Prepping Supplies from 907 Surplus Store Anchorage Alaska

prepping supplies from the surplus store hi it's AlaskaGranny I went into town today and visited 907 Surplus Store I got these cool Arctic mittens gloves they're
super warm and they're going to be great when it is 30 below then we found this awesome gear pouch
which is going to be good to carry medicine
clip it on a backpack then I found this hatchet and I've been wanting a hatchet so this
one fits nicely in my hand and I'm hoping I can use it to chop fuel at Granny Camp everyone needs lots of paracord the 907 Surplus Store has paracord in lots of different colors everybody isn't buggin out or hiding
sometimes you are just going out in the woods and having fun camping hunting hiking fishing a bright color of paracord helps you to find it and the best thing is this shovel folding shovel Ames entrenching tool and you can use it as a shovel or fold it and use it to chop if you see a surplus store army Navy military survival store stop and shop you never know what you will find to add to your prepper survival gear supplies I'm ready for anything learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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