little cartridges are safe they're disposable and they store really well okay what we're gonna do when you get the stove it's going to be packaged with this up upside down and inside the inside the plastic box right there so when you get it just a quick video and how this thing works and like so we will do some demonstrations on some of the cooking later on but okay then you open this up okay take you a can take the little red cap off and you'll see that there's a little notch right here you pick this up there's a little tab right here you pick this up put the can right down there with a notch lines up okay so that lets you know that this is perfectly lined up you push this lever down which engages the can into the regulator this right here has a built in I think they call it a piezo lighter so what you do okay maybe twice okay and we have fire and it is quite I think it's about a 10,000 BTU it will ball water in a little in no time sand okay make sure you do that all the cars courses clothes this right here and you can actually turn this down to just a fine simmer which is excellent for cooking beans and your dry legumes anything that's dry okay enough of that when you finish with it please make sure you disengage the bottle that way you don't have any leakage in because if it's emergency times you're going to want to conserve as much as possible when you're finished with it take the bottle out you know and I don't want to get too much into this but like this and you can store it quite easily okay it will not store if this is this little lever is down that's the safety device they will not store you cannot put it in the box so if you like this no I've done something wrong but anyways once you do it the way it's supposed to there you go okay that's head in the wrong spot it it works just fine replacement cartridges you get 28 to the case and they're about $1 apiece you can also find these cartridges right here at a true value hardware store okay I'm gonna take the video camera again and start moving around with it okay for lighting one of the things that you're gonna want to do is have a good source of light batteries work just fine and but they're limited you can go down to again your local store Kmart Walmart it's a CAD amis looking a campus section and get you a nice little Coleman lantern these are not real dangerous but you know but with anything you have to take be careful with it and you can pick up the extra bottles of propane some people like the propane bottles because you can do that with the stove and it which is perfectly fine I just liked a little the portability of the smaller stoves like that and with these right here you can get an adapter from Harbor Freight and refill these canisters with the big five gallon propane cylinders like you use for your gas grill and they have been instructions in the directions how to do that okay just that was just a quick video on in the beginning prepping and how to use some of the cooking equipment as some of the equipment that's available technician 775 saying thank you very much for watching and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me a private email private message or just post it on the loan video and I'll try my best to get back to you as quick as possible thank you very good thank you very much again for watching 775 signing off

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