Rating Your Rigs | Bug-Out edition

– Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back. Josh from Trailbuilt and– – I'm Brent from Trailbuilt. – And we are doing
another rating your rigs, from the gallery. So on this episode, we're gonna be doing what's called "bug out" rigs. When Brady asked me
what "bug out" rigs are, I told him I said just go into gallery, and find preferably diesels, bigger trucks with big (bleep) front bumpers that look like they're going
to be running over zombies.

So that's what he went ahead and did, he picked out five of em;
we haven't seen them yet. So I'm curious to see exactly which ones you picked out here, Brady. But if you guys haven't already, went to the gallery, uploaded
your rigs to the gallery, it's just trailbuiltoffroad.com
and then just hit the gallery tab in that menu bar. Anyways, let's go ahead,
let's get started. I'm curious to find out what this, what these five are here and we'll click on the first one which is not bad, not bad.

A 2000 Ford F-350 super duty. It has Mickey Thompson classic threes, 16 by 12s with a negative 50 offset Toyo Open Country MT's, 385/70's, and a Rough Country
8-inch suspension lift. So looking at this
picture right off the bat, I think that thing could definitely drive through a whole bunch of zombies. – Oh yeah. Yeah, definitely. – So it's a big rig,
it's built, uh, beefy, and, uh, I don't know
if it- if it lifts that- – [Brent] The old reliable
7.3 will get 'em home. – [Josh] I think so. Yeah, being a 2000, it's more than likely
got the 7.3 in there, so- – [Brent] That bumper
will definitely catch 'em.

– [Josh] You can run
waste oil and Trans-fluid if you needed too. Yeah, it's- it's pretty beefy looking. – [Brent] Yeah. Got the big
'ol lights on the front. – [Josh] Yep. It's got
all the lights up there. Uff da! So yeah, that definitely, I would think is like a "bug out" vehicle, zombie apocalypse-like, Cool, all right, yeah. So, it's quite the beast. I would definitely that's
like a bug out rig. – Yeah. – Uh, do you have a number? – Sure. – So we'll count down
from, "three, two, one", and then, we'll uh, we'll rate it from either a ten to a one, and give her a number.

So three, two, one, – Six and a half.
– Six. – Pretty close? Yeah? Six and a half. – [Brent] It's a 7.3,
can't go wrong with that. Um, those trucks are pretty much, uh, bulletproof. Well, except for the trannies, but, um, that's a good lookin' truck, that, I mean it's got a heck of a bumper on it, it, uh, looks like it
belongs out in Texas. – [Josh] Heh, it could be.
– [Brent] It could maybe- – [Brent] It's got a huge bumper, you know it's just, it's all raw, man. You know it's got good-
big, cut out flares on it, – [Josh] Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I'd- I did the "six", I
think it's a big truck, um, definitely looks like it could move some stuff outta the way. Yeah, so definitely doing something a little bit different
with this Rating Your Rigs, we're having a little bit of fun with it, uh, of course we
appreciate all of the rigs that are in our gallery,
whether it's a big truck that looks like it could
take out an entire town, or, ya know, a built up
Jeep for rock crawling.

It's all cool. So moving on to the next one, here we have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, Mickey Thompson Classic's again, that must be like a
popular theme with these. 16×12 -50 Mickey Thompson Deegan 38's, so and again 38 inch tire,
Hell Bent Steel leveling kit. Yeah this thing's- this
one's pretty beefy. I could see this as like
a really good tow rig. Built up, ya know, build
up the transmission to hold up to the engine,
and you're good to go. Put some traction bars in the back axis so you don't rip it out. [Laughs] Close spaces up front,
5 inch heavy duty lifted springs in the rear; Hell Bent Steel, I like that name. Ranch Hand bumper, custom made stack, full fuel system, and a bigger turbo.

Cool. Yeah. It's a beast. – [Brent] Did you say "turbo" or "turban"? – "Turban" – It's got a bigger
turban on her, or what? – Big 'ol turban. This things water-powered, [Laughs] – Yeah, very cool. All right. Well, I suppose you gotta number? – Yep. – Yeah, me too. Okay. Three, two, one, – Six.
– Six. – Yeah, six, I was gonna say seven, I almost said seven, I
was six and then seven, [Laughs] – Gettin' mixed up today with your "turbos" and your "turbans", and your "six's" and your "seven's". – It's getting late, yeah,
it's past my bedtime; So, yeah, I think it's
pretty cool, I mean it's- it's a beast, – [Brent] You can't go
wrong with Cumming's, but you said- you said
transmission issues, but, uh- – [Josh] That's probably
what the, Gen 2 in here? Is that the 12 valve- – [Brent] 12 on one side,
and on that side, 24. – [Josh] Yeah, so, it's a beast.

