Prepping Supplies from Thrift Stores Garage Sales

prepping supplies from thrift stores thrift store prepping supplies cheap prepping ideas save money prepping garage sales hi it's alaskagranny I love going to thrift stores garage sales estate sales flea market and looking for things that I need prepping emergency survival supplies shtf stockpile today I'm going to show you three items that I bought at a church rummage sale that are going to be great for my prepping supplies the first thing I found was a cast-iron skillet it is a number 8 which means it's an eight inch skillet it's sturdy and well-made when you find a used cast iron skillet fry pan pot or dutch oven there's a few things you will need to look at the cast iron may be rusted no problem that will clean up anything that's just surface dirt rust grime you can scrub it away and re season the cast iron the other thing you need to look at when you buy second hand cast iron want to look at is you want to lay the cast iron pot or pan on a table or a flat surface and you want to rock it and make sure it hasn't been warped because the warped cast iron is not going to be anywhere near as useful for you it won't cook evenly so when you're buying a used cast iron pot pan skillet dutch oven know that surface blemishes are perfectly fine but you want your skillet to be flat and level then I found a metal Christmas cookie box why would I want a metal can well did you ever think about putting away things for bartering lots of people in an emergency will trade you just about anything to satisfy or feed their addiction I can set this away in any cupboard no one's going to bother my Christmas tin and I have my little stash of things to barter in an emergency SHTF for bartering I could even put in some valuables if I want they're going to stay fresh and secure and no one's going to open this something I've never seen before is a parini chill and grill soft sided ice picnic cooler and portable barbecue grill it's called chill and grill is an actual BBQ kit and has a soft sided cooler bag and stored inside is a travel BBQ grill it is all packed in this nice sturdy case and there's room in the insulated picnic bag to add more things you can add more emergency gear or outdoor cooking supplies or emergency food add utensils charcoal food I can take it on a picnic and learn how to use it and then if I ever have an emergency I can pull this out a little emergency cooking grill and I'll know how to have a little grill and I can still prepare foods whether the power goes down or I want to have a campout a picnic or a cook out don't think you have to start with the very best to prepare for your outdoor or emergency situation look around and use your creativity and your imagination to make substitute and use things you have what kind of things do I need how can I meet those needs in a simple way Prepping doesn't have to be complicated when you're out and about look over things at thrift stores garage sales yard sales estate sales flea markets rummage sales and think could this help me in a way so that I could be better prepared for no matter what comes my way and that's how you know what you need prepping supplies from thrift stores garage sales yard sales Goodwill estate sales rummage sales flea markets learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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