welcome back everybody this is mob wants more here on mugs cast plants more project zomboid with you folks today and today I'm going to be well right now I'm just gonna be cooking up some food because we're a little hungry or at least I want to get a little bit more well fed and then we're going to be pushing back out toward the eastern edge of West Point that being the case me is we're gonna be heading back to Twiggy's most likely we may actually end up stopping at one of the closer to us safe houses currently just to kind of just get a feel for things I'm basically going to be collecting everything up that we have again do I have any sugar I don't think I have any sugar I was gonna make coffee but I don't think I have any sugar damn it okay well we'll just make some eggs and i guess some chips will have to do but we're going to be basically preparing to kind of get our gear set up and get some bags filled with unnecessary equipment to build a new safe house the reason for that and the reason why we're putting a little bit more extra time into doing that is because we're going to be actually pushing out toward the mall I've kind of made the decision I am of that on myself I know that I let that up to you guys in the last few episodes I haven't heard much back to be quite honest so I'm just gonna make the call and I do you think I want to go out toward the mall so that's what we're gonna be doing can I just cook this as is let's turn this on and see if this cooks cuz I'm totally unsure about this I think I might need a frying pan but I guess we'll see let's pop that down and watch this thing go speed it up and click it down and I don't think that's cooking nope looks like we probably need a frying pan for the egg all right let's take that out turn that off we're just going to bunch down on the chips I guess for the time being I'm sure we'll eat more later on but it is what it is let's take that coffee in the egg whoa why aren't you okay whatever and yeah we're gonna be pushing back out getting back to the other end of town and we are going to be going to explore some new area today well maybe not today if we get Scott up here trying to get everything put together then probably not but we are gonna be going that way in the next few days are the next few missions or whatever Reena whatever you want to call them next few episodes so coming on back here we're going down that road we just left that farmhouse I think it was more of mostly a farmhouse there's a couple buildings out there right along a farmland and we're gonna be seeing that cemetery we went past just the other day right here right up there nice little cemetery wasn't really all that much there in the church house or anything so we're just going to leave them behind not worry too much about it there is a road down here that doesn't really connect up but it looks like it probably should this leads to a few more houses down here it looks like but they look pretty small I'm not really interested in it besides we've got things to worry about things to do today thinking about it you know what i think i am going to kind of hit up all of our safe houses on the way at least the main couple that we've established the to the park outpost and then the one mid way back to Twiggy's just so i can take a look and take stock of what we actually do have supplies for and make sure that we're collecting everything that we need or might need for the near future looks like that zombie may have heard us I'm gonna grab these earrings I don't think we actually have them any before and antidepressants there's two of them here I'm not gonna have time to grab him I was going to grab and just leave but screw it i don't really need a 90 depressants we're fine we got more than enough of them moving on down here hello zombies it is pretty late I wonder if they're just more active here at night oh that was a Miss swing and a half right there checking around us you got to keep that side open you gotta make sure you know where the zombies are that's two down come here you that's three quick check vitamins and everything I'm just gonna leave him hello so uh I had a request just recently to uh go ahead and create a new beginners guide for kind of the newest version of the game and I think that's a great idea and I think I'm actually gonna be putting some work into that soon so keep an eye out you're gonna see a new beginners guide for Project Zomboid for me sometime soon I don't know exactly when but we're definitely going to be doing that soon moving on down this looks like the school so we're getting close to our West Park where West Point Park outpost there's the sweet shop I'm not even not worried about going into too many zombies around this area that I don't want to worry about right now we got stuff to do my friends and we're getting close here's the park we're gonna use this as a little bit of cover here in the woods just come right through here get off the road so we stopped making as much noise running around that concrete we just start walking through the park here now we did attract some more attention there that's not a big deal it's gonna be totally fine we're just gonna lose some of these zombies trailing us here through the wood coverage coverage of these foliage is it foliage Foley for folk foliage I don't know how to say that word apparently okay back here at Twiggy let's take a quick peek inside and take a quick peek at our guys here looks like we probably need to water some of these plants but I don't know how well that's going to work if we're leaving them behind this is kind of my problem with farming is you really have to be pretty sanitary and in a YouTube environment like this that's kind of hard to do you guys so I hope you'll forgive me on that point let's go ahead and drop off anything in here that we might not be needing to carry any longer that hammer can definitely go up and over here and I'm not even gonna put you guys for this we'll be right back and we're back okay so here's what we've got loaded up pretty much my main inventory is pretty basic right now forgot this needle that I want to actually drop off back at a Twiggy's place or maybe the other safe house when we hit it um the things that we've grabbed I've pretty much grabbed everything in here there's some food and stuff like that that should keep me go and I've got pretty much my normal stuff in here a little bit extra in the way of food that I normally would carry around on one of these type of adventures in the other bag I've got an axe I've got a hammer I've got a box of nails some seeds another