Primitive Technology: Stone Axe (celt)

Find a big stone in the woods Hit the room with the other room Continue hitting the first stone by the second in all respects Try to find a room similar to the desired shape so as not to waste time. Limit it and make it fit Limit the stone to another stone that is more dense and stronger Soften the stone (water prevents it from cracking and rinsing out) Limit the stone more, then polish it, and polish it with water and another stone The ax head is now ready Make a stone chisel Cut a tree to make an ax handle Scale the tree to the appropriate size Make a hole in the wood to fix the stone or the head on it Open the hole Soften wood with charcoal for better shape; This also treats the wood and prevents it from splitting Carve the handle with our curves Shaping wood with hot charcoal from a fire With the handle construction method, the ax will be positioned rather narrow to hold …

But be careful and make the hole larger than the stone, as this reduces the chances of the wood splitting We ended up here, invite me for a scholarship (Haha).

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