PREPPING HACK! What to Do with that Old Wire Clothes Hanger! RECYCLE IT!!!

hey YouTube friends survivalcraft here recently i was tagged by jay cod swimmer asking me if I would do a recycling video that is showing you something that I made with recycled goods and so I'm going to show you what I made out of a coat hanger and the springs from 2 click top pens first I took my Leatherman and I snipped the hook off of the top of the wire hanger then I took the pliers I bent these two wires into a v-shape and put little tiny hooks at the end now what this allows me to do is if I have a metal water bottle sitting on the fire let's say making soup or purifying water I don't have to worry about trying to get it off the fire with my hands or something else I can take this stick it in the bottle and lift it off the fire this keeps me from burning myself and also keeps me from spilling it while I get it over to some place to cool with the rest of the hanger I made a small cup holder for my penny stove now how I did this is I took the wire coat hanger and I cut it into three sections two large sections shaped like that and one small section shaped like this then I took my Springs and I cut one in half then I took the one that was hole and I slipped it over the legs of the long pieces then I took the two half pieces and connected the small piece to the long pieces now with this I can have a stable platform to go over my penny stove so that I can place my metal bottle on a day hike or whatever to boil my coffee a water for soup maybe to purify water anything that I really need what's nice about this cup holder is that I can collapse it in order to get it back in my bag all I have to do is remove one of the small Springs from one side and collapse it down flat and so that can slip in my bag and I just take that half spring and put it over here where the whole spring is and it'll stay in my kit and I won't lose a thing and that's a good way to recycle an old bent wire hanger and to dry ballpoint pens as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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