first aid kit enough garbage bags for to water bends some couple of sheets sledgehammer a travel in an extra water bottle I bring all that because it's definitely going to come in handy when needing to set up the next safe house now the one thing I am missing at this point is a saw so I have the axe I can chop down trees I don't have a way to solve them into lumber currently but I think I've got an extra saw at Twiggy's place or it may be one of our other outposts I guess we'll have to wait and see but I'm pretty sure we do have one on hand somewhere I didn't I saw the one back at our other place there that we were just at the park outpost but I didn't want to grab it because I didn't want to take it away from that one spot let's see what something rotten in here okay now that just looked off let's see we got some more stuff in here shotgun tote bag all that good stuff yeah I don't see much in there as far as the new saw goes and i highly doubt we're gonna find one in here somewhere I do kind of want an extra frying pan because of how helpful that is when cooking so let's toss on the bag we've got a couple of pounds left on each of these that we can still put stuff in let's go ahead and drink some water because I think I did toss my water bottle into my bag actually toss that out let's grab some sugar kind of nice to be able to make coffee and stuff like that on occasion i do want to grab a little bit more food from this location before we head out so we've already got some cereal we've got a couple of things of canned beans and canned soup so that should keep us going pretty well as well but i do want to have some other options so grabbing that stuff together might as well take oh I don't know probably some more chips we could probably get away with a few bags of chips and that looks like three bags chips it's odd okay either way let's take a quick peek through the other ones here and I look at that's pretty well cleaned out is this anything good not so much nothing really in here that we could really pay attention to you what are we got in the boxes out here actually there's one spot i want to check here first bunch of books not a big deal okay it there's a soft for this location i'm going to leave that because it's just the one I mean worse comes to worse we can of course try to scavenge for an extra saw it wouldn't be the end of the world then again this is the zombie apocalypse so I mean there is that if it's not going to be any worse than that you know I think we can deal let's take a quick peek I think I do want to give ourselves a little bit of sustenance just currently let's go ahead and eat a bag of chips get us back into the green a little bit boost our strength back up to 18 that's probably not last all I don't feel I buffs gonna go away rather quickly hello and what do we got that's the that's pipo's okay so we come around the corner here and that's the fence we are very close to Twiggy's now making our way nice and quickly now if you guys are familiar with this map layout we have a long jog ad of us to get out to the mall area it's gonna be a bit of a lengthy one now I kind of want to show it just let you have like the context of how long it takes to get out there but I also know how boring that could be with nothing happening what I'm probably gonna end up doing is recording it all and just doing like a super fast time warp through at all would be my guess excuse me okay back at Twiggy's nothing in here take a quick peek outside as far as the rest of the gear that we might want to snag looks like all stuff to set fires and we do have a saw here that this is the extra container so let's toss that in there that is nice we've got pretty much everything that we're going to need just to confirm for you guys yeah there's our other saw at this location as well as the other array of I guess tools uh how many boxes in the Hills is that whoa Jesus yeah okay resting a couple extra boxes of nails since we have so many here shotgun shells I'm not going to do that we've got bullets for our for our pistols so we're pretty pretty well there I don't really think that we're gonna need any additional weaponry like that what I do want to think about snag and possibly is possibly some fishing gear because I think fishing gear could truly come in handy oops break-in looks like that sped travel we've got that stuff as long as I got something I've got the travel I've got seeds that we can use for planting anything in here that we can use I don't really think that I've really done much with this okay Oh take one last little quick peek through here anything that we might want to snag other than the fishing gear of course we're gonna be working toward that here in just a sec what do we get not a whole heck of a lot of anything okay we oh nice we got to fishing rods will snag one we will snag some line for repairs we will snag two of the fishing tackle because they do wear out they have durability and let's see box paperclips just in case I need to do any repairs on them as well as the oh nice we could actually probably fit in there yeah sweet we can fit in a totally fit in medan so we're pretty well set on fishing gear then we should be able to do some fishing stuff to keep us fed enough I'm considering bringing some other stuff along we've got a frying pan that's kind of stuff that we need that we really might need to kind of keep ourselves fed and all good there but we're all set so yeah I was here here i was thinking i was probably i need to grab an extra bag but i think we're good i think i've been able to kind of fit everything into our newer containers that i really wanted to get okay let's just take another quick blow i guess that means we can just load up on friggin food then off put as much as we can get oh we're they go there there okay let's just keep dumping food in here I guess and we'll do the same on this side just load us up with as much food as we can get us through the dark times on the way out to free oh geez hopefully that doesn't draw anybody this direction um I think we're gonna actually based on yeah how much time has gone by already on this point we're gonna go ahead and call this episode here guys that we're gonna pick this up in the next episode and run ourselves out toward the mall area at least try to get over to that side of town to the east and north so northeast you get the idea we're gonna be crossing over the bridge and taking the highway out there so until next time guys thank you so much for watching and we'll see you then Cheers

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