Prepping Math: The Power of 3 by TheUrbanPrepper

one of the hardest things about prepping is knowing when to stop stocking up on a particular category of prep that you want to have as a lot of you know prepping is quite addictive and it's also quite expensive so making smart purchase decisions is key for example you might not need to have 20 different folding knives if you also if you don't also have you know water food and some of the other common prepping items so what I thought I'd do for this video's do owe you a little strategy that I like to follow when I'm stocking up on my prepping supplies and so it's going to be kind of a prepping math video and I like to call it the power of three in prepping there's a common survival principle that uses the number three and it's often referred to as the rule of three and basically the rule of three states that a person cannot survive three minutes without air three hours without shelter three days without water or three weeks without food I also have an additional rule of three meaning I can't go three evenings without Linda but that's very different video so as you can see the number three is very powerful and prepping so I like to use it to apply to a particular prepping math strategy that I try to follow since this video is about math I thought it'd be appropriate to include some paper a pen and a calculator although we probably won't need the calculator for this particular video so the strategy I'd like to try to follow I call the power of three and it's the strategy that I use for purchasing prepping items and here's how it goes so basically for the power of three I need to define what is prepping equal to and here's the formula that I use one to the power of three is equal to 1 which is equal to prepping so for example a flashlight is a single item so that could be your number one so the power of three I want to have three flashlights and that would be a single prep for a particular category that I have of course the you could go 1 to the power 4 that also equals 1 to the power 5 also equals 1 but as we saw earlier according to the rule of three the number three is quite powerful so we want to leverage that so basically that doesn't mean that just going to stop there at three but anything over three I consider prepping so a lot of people have you know one item or they might even have a one item in a backup but once you get to 3 and above I consider that prepping so I think it's better to have a well-rounded prepping supply than to be overloaded in just a few different categories for example a lot of people like to have a lot of firearms or folding knives 20 folding knives I think it'd be better instead of having a year supply of toilet paper stored in a closet to have a closet that's well-rounded with an assortment of different preps that you want to have food and water sometimes I consider to be excluded at times but although I still try to follow it follow the principle if possible so if buying three of a particular item makes you cringe perhaps the item isn't necessary for your preps at least at that time this will help rule out certain impulse purchases so I try to follow the rule of three for the two different applications gear and rations here's an example that applies the power of three for gear purchases these are three different flashlights that one might include and in there EDC system the first flashlight I consider your primary so number one is your primary item the second one is your secondary or backup item that's number two the number three is what I consider to be your preps so 3 and above is prepping items so once you get to the count of three I think it's best to move on to another prepping category rather than to stock up any further and continue buying different flashlight different flashlight different flashlight and a different flashlight in a different flashlight when you could instead devote that money to something else of a different category that you might be in shorter supply of so again this is how you would apply the power of 3 for a gear purchase you can also apply the power of 3 for purchasing rations and what I say rations I made food rations water hygiene and other non-perishable items so basically what I try to do is leverage your work pay cycle for determining this for example if you get paid every two weeks that's a single cycle if you get paid once a month that's a single cycle I get paid once a month for example so for the number one for me that means one pay cycle worth of rations so a month's supply of pinto beans or a month supply of rice milk or a month supply of toilet paper the number two is to pay cycles worth of rations so two months supply of pinto beans two-month supply of toilet paper and the number three is three pay cycles worth of rations so most people will buy enough of a particular item to last until the next grocery shopping day or your payday some other people will buy enough for one pay cycle and also have a back up to that supply may be stored in their pantry Preppers go beyond this and have a backup to the backup for example baby prepper likes drinking rice milk so he usually goes through to a week on this so that would probably be eight of these rice milks for single pay cycle so for me if I want to apply the power of three I would want to have 24 of these rice drinks before moving on to another supply item instead of adding on to that and having 50 of these rice drinks I think it'd be better to have more toilet paper more pinto beans more rice or other rations here's an example of leveraging your pay cycle for determining the amount of preps to get for a non perishable item we have two small little Italian Greyhounds and their indoor dogs and so they use potty pads when they go to the bathroom they usually use around two a day and this is a pack of a hundred that you get at costco so if we're going to leverage the power of three for this this would be my primary supply of potty pads for the month this would be my backup and then this would be number three which is my prince and that would be actually a good stopping point for us when we're stocking up on our preps as you can see stocking up more than the power of three can lead to some problems for example do you really need to add over a thousand potty pads available at all times probably not especially spending 15 bucks for each of the boxes there's 100 in each box this is not picking away money that you could be spending on other preps that you might want to stock up on as well as it's also taken up space for storing those preps for a lot of people unit might not have an unlimited supply of storage space like me space is limited so where these other boxes come into play I could be storing toilet paper paper towels more food more water and having a well-rounded portfolio of preps there are some exceptions when applying the power of three isn't really necessary one of those exceptions is high expense low probability items for example an ATA AED defibrillator those costs around a thousand dollars it's going to be a low probability item that you might need when you compare it to something like toilet paper which is going to be a high probability that you're actually going to use it another exception is something that's three methods one function so what I mean by that is if you take water purification maybe you don't need to buy three of a particular water filter but instead have three different methods for purifying water a third exception is extreme sales so prices that are too good to be true sometimes warrants overstock in an important item so if you find a toilet paper of your favorite brand of toilet paper that is absolutely too good of a deal to pass up it's okay then in that case to overstock on this particular item because that will help you save money in the long run and those are the three exceptions that I found for the power of three in summary I try to use the power of three as a guideline for determining the amount of perhaps that I need it helps me control costs stay organized control space as well as have a well-rounded prepping supply so this isn't meant to be any kind of gold standard for how you should prep this is just a guideline that I try to follow to help me stay a little bit grounded so in future videos you may hear me reference the power of three and this video is what I'm referring to so again your first item that's your primary number two is your secondary and three above those are your preps I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video take care

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