Prepping Hurricane Lanterns for Winter

hey gang it's not with a no budget homestead and hope everyone had a really good Thanksgiving I know I ate myself silly but anyways today what I'm going to do is I thought I'd bring you guys along with me as I get our hurricane lanterns prepared for winter I got these in a barter so I had something in something somebody else wanted it was a 55-gallon drum pump which I had no use for I'm probably gonna attach further down the road down the road but for those I got four of these lamps hurricane lamps and today I'm going to show you what I do to get them prepared good to go and so if they're always available and to be used sometimes it's nice to use them just outside you know instead of turning the light on because it's a warmer light but anyways let me show you the stuff that we need to get started okay we got the lamp oil and I'm using lamp oil instead of kerosene and then of course I got a little funnel to put it in there which I made out of a little plastic Solo Cup of course you got the lantern I got some extra wicks in case I need them and of course one of the most important things to do on an early one morning cool morning in the fall when you're doing all this outside there's a nice hot cup of coffee alright anyways so I got a few more over here so what I'm going to do is first check everything out make sure it's okay I've already cleaned them but I want to check and make sure now of course you got a slope here your glass globe the body the wick adjustment and so they just started doing chainsaws something so we have the body we have the globe of course the cap to put the fuel in and you only want to fill to it like this line right here which this one actually says I got two other ones that don't say that you just fill right up to the just below the lip here okay that way doesn't slosh around and everything now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the globe out and check the way so you lift the top off spring-loaded and then you get a little over here you pull it down okay then the globe out send it safely aside okay and one thing I found and I don't know if you guys can see it is this is the cheap Chinese ones if I probably wouldn't one out bought these because you can get these for about $10 at Walmart but these have the covers awake and using all the technical terms here it covers the wick okay that has these little edges right here and when you stick it down you turn it and it goes under two little Clips here okay and then we got the wick assembly which we got a short little wick and a little gasket here that goes over there too stealing the to seal out the oil from the wick and everything this Swick is okay this wick will do okay for now so we'll go ahead and put it all back in here okay okay no oil in there some lamp oil we just want to be real careful that's spill anything which is when I got cardboard down here what can I still smelled it okay all right okay put this back on here we're good all right that's how I do it I got three more to go all right so I went ahead and filled up the lamp and everything then what we'll do is have you trust you later all right lift it up and I give it a little extra there all right nicely and then adjust the way accordingly and then we have it and it's not a nice warm white and you can hang these up I got folks all over my place here that I can hang these up on or if you have places in the house I'd recommend any ya like something you can mount on the wall to hang them on then new people real nice it's also kind of nice to have the warm light around the house of course always be careful when you're dealing with flammable liquid make sure that the children in the household understand that it you know it's not a toy it's not something they need to be playing with alright guys I'm back that little issue was one of my neighbors using their chainsaw you know so I tried to let him finish but now the other neighbor was using his butt in his backyard so if you get this thing sound the chainsaws that's what it is alright that's two down two more to go so I'll go ahead and get those done you don't want to sound like a broken record anyways thanks again guys for something by and up by the no-budget homestead checking this out I'm Scott you guys have a simply unbelievable day god bless see on the next

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