– [Brent] Yeah, definitely. – [Josh] It would, uh,
I think it would make a heck of a, like a
bug out rig, or like a- – [Brent] It's acts as a
bug out rig and a tow rig. – [Josh] Yeah. Cool. All right, so what do we
have next here, Brady? Oh boy. Another beast. 2013 Ford F-350 Super Duty;
has fuel hostages 20×10's, Nitto Grapplers, 37 inch, 13.5 wide, and Rough Country 5 inch lift.

So, yeah, this thing's a monster. He's off roading, that's pretty cool. It's got the winch bumper on the front, it's got the MOVE Bumper on it, bunch of aftermarket lights here, – [Brent] Looks like an
aftermarket grill, light bar, – [Josh] It definitely
looks like it's more- more "go" than "show", I
mean he's got the, ya know, aftermarket grill with the- – [Brent] Reminds me of
a construction truck. – [Josh] Yeah. I was
gonna say maybe a logger. Yep. That's what it looks like to me too. It's a beast. It's a beast.

Cool. Yeah, I like it. – Yeah, three, two, one, Eight. – I'm saying a six again. They're all, I mean, they're all pretty
much the same, almost, except, uh, ya know, a little newer, little different style, but, um, yeah it's still, I mean
it's- it's a nice truck, it's gotta cool bumper on
it, and yeah, like you said it would- definitely looks
like if you hit something, that bumper's not gonna move. – [Josh] Yeah. Whatever you're hitting is just gonna move outta the way. That's why it's a MOVE bumper.

I gave it an eight, I think for what it's probably built
for, it's, ya know, it's- it's pretty cool. Um, heavy duty. It just
looks heavy duty. Yeah. I could see you pulling
a scouter with that. Let's see, what is the next
one? Last, but not least, – Oh
– Holy smokes, what is this? – [Josh] A 2005 Ford E-350
Super Duty. It's a van, – [Brent] I would definitely drive that.

– [Josh] That looks like the back, has been cut out. Yeah. Or cut off. Wow. This thing's a monster. – [Brent] That is cool.
– [Josh] Look at that. [Laughs] – [Brent] Awesome.
– [Josh] Yeah. Yeah, if you really need
to, haul a bunch of people, and still, get the heck
outta town, or whatever. – [Brent] Looks like it's
gotta- it's got the newer, like a 6.7 in there or
something like that. Well it's an '05, so I
don't think it would, but, uh, conversion.
– Yeah, coulda been. What's it got in here?
Method MR606 20 inch by 12, it's got Nitto 40 inch, nice.

Yeah. Ujoint Offroad suspension, 10 inch lift. 6.0 Diesel. Built transmission. Here's one with a, when
it was still one piece. – [Brent] Looks better
with the back cut off. – [Josh] I think it looks pretty wild. I don't know if I've ever seen
something like that before. – [Brent] Sweet, what are you thinking? – [Josh] Yeah? I'm
thinking we'll count down and give her a number. All right so three, two, one- – Nine
– Nine – [Josh] Yeah. It's a beast. – [Brent] Yeah, it's definitely cool. – [Josh] Lotta custom work done to him, looks like he's got
the fenders trimmed out a little bit here,
obviously the whole back is trimmed off, um, 40 inch wheel- 40 inch tires, I wouldn't be surprised if he's putting a full cage in it, ya know.

– [Brent] Yeah, it's definitely cool. – [Josh] Yeah, I like it. It's fun, it's something that we don't normally see especially in the gallery. – [Brent] Fits the whole,
uh, criteria of it. – [Josh] Yeah. Custom
build, and off road capable, and, I like it. I dig it. So, cool. Well, very cool. Well, thank you to all
of you for uploading your rigs into the gallery, uh, if you do have any comments, anything
like that, drop 'em below, and, other than that, make sure to hit that subscribe button guys, that way you guys can hold on to the ride with us.

And as always, we appreciate
all of you for watching, I'm Josh from Trailbuilt, this is- – What, uh, again? We did it again? Brett from Trailbuilt! – And we'll see you guys…..out on the trails. [Unintelligible Noise] – What the hell? – [Unintelligible Noises] All right, back to eating gum..

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