Prepping Free Easy Cheap No Cost Tip #11 Food Storage Pantry Organizing Inventory Stored Food


Prepping free easy cheap no cost prepping tip #11 food storage pantry organizing how to build food storage emergency meal plan hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper throughout the month of January I’ve been giving free and easy cheap absolutely no cost prepping tips that you can do a little at a time throughout the month so you can help
yourself and your family be prepared be ready for any kind of an emergency the
unexpected and whatever comes your way today I want you to take a quick
inventory of your pantry prepper long term emergency food storage look inside stored food stockpile is it organized is it clean are there
outdated foods past the best by sell by use by date go through maybe even just one shelf of your food storage pantry if you have a lot of food straighten it up a little bit eat or discard anything that’s expired
out-of-date or no one cares to eat then plan a few meals with the foods that you
have on hand what can you make for breakfast what can you make for lunch
what can you make for dinner is it all snack foods is it all food that requires
all kinds of cooking and preparation try to find simple and easy foods meals maybe just open and eat foods that you have on hand and if you couldn’t go to the store if
someone was sick you didn’t have any money or there was some kind of an
emergency you could hunker down in your home or bug in as we call it and you
would be able to provide meals for your family for several days do you have some
cereal shelf-stable milk maybe you have granola bars do you have some open and
eat entrees things like tuna crackers peanut butter do you have something like
soups Chili’s meats beans things you can just open the little entrees already
prepared meals something that can sustain you think going forward make a
plan of how you’re going to use the foods that you have on hand add to your food stockpile foods that you are going to use you know what to do with and then you have a plan
on how to serve the foods prepare them and rotate them don’t add random foods to
your food storage because it’s on sale or someone else
said oh that’s what you should have unless you know you and your family are
willing to eat it it’s not worth adding to your food storage and don’t add foods
that you don’t know how to prepare I hope you’ll share my video with someone you think would also learn from it you can read more at and please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel prepper prepping youtube channel



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