Prepping In A Small Apartment- Tips For Apartment Preppers- Prepping Storage Tips

prepping in a small apartment apartment prepping tiny house prepping living in a tiny house organize prepping prepper supplies small space emergency survival supplies organizing who gets in a preppers house hi it's Alaska Granny I'm in Oregon I'm visiting my daughter she lives in a
tiny apartment and the downtown area of the city and so even though she has a teeny
apartment it's very important to have your emergency survival prepping prepper supplies gear so I wanted to show you
how we have emergency supplies food prepping gear arranged in her apartment she has in her coat closet there is plenty of
room for coats accessories and there's also a way to keep
the emergency survival prepping supplies organized in a small space store the vital supplies for emergency preparedness food storage survival gear emergency supplies right where you need them if
you need to evacuate in an emergency so the first thing she has a
backpack bug out bag with emergency survival gear for bugging out and depending on what kind of an
emergency is she can take 1, 2, or 3 of the bags of emergency gear 1 is a backpack for backpacking bugging out in the wilderness woods dangerous survival situations so
it's loaded up with water filters and fire starters and
things like that and then the next emergency bug out bag is ready if she has room to take more survival and emergency gear
things she can load up whatever she might
decide she needs in a bugged out situation if you need to evacuate go to a shelter bug out location take a car and have room for more emergency survival prepping gear so below the backpacks we have some long term emergency food
storage so she has 2 of those Cansolidator
pantry organizers to store canned foods for emergency food storage long term and there a little while they're nice
because you can put everything in them and they roll out and keep it
organized and the freshest canned food loads in the back and the oldest current food is in the front but if you try to move them I have trouble
whenever I try to move the cansolidator in which isn't very often but the cansolidator doesn't stay together they fall apart and so while I think they're a pain to set up she loves the cansolidator but I do not and so that's a good thing
for her to have then we have the long term food storage bulk food storage even in a small apartment there is room that we got from the Mormon church the Church of Jesus
Christ of latter-day saints this is great I've ordered it for myself in
Alaska because the mormon church will ship cans of emergency food for free wherever you live now charge 3 dollars per order so she has some rice, flour, beans, and oatmeal 4 boxes one box of each food for of long term food so that if she is
truly in a survival situation she's able to take care of herself then in this orange bag she has her
tent and the things that she needs if she needs an emergency shelter and
its long-term survival situation or she just wants to go camping she's got
different bags in here different kinds of food there wasn't
room for her water but she's got that somewhere else you
can see even if you live in a teeny tiny apartment and you only have one or two
closets it is critical that you have your
emergency supplies because you never know what's going to happen and if you're in a city you don't necessarily have the opportunity to go and collect things at another time and so you need to have emergency supplies stockpiles and prepared
you don't want to wait until there's an emergency stock up on things you need while things are readily available food water first aid hygiene tools supplies for survival situations of if things are not available and then there's something like the
power goes out or water is off and you don't even know what kind of people
are running around in the city plus they had those Occupy movement civil unrest not safe to be out on the streets of your city you
don't necessarily know ahead of time as in any situation if
it's even safe to go out your door so if you live in a city it's more
important even that you have emergency survival supplies gear food something so you can bug in if you need to do in an emergency until its safe to bug out get out of town and go to your bug out planned location out down here in the middle is a very important little bag she has a
pet so she has a carrier with supplies for
the pet so the pet is coming no matter what
to be sure you're prepared with an emergency bag for each of your family members whether they are human or 4 legged get your emergency gear load it up know what you have, have it conveniently
collected so than in an emergency you can grab n go if you need to and then guess what if
nothing ever happens that's good and if you just decide to go
camping backpacking hiking you can still come here and grab your
things and go so get your gear together learn how to use your emergency gear rotate the food and then you don't
have to worry about what's going to happen to me in an emergency prepping in a small apartment tiny house prepping Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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