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usually one thinks of 33 always as that person with just said the journalists first with the obsession with earthquakes with the bunker with what is waiting for the latest as after today's eclipse that also that of we did not book it was absolutely coincidental that person to these anxieties these background fears and that therefore gave one crazy lifestyle because it has to somehow try to compensate for a this activity is an image that comes out of too many stories but it is from many many many wrong testimonials that are passed on television I got to see that there is a big difference between precisely this stereotype that basically loaded a lot into reality the vitality of the American peppe with what was the European brief I full we got to know each other thanks to the participation in a national geographic documentary that was shot in a very similar way also for not only to resume Italians or in any case of the surroundings but even for those instead there were the signs of that there was an abyss between what the proposal could be the idea of ​​thought English Italian compared to that one said that quarrel at least this is just about depth of overview of clarity of concepts and above all way to approach this spirit of life that now I will go casually illustrate plan when multiple insurers 1 don't know if mine if the my point of reference for tonight because it was mentally what I have seen to be a great strand to introduce this discourse to talk to him who uses the pressing and own concept of insurance will turn up I guess you all have more or less motorcycles ok so everyone pays the insurance on the side, basically nobody is much happy with the situation that costs too much they never pay you there was always waters however the one thing that included in this package that it is not taken while the one on that other and so on always arrives the installment to be paid when at 20 st to 3 n things that is fast ok then let's pretend that I ruby ​​the job to our friend and I do the life insurance salesman ok there is insurance you can decide to subscribe when you want you can decide the prize you can decide you if you stop it go on in six months start all over again let everything release spa and already this is not bad the best comes later if nothing happens to you the premium cloth we laugh if you are insured for a road accident but you happen to say to break a leg insurance buys you the same at end if we see you if you were good you did things with you we give you the abnormal tarpaulin prize even those interests that are not plus an insurance that seems like a joke a boon the prize is a lifestyle that leads each of us to stipulate and create not only this type of insurance but let's see how not because I had start with inter peppers and want when they want when he feels like he can start adopting this lifestyle he can stop it to go back to resume his life that he used to do before and then to go back to doing for when it concerns everything you acquire as a mentality as a way of make as materials that you can also procure or substance that you can accumulate remain where no one takes them if you have taken this path because you are afraid as a case we will see if there today allows for an economic collapse but not only occurs here exactly that problem something like this too but something quite different from what you budgeted even there if you are there given to creation in with the right mentality probably what you have learned what you have put away will help you however this is what I have found in these 56 years that I have taken this way to remove this way i am way to behave the idea so basically is that this style of life is not exactly what we put before the anxious person who there is the heartache for the comet the earthquake the prophecy but not those of basically put it to take it with three concepts awareness responsibility of independence awareness because the first step that is what leads many now many of you to take an interest in it too lifestyle and the fact that at some point one realizes it is there something is wrong or he realizes that the future is probably not so bright how we painted it how they painted it is that it begins to make a moment of the questions says for example my case I was the lifestyle that we are carrying out in this period is certainly sustainable for my children they will manage to have a lifestyle equal to what I am having one all the tribes the promises that are made to us the things that come to us proposals, on the other hand, are perhaps even taken for granted 1c as long as you believe in it so are they true or not we can see this this question it you can decline on virtually any aspect a place repeats important of your life money ok my children will have as much as I can being that maybe I don't know my parents managed to buy one house with their money generation later I can't take it anymore and I have the inkling that I will not be able to do the same for my children I will not be able help my children like my parents have much less for example my pension has it I have some doubts my children in sky will have that we can try among other things to pull a straight line ideal of the quality of life across generations this line is going up is going down what we expect will happen from here to a tot for me for goods and it was not necessarily that it is only this is because precisely being a philosophy of life it is a very environment wide and of the amateurs who give a little many directions it is easy for everyone of us can find something different, something more that is more close to his way of feeling closer above there is if not precisely a philosophy of life everyone makes his life and therefore can decline can cut out the petting wearing what your lifestyle is however, this insurance formula remains trivial examples one of the things I restart from the mistake to get it right again what is usually proposed and shown on television are in fact bunker talks weapons as many as you have where you have batteries and batteries bean fishermen and so on and so on because the easiest thing to see because the striking thing is not that there is no c4 in that environment being but inserted in a broader context we said at the beginning the awareness that once you realize that there is something that is not goes I begin to think ok then what I do is not that it is not in the morning and what then the solution is the beans no I for example I started to do 1 year entered a path earlier in the social volunteering then aimed at the most sectoral environments I have tried even in my small sector of politics full a moment if there was anything that could be done positive to reverse this course and if you lose things change and after taking a bit of let's call them musate however he actually realized that there were very strong limits to what could be done but that's me I am discouraged said forget about the idea is that I got it was these roads I realized they don't lead by nowhere this and you want to get a little more specific in a year it was staked more by you as it is so the idea was I don't see one positive outlook I do not see a reassuring future but I don't even want to give up I don't want to let things break me down I do not want to give up saying okay as it goes no I just want the my responsibility for me and my wife and children and mine family say I tried on that road did not go well we must do other because in any case it is good for all of us in the same way however we try to be ready for when the things of this precisely this straight line will continue to go another thing they often tell us we are pessimists we are not the slightly gloomy ones who were always see black those who always have a black cat that passes him his share and they are always between conjures reality no we have reasons to be convinced that things go so cellar of personal experiences that precisely for after a while