hey what's up YouTube ok this is a video response to rooftop eagle and he did a video a few days ago sorry I'm a bit behind responding on this but he was a responding to a video from southern prepper one and the topic of this was discussing ammunition in the WR 0 l scenario basically really quick to recap in case you didn't see his video is he hit on two main points his first was to stock ammunition that would be readily available common sense and pretty obvious and then the second point that he mentioned was to standardize your ammunition and your choice of firearms among your family or among your group which i think is a good idea so you know for instance if you guys decide on ar-15s then you know that'll be your main battle rifle and you all stuck up on the ar-15 ammo and then you might choose nine-millimeter for your handguns and then stock up on the 9-millimeter and obviously if everybody has different firearms and then you run out of ammo you know you're stuck and as other people pointed out on youtube for your your rifle or something like that if you run a mo it's just an expensive club it serves no purpose unless you can load it with ammunition so the standardizing the ammo amongst your group i think is a good idea so but my main question for a rooftop eagle and for everybody else is in the tactical community is what ammo count for your main rifle do you get to before concentrating on stockpiling ammo for your secondary weapons your secondary firearms or even for stockpiling ammo for something you don't even own ok oh that was actually another point that rooftop Eagle said he said you know you might want to stock up on some ammunition of firearms that you don't own so in case you come across that in the shtf you know you can grab that weapon in a traitor or if you find it and then you actually have some ammunition for it now obviously you're not going to get that type of ammunition first or you know you're not going to spin your most your wad on that ammunition and you know leave yourself shallow on your on your main rifle that you actually own but I just wanted to throw this out this question out and try and gauge some actual numbers from from what the technical technical community thinks now I know I know the number one answer is well you can just never there is no number you can never stockpile enough you know if air 15 is your weapon you know you're just going to keep buying ammunition it's a never-ending thing but realistically we're all on a budget and you know there comes a point where you know let's just throw out on a ballista you have 500 rounds to your ar-15 and you get a hundred dollars from your paycheck and you're going to the ammunition store you know are you going to buy all our 15 mo or are you going to say well I've got 500 rounds let me go ahead and get 100 rounds to a shotgun because you know I don't actually understand but maybe i'll get one down the line you know if we don't have some idea of an ammo count it's really hard to make a plan and spend your money wisely at least i think so so sorry for rambling so long on this but you know again what what kind of round count do you go for for your main weapon before you start to focus on your secondary weapons and then even stockpiling ammo for stuff that you don't at this time oh hopefully that made some sense and i look forward to everybody's response later youtube you you

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