Primitive Skills: Upgrade House, floor plastering with simple tools

go to the forest to find firewood homemade axes and chainsaw cut firewood wood saw I carry firewood home and put it in a pile I've got a lot of wood Green stone is crushed and brought back for calcination Kitchen ash is produced through the burning process of wood These kitchen ash will be reused as one Organic fertilizers give plants more minerals crush the stone into small pieces, but small, evenly sized 10 – 20cm Stack bricks and use mud to cover the door calcining lime with high temperature from 900 – 1100oC. The fuel used is firewood lime has been formed. Lime comes in the form of white, crystalline solid powder or lumps Measure and dig the background mix sand with lime and water in certain proportions to form a mortar mixture. Lime mortar has a high cohesion due to water loss when dry, causing calcium hydroxide to crystallize at the same time, cabonic in air causes calcification of the lime, making the mixture solid.

Mix lime and sand together lime is also used to improve soil, detoxify the environment, reduce pH to help remove acidity, improve soil tidy up furniture to build the foundation in the house clean up stay indoors so it's a bit dark Because there was not enough sand, I continued to collect sand from the stream.

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