Prepping VS Survival

hey guys coupe here David gonna talk a little bit about prepping versus survival and you know this question has been out there a lot I don't have anything against prepping I prepare I prep you know I put stuff back every single week you know but I like to lean a little bit more towards survival so as you guys are well aware of the elections that just went on and yet we got ol mr. Obama back in there for another four years I have nothing good or bad to say about the man all I knew is throughout my lifetime since I'd say the early 80s things have started going downhill rapidly and there hasn't been one president that I've really cared seen in office because they all seem to have the same agenda they walked in with fat wallets and they're going to walk out with fat wallets and the sad part about it is we're going to pay them for the rest of their lives but the topic of this is I only see things getting worse and I hope I'm wrong man i hope i'm wrong but my theory on it is prepping vs survival you know as you guys know we have a lot of nasty weather rolls through Florida a lot you know so I prepare for just what could happen you know if a hurricane or a tornado or something came through knocked out power you know I prepare for that because it's a short-term thing you know I mean if a hurricane come through most of the time you know you'll be without power maybe a week two weeks at most in this back on so I prepare you know emergency preps for that you know and I keep probably six months worth of food water and all that on hand but that's not always you're not always gonna have that and you know where I live I'm not directly in town but I'm not outside of town either so if something happens to where martial law is declared I'm not staying here there's no way I'm staying here and letting them come to my house and you know take me or take everything I have so in a situation that like that you know you gotta look at it like well okay I've prepared but do I have the skills if I have to leave all of my preps and everything I've prepped if I have to leave that and bug out of town am I going to be able to have the knowledge and the skills to survive without having grocery stores and you know stuff like that so my thing is is practice your survival skills practice your books crafts stuff because those skills if you're forced to have to survive on your own without your preps you're going to need those skills to do it and you know if it's not just but going out in your front yard are going out your barbecue grill and practicing making a fire with a fire still you know anything that you can practice will help you in the long run you know and you know people say you know there's been a lot of debates on prepping versus survival well I agree in both of them and I do both of them you know I prepped for merchants ease but I practice survival skills and practice my bushcraft skills for the long haul and you know me personally if I have to leave my home I'm taking and finding me the deepest darkest hole out in a swamp I can find with the nastiest critters and creatures crawling around there is hoping that that'll be a deterrent for any bonehead coming to mess me and I can survive out there I can survive easily I mean I've done it all my life down here and that's what I'm made this video for you know it's trying to tell you guys and urge you guys prepping is a fantastic thing to do but if for some reason you don't have your preps to fall back on you're going to have to have the knowledge to survive so that that's what this is all about get out there and practice guys if you guys want to talk about this put your comments and questions down below I'll be more than happy to talk about this subject for a while and you know once again with the way the country is going right now with your neck economics and now we got mr.

Obama back up there again I I see a lot of things happening and southern prepper one you know he's got some great videos out there you know and first and foremost you know prep but also work on your defense I mean if you've got extra cash laying around that you can just spend get you some firearms guys get you some firearms stockpile them anyway guys you want to put your comments and questions down below I'll be more than happy to answer them I appreciate your support appreciate you watching my videos means a lot to me and last night elections just got me really up in arms because to be personally pirtle personally I don't care for either one of the guys that ran you know if it was my choice and somebody it would have been Ron Paul but we know what the media did to him so we won't even go there anyway guys I appreciate your support appreciate you watching my videos means a lot to me and we got the facebook page up and going a few guys want to go hit the like button go right ahead if you don't want to hit the like button you just wasted a couple minutes your time the link for that will be down below if you liked the video hit the like button if you're not subscribed subscribe if you like the channel with all that being sad friends Oh coops pretty much gonna say coop out

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