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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] I'm out here again this is my fourth like sheets afternoon right now there's the third day in a row the last three days I've missed three different bucks with my crossbow I started taking my crossbow because it wasn't happy with my shooting form once I started putting the warmer winter clothing on you know I would tend to practice a lot in the summer and the early fall with my traditional equipment but I'm not wearing that much clothing so once it gets cold and I bulk up in them traveling around instead of sitting in a stand or in a blind find to have too much clothes on to shoot properly unless I've really been practicing like a have other years with that clothing on but this year I'm not I just didn't have time no I've seen with several dogs but I haven't had any chance at any of them had a chance as any of them but I've had a chance at four bucks over the last week week and a half put in a three of the last three days so I'm setting up on the trail that the two bucks yesterday's in today's we're using there were some dos with the second buck the one yesterday so hoping something comes by I've got a trail at 24 yards another one at about 230 yards from me southwest wind today so the winds in my face I'm looking at it was hardwood bush and another hour daylight left so they should start moving anytime now we'll see anyway that's why I haven't been posting any other videos lately I've been focused on this I need to get some meat in the freezer it's the least amount they've had of game meat on hand and I'd like to preserve this one smoking can it make jerky saw I really like to get one next week before the season ends so stay tuned let's see three days left in the season see at 20 what is the 29th – just today 30th and 31st and the season's over and I still haven't shot my dear it's for the most frustrating year ever first time I don't get one be the first time in 19 years I didn't shoot a deer but that's part of the problem with the discovering exploring a new area aterna figure out the game patterns a couple things I'm doing this morning I'll have already spooked two deer unfortunately they saw me before I saw them and that's the greatest challenge was still hunting and the reason I'm not stand hunting is because they don't know the area well enough to be confident to set up a stand or a blind ground blind and sit in that thing and wait patiently when I don't know the patterns I don't have time to put trail cameras out so it's a bit of a challenge this year a couple things I'm doing though a couple things I always do story form up staring at the camera there's quite a few deer in here right now so I'm keeping my eye out so one thing I do is I well two things first of all it's windy today and it's cold but minus 18 Celsius with the windchill now the wind's coming from the northwest which is good because then I know that anything basically downwind this weighs going to sent me before I get a chance to put a stalk on it on a deer so I'm working my way into the wind now I keep checking the wind direction with this little you know squeeze bottle I've had forever I don't know what was in it originally but I've got corn starch corn powder corn starch in this because it's light it's basically what talcum powder or baby powder is made of so it's extremely light and pliant so you can see every time I do that the wind takes it away it's even more important when the wind is swirling or if it's a subtle and a light wind because it's not always obvious which way the winds blowing so if there's if any deer bear moose any big game sense you or our predators they get your scent then they're gone you have no chance early at them but if they hear you only and can't get can't smell you and typically they try to figure out what you are that's why I've been successful at doing this type of hunt it's very challenging hunts probably the most difficult way to hunt deer with a bow in winter conditions where the grounds crunchy and moving still hunting through the woods I have to get within 20 yards of deer not sure if I kept in the clip that I filmed earlier talking about frustration on the three deer that I actually missed and foolish mistakes but three different bucks I called in to within 20 yards and missed them for a variety of reasons so it's the way the hunting goes but like I said it's gonna be the most frustrating season the most unsuccessful season I've ever had at hunting at least since I was very young the other thing I do is carry these binoculars these are just a cheap pair of whatever I'm not sure even kind they're tasko probably yeah at Tesco now ten by twenty five and what I do is set that it would set the focus basically on the maximum so listen I set that up the maximum focus because especially with all these saplings and stuffing here dear if they're not moving they blend in so over the forest you can't see them big you'll be sitting there watching me and with my naked eye I just can't see that but with these binoculars set at maximum distance I can scan the forest as far basically as they can see as long as I'm still they can't tell what I am and if I can see them I typically you can call them in to me it's that's how I shoot 75% of my dear I call in with my mouth that's why I call moose and I can call bear that way as well so typically what happens is when they hear me crunching and the leaves and the snow they're curious because there's other animals in here and other deer and by giving that call does two things that reassures them that I'm just another deer convinces I'm just another deer or if it's and if the Bucks are still looking for receptive dough's dozing heat then what they'll do is come to me and that's what I did with those three actually four bucks I called in three I got shot at the fourth one I was calling in and pack of coyotes started howling all around me three different coyotes and one quite close to the deer so it was coming right towards me had three dos behind him and I pulled the buck retreat for the boy from the dose and the Coyotes how old and then health and all of them took off in the opposite direction so we'll see two more days I said let's see what can fine I'll get out this