Prepping deutsch: Vorratshaltung – werde Dein eigener Supermarkt/Baumarkt

ten sentences on the subject of stockpiling must be the federal office for civil protection and disaster relief advises everyone by name Nowadays, having funds and water supplies at home for two weeks is almost a thing of the past no longer in our service society many people only buy what they don't need for two days absolutely the best solution in my eyes we live in the rented apartment so it quickly becomes very cramped we have set up such a heavy-duty shelf in the storage room and are our own supermarket, so to speak, that means we have something we consume in two or three weeks we have here And if the supply chain should be interrupted we can contact us for a while I want to take care of myself now only two three I think what a storage shelf looks like Everyone thinks we mostly use cans for one simple reason this with a mason jar that means if there is an earthquake or something the things can fall off but they are still used at the content is still intact which we vegetarians like to use or vegan is that here so japan vacation extremely cheap as in wonderland costs I think 100 grams somehow 80 cents when you look at the nutritional values come up to 148 grams of protein, even with meat you can hardly do that So I can really recommend that to anyone not even vegan if you are one a bit busy with stairs to stockpile that once in the trade quarterly there is always a box standing here consuming the purple in as well things carbohydrates use as a source the battery is called spaghetti because they are Stack extremely well and take up little space sometimes you buy again when the offer was 20 kilos Spaghetti are of course toilet paper tetra what I then use are like that two three special features i have your box a marlies are now ready to eat from us army the user is also very happy to power up the bush and I still have three boxes packed for me, so to speak, the gap between Storage and escape rucksack these boxes are on us washing machine and in the case of an escape they went to the one in an emergency pay in the car here we have a box with 500 tea lights on one power failure to have light and warmth peanut butter as an extreme source of energy underneath a box and I really don't like it because the stuff wants it In case of doubt, you don't have to look around in the basement, there is a DIY store film inside there is simca woolen blankets inside the fabric adhesive tape inside to quickly put it in sealing windows, for example, and i still have a box here usually on top of that that is cooking and water treatment, so to speak here i have a larger quantity of gas cartridges than is on offer gas cooker i hardly ever use it in the forest because it is too heavy for me too bulky is simply so i like to use nuts super protein outdoors and fat source a lot of energy with little beat then i have the tracks after all and here I have undertaken everything in addition to the small cookware on the subject of water treatment i have small packets with pre-packaged items activated carbon for water before filtering we have micro pur classic for water Preserve and judge what I still use are so-called plaques vapor filters which have me missing the size of just a micro in the can you just put it on a faucet come out of the clinic area it is used to clean water in the hospital so that one can overcome it Can clean up so if now are located or something in the water pipe I would have simply provided the normal water with it and could generate clean drinking water for a month with a filter I packed them up with a couple of hoses so that you can stop there too water for speed can aim and he briefly operating instructions in case of times someone else besides me has to do it and, as I said, close these boxes with us, so to speak, the gap between the escape backpack and supplies and went in national simply pay one to get into the car maybe it is for one or other suggestions a little bit with storage too employ and not every two days at rewe shopping trapping is an important topic for me and that was it from my side

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