Prepping! Stocking Bug Out Bag for a child!

hey guys I'm coming to you from my kitchen again and I wanted to go over a few things that I pack in my granddaughter's bug-out bag she's 12 years old and growing fast and when she started living with us which is over a year ago we made up a quick fix bug out bag for her and I'm not sure if I got everything I need but I have to keep this in a wait range that she can handle and we also are teaching her how to use these items because we have almost identical items in our bug out bags but here are some basic things this is a folding stove you can use this with wood or the sternal pans or any other type of fuel that you think will work in it so we did add that and it folds nice and flat it's got a little weight – it's probably one of the heavier items in this whole kit other than the the actual mess cooking kit but we got that in there we added her mesh kits so inside this is a cup a lid and a few dishes to eat out of we added a spork which is the spoon and a fork combination no weight at all to this little guy it's perfect for this we added there's a lot of items here this is a whistle dry match holder and it also has a striker and a compass and she can wear it around her neck and she can hear there's stuff inside there already so that is a nice little kit for a child to carry and it's fluorescent orange which is good for visibility if you're going for visibility and a bug-out kit most people will not be going for visibility we have a little sewing repair kit every one of us carry one of these we have an emergency blanket to help reflect body heat and it can also be used as a blanket to sleep in you can use it as a quick temporary shelter but we have shelter covered in three ways here this will make a quick shelter we have a survival reflective tent here as well in her bug out bag to make a tent because she is a girl and she's not real I'm gonna sleep outside she actually enjoys it but we want her to be feeling safe and secure as well and warm if it comes to that but we are in Florida so warmth is not usually a problem down here only at certain times a year and it's very short periods the third thing is a very heavy-duty construction type garbage bag that can be made into a shelter or laid on the ground to sleep on to keep the dampness from permeating through the ground we also have a poncho again multiple uses for this this can make a shelter this can make a rain fly over just about any of these other items or you can lay on it to sleep or you can wear it when it's raining and you have to keep moving so the many uses for these items we have a little Johnson & Johnson first-aid kit what just has basic band-aids and such look this one's empty hot someone tricked me all right after fill this or find the others because I have a pilum from couponing days but yeah we had what we thought was a first-aid kit in there it is not okay we also have a magnesium bar with a striker for a fighter's fire starter and yes she does know how to use this so this is another great ad for a child so I've got two ways of making fire in here for her so we got matches and we got the striker we also have one of these from the dollar store this is from the Dollar Tree they're a dollar piece but it's a towelette that when you add water to it expands and for quick cleanups whether you're using them for dishes or just a quick cleanup for your personal hygiene these are great so that's another thing we also bought a container of these it says contain all's so we can carry oils lick whit's shampoos body washes whatever we need to carry to do well out in a bug-out situation as well as medication okay those are two little medication containers so she needs to carry some midol some advil stuff that's safe for a 12 year old to take I can put it in those we also have a bear bell this would be on her bug out bag because we just feel it's more appropriate for her to have a bear bell rather than bear spray so that goes on her bug out bag we also have pink paracord yes it's pink she's a 12 year old girl yes it's pink but it is paracord for an emergency situation to help her use her tarps even if you had to hang a pot over the fire for cooking there are many many many many uses for paracord to include fishing so that's in there we have two watertight containers we have one that collapses and has absolutely no weight to it and that goes in her bag as you can see most of us have not been we have not unpacked this her bug out bag was big enough to hold all this without us taking the packaging off and keep in mind the packaging can be used as kindling in a wet fire situation so we've left this all on does it add a little weight yes it does but in a bug-out situation this could be great kindling for us and she also has a canteen type water bottle that I can't even tell you what it's made in China unfortunately but there's no liner on the inside so it's great again you can hang this over a fire to heat up boiling water or even set it in the hot coals so it's nice and clean on the interior and it's not a huge one like I carry in my bag mine it's almost twice the size but for her I think it's plenty and it will hold some water boil water and there's many uses for these as anybody who's watching any of the brush crafting videos know these are one of the go-to items for bushcrafting and boiling water and survival so that's pretty much what I have in my granddaughter's bug-out kit do I think I need to add more items absolutely I sure do I had clothing in her bug out bag but she has grown so fast this year that I've had to pull that clothing out and I'll be replacing that and basically want at least one change of clothing in there keep it simple nothing fancy keep it not even your best I mean if you have to go to a resale store like Goodwill or or we have a lighthouse ministry here if you have to do any of that stuff just to have an old set of clothing in the bag that would work great and I think you know it depends on your living situation your area that you're in we're in Florida so I should have bug spray in this as well for her but everything has a shelf life and we do stop bug spray at the house here so it would have to go into the bag on the way out the door and one thing keep in mind my bug-out bags are packed 24 hours a day and ready to go as well as what we call grab and go buckets full of food so there's no food items in here but that doesn't mean we're not prepared for the food part of it we have the survival bars and we have our grab and go buckets that sit right next to this bug out bag so when we grab the bags we grab the buckets and we go so that's the game plan if you think I've missed anything at all in here and as far as packing things to entertain alleys not one to do coloring books and crayons she's way out growing that stuff but I think having maybe a book to read would be a good item in a children's bug out bag if you have little ones and you definitely want coloring book and crayons you may want to pack a card game different things like Go Fish and you know stuff like that that would entertain them when you stop trekking or to stop driving for the day because there's gonna be antsy they're gonna be stressed and you want to take the stress out of the situation for them and don't forget make sure you have a real take it in there I have to go find one but I'm gonna add one to this because I'm repacking her bag today so have a blessed day and I hope you all enjoyed this I hope that helps this helps anybody who has children and are wondering what to pack in their bug-out bags this is not heavy if this is ten pounds we're lucky and that's the goal because if a child has to carry a lot of weight and you are on foot it's not going to work very well so keep things simple keep things basic but make sure you have multiple uses for items just like the garbage bag the emergency blanket the tarp the the poncho we could have added its heart to the scenario but with all my other options I felt a tarp would be too heavy so this is what we're doing for our 12 year old let us let me know what you guys are doing for your kids make me a video tag me put it in my comments section but yeah I'd like to know what everybody else is doing for their children have a blessed day and we'll talk to you soon

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