afternoon again probably sit I do have one spot that I did have a chance at a couple of doze and I made a little kind of ground blind I'll go check that trail before I leave this morning and if we're still using that trail then I'll hunt tonight and I'll just sit and wait patiently hurry up until dark super you find something [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] so as you can see I finally got my dear even though it took the entire season right up to day with the third last day of the season and it ended up taking a doe display having those chances that had four different bucks actually five bucks if you include the one that I chased around here with during rifle season so that's the way hunting goes I knew this year was going to be challenging because of the first of all I'm new to this area its vast forest here and just not first of all the very low density population density compared to say agricultural regions south of here but but also not knowing a land and that they have so much land to travel through I don't even know where the feeding areas or the bedding areas are really I'm getting a little better handle on it but by the time I really pattern the deer here this season had ended so December 15th being the last day of the bow season I'm sold next year I'll be a lot further ahead and I'll start actually hunting them probably at the beginning of the bow season at the beginning of October and part of the reason I didn't want to harvest a deer earlier this year is because they didn't have my storage or preservation system set up by this fall I will I'll have a cellar smokehouse what else butter canning set up so that I can preserve the meat all of the mate and and tan the hide so all of those things they'll be like I said better position to do next year so I'll start hunting earlier and hopefully get a bigger buck so they got more meat and I had to travel south I was traveling south anyway to spend Christmas with the rest of the family and the extended family and while I was down there I went and hunted my old hunting grounds and that's I knew them better although I hadn't hunted that this particular spot and quite some time I was able to get onto the deer have those opportunities and then finally harvest a doe at the end of the season this crossbow I switched to because like I mentioned when I was out there the amount of gear the amount of clothing I was wearing because it was late season was impeding my ability to shoot well with that that longbow and I wasn't confident that I could pull off a clean kill so what I ended up doing is switching over to the crossbow now the crossbow I showed you three different times that I missed bucks because of things went that went wrong a string broke on one buck sights were off on another and this is the problem that I was talking about that I'm rectifying now we know when you don't use your gear all of the time and practice all of the time there's things that you overlook things that go wrong and this was know this is a prime example of that the scope what I didn't realize is that even though I've practiced each time before I go out and I Sutton to make sure this the sights are still on I didn't realize there was one set of bolts on that that sculpt that were loose so what was happening is I cited in the the crossbow and I would go out into the field and it would be shooting perfectly I can split arrows basically at 20 yards I'm quoting to the field well stick it in my case go out into the field hike through thick bush still hunting and what was happening is I didn't realize that scope was getting pushed back towards the stalk and put the button to the stalk and as that would happen it would throw off this the line of sight so my arrows were hitting really low each time I shot that thought I shot over the buck that went down into the creek I went back to that spot robbed just after I actually finished the season and I've found the arrow and it was actually underneath the where the buck would have been standing so the same thing happened again I decided to vote in each time before I went back out to those to the same spot and I thought it was on deadly accurate didn't realize that as I was putting it in the case and then taking out again that was getting adjusted and it was throwing it off again mistake those mistakes can happen but molar often they happen we because of not being prepared and that's really what it was this time I just wasn't shooting everyday I wasn't it's not a weapon I used very often or very rarely use a crossbow I've had that for a number of years and it's more for this type of situation where I'm not practicing enough with my long board or the situations like extreme cold that change my my setup so then my comfortable shooting don't feel like an accurate enough full switch to that crossbow and because I don't shoot it every day it's not something I noticed didn't realize that that scope could move like that and it cost me cost me a lot of meat in the freezer this year oh so I ended up with a dole I'll end up with probably 65 pounds of lean meat off of it plus the organs and stuff and some of the bucks around here I've shot in the past I get a one figgus bucket shot trust out about 220 pounds so that's a big difference in the quantity of meat and that's the price I'm paying this year for not being better prepared and better practiced so that's it for this season you'll take care of this deer will process it and and share some of the meals I'm going to make out of it and like I said next year learn my lesson this year I'll be practicing every day here got my target range that I'll be setting up shortly and practice literally every day I'll be shooting the bull and there's so many good spots just to go roving with my bollock wandering through the woods shooting at two random stumps and stuff and there's small game season hopefully I'll take some rabbits later this this winter other than that again practice practice practice snook I'll do that year-round starting starting now so that's it for for this video and that's it for this deer season look forward to seeing you in 2019 and I hope you join me up at the cabin to see what I'm up to you next take care of great week you [Music]

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