Prepping Free Easy Cheap No Cost Prepping Tips #8 freezer frozen foods

prepping free easy no cost cheap prepping tips #8 freezer frozen food power outages safe food hi it's AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper I've been doing a series of videos for the new year of prepping tips that are free easy
absolutely no cost cheap prepping prepper tips that can help all of us keep our prepping gear our
food supplies our emergency stockpile in good order make sure we
have the emergency survival gear food things we need and help us learn to utilize the things that we have
because the more ways you figure out how to use something it's like the more
things you have so today's free easy no cost cheap prepping tip is to take an empty water bottle and fill it
halfway up with a colored liquid then you want to lay it on its side and
freeze it in the freezer now once it's frozen you can stand it up place it back
on the rack in the freezer and if your freezer goes off it's going to melt and
then the liquid will be down at the bottom of the bottle this is a great handy way that costs absolutely nothing to figure out if the food in your freezer has thawed
out is still safe good okay to eat and you are not aware of it I've had my freezer go off and it's been a
complete catastrophe losing all of the frozen food to spoilage spoiled and having something as simple as this freezer alert DIY is a way to alert me that something's going on but I may not otherwise notice I hope if you enjoyed my video you'll share it with someone you think would like it learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel prepping prepper youtube channel

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