awareness begins precisely also begins to read up on the fundamental thing you buy to do and learn more and more possible sometimes starting perhaps with two press reviews in the morning of newspapers sees an excellent thing happening there are data that confirm that the situation is not particularly rosy and will continue not to be and here too we return to the discourse of insurance companies ie there are multinational insurance companies of advice such as jeans and so on very strong political groups are a lot interested in understanding how the world is evolving even that they will want one advertising wants to understand what people think about how things are going for in their profit channel case I have to figure out which is the right way from begin to ride for some new product to understand with the next market that eagle crown we begin to invest on that land side then it is easy to profit after and so on and so on and they do some very in-depth studies but not of that is, they show some sectors in particular of the world situation that are delivered because it is not time how many asleep demographic processing the population of the world the type of urbanization that exists in the cities of the world so where does the people where people go to live as they live exactly how they are moving markets the emerging powers those who were super powers that now plan plan are declining by saying the impact of the technology availability of full-water petroleum resources all there is e climate change these studies that were born in 89 are called mega trenza that is, they are wide-ranging observations on the world that say the technology is going for example already five years ago now 21 that if recent it was said the computer will be abandoned you will use a mobile phone type tablet and what we now call smartwatch but let's say the idea to someone cupertino the defendant already ten years ago we already knew that yes it was going in this direction 1800 we were a billion people from there the door of the population has soared practically vertical now the estimate is that we will continue to grow until we get there to about 13 billion people around 2030 so if you think about the casino you have I don't know when to come back when queue up at the post office and be prepared that this is in doubt to give a little idea of ​​how claustrophobic it could become situation but above all because these seven billion more people will have need stays at home they will need to eat they will not need energy with which to live and at the same time the same media 30 cd with attention because the planet's ability to produce food is diminishing the planet's capacity to recycle water is decreasing if we also put in it a hand with episodes like fukushima and something like that to make a clean sweep of the feet fish in the pacific we are giving him a hand and negative to world to support this 13 billion people then there is the discourse on the peak that is the at the moment in which we would not have you understand well there are 60 studies to be said that say 60 different things the maximum diminished maximum oil production in the world after which being the maximum we could only produce less e so these 13 billion people will all have a car they won't be able to use another mobile no there will be enough natural gas from importing to keep everyone warm is quite unlikely now these studies do not allow us to say the problem will start in slovenia rather than the old ones are somewhere else but watching the world from outside just a little earth ball in your hand you see these signals a lot macroscopic that you will pay attention there is something wrong with our patient our world is not particularly faring see so we always say our insurances tell us there is something which is worth keeping under very close observation because all indicators we have are rather negative or at least worrying so as you can see certainly not but certainly good for all situations where we have an environmental disaster perhaps located the first and conferences that I have done have been in the modena reggio emilia area where following the earthquake so unfortunately it happens after things are done you think what it would be could have done to prevent it that he will be able to do so that civil protection population in the evening was enough, however, the problems that arise in addition to therefore be precisely small localized centered in a single area there they are very big problems that involve everything in another very strong indicator any of you have ever heard of their dry i no then the show dei is an annual recurrence that unfortunately always changes date and it is the day of the year starting from the first of January on which it is calculated that the world population has consumed an amount of resources equal to those that the entire planet would be able to produce for the entire year said in another way also day of the month we finish by spending your salary before 27 is an account that this is also done to you later if you want we talk a lot about references to make him do some insights if you want after the 80s after the entry of the Rome prosecutor's office and saying they saw that first year intellectual in that one calculated when more or less shoulders dropped the show was around December 28 perfect 28 which says for her we are out of three days is not a problem even if we go on credit maybe they can't stay a little longer quiet the problem is that since they have continued to recalculate where going to keep it for on gods always went before this year we managed it did get to a taste of august so august is more of a problem foster 8 means that November the rest how did we go on though the earth no longer produces what I know if it is not that we ate those of the following year we are not only eaten those of the year after and the ones we sent eaten more than that year are those that will no longer be renewed the following year if this year I do out of the no if you missed the most boring part so the problem is also that continuing to bring you anticipate this the show we are continuing to bet negatively on what it will happen the following year so basically here too many problems seen far from afar however when the problems we look at them from far away they are big and in any case their weight cannot be hidden I think somewhere you see are problems that sooner or later someone will he will find in the discs someone will have to deal with these problems at some point here he knows that if we don't stay directly you will end up not being our children there is no way to get out of it the last thing on which it is given maybe we do a pebble balance then leave it for now piero and we go back a little later is that what i'm trying to always steal this in avellino 31 of data that they already have to know that what is certain that surely will happen to us now the things we are not there for they want to assure there is a reason why they know it will happen as I leave it there question mark think about it for a moment, pass the word piero, who will now tell us to have a beautiful translation in this book that made him a path in my opinion his book is a distillation perfect in rapper's awareness-raising course ever since realizes that there is a problem with how le is parsed considerations he makes and above all the conclusions he draws from this big one analysis and then all the personal development path that leads him to and ok I want to face this problem I want to find a way to solve it find it this way and then eventually implement them one thing of well light that in addition to the analysis all the personal experience I also share with us what is the solution that he proposes to us is not a solution which I share that I would also like for the chance to put it into practice and which is completely described all from start to finish gave me in your book, no thanks marco

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