RavPower Jump Starter vs Ford Bronco -Bug Out Vehicle Setup

in this edition of the bug-out Bronco series we're going to take a look at what happens when you have a dead battery and you are all by yourself that's coming up on survival on purpose welcome back to survival on purpose my name is Brian thanks for joining me for the bug out Bronco series five guys in 1988 Ford Bronco here so vehicles have come a long way since 1988 one of the features many of us are used to is the automatic headlights you they come on and turn off automatically so if you drive a vehicle like that for a long time you kind of get out of the habit of turning the old lights off here so if for instance your honor I don't know a Walmart parking lot say and you um are shopping for some camping stuff and you come out and you realize click nothing happens then oh this little knob on the dash is pulled out that lets you know that you do not have automatic lights and you are a doofus don't ask me how I know we're not in a Walmart parking lot but we're gonna I've allowed this battery to go dead I left the lights on so let's go I'm dead so what we're gonna do now I've got a jumpstart kit from the folks at ravpower here and we're gonna take a look at this and see just how well it works on this big ol 351 Cleveland Ford v8 which is dead as a rock let me show you here's the kit right here it comes in a nice little package the zip up package so it was a bit under your seat probably wouldn't fit in the dash but they'll fit in a under your seat most the time and this guy um it's got the power pack here it's got a charger that goes to a you put it in your power port and keep it charged up here and it's got a mic a USB or actually it's got a AC charger that you can keep it charged up and then it's got the it's got your jumper connectors and then it actually also serves as a power bank so you can charge devices with it so it comes also with a mini USB charging thing and you can also plug your your um you know if you have an iPhone or whatever into it you can you can plug that in there too so it's got a lot of cool stuff with it but let's um make sure this thing's really dead and then we'll get to get to doing some of that jump starter stuff ok just so you know there is no shenanigans put the key in turn the switch on this has a little starter button here that to push and we'll see what happens absolutely nothing so let's pop the old hood and see what we got by the way I've not tried this thing yet so hopefully it'll work because if not I got to figure out to get this thing started ok so the batteries over here ok so what the instructions say to do first of all says to check the battery level the LCD indicator it's got a on/off switch on it you turn it on here and it shows that we have a good reading see it 100% okay then the next step is to take the alligator clips turmeric lips and connect them to the battery red to positive like so and by the way these things open up really big to have a very positive context I like that they seem like they're pretty solidly made they don't look real cheesy we're open this up and clamp it on the negative and then it says to plug it in and go check go crank car as soon as you get a crank to a disconnected so it's got a little will cover over here a little rubber cover with a picture of a car pull that down and it's got your connector right there and just there's only one way to connect it so plug it in and let's go see if this thing will start and there's no buttons to push nothing else that's all it says so alright I'm impressed okay so we take him off unplug it disconnect them Wow it's okay sorry for the noise but I'm gonna let it run for a few minutes to recharge the battery I gotta say I'm impressed this again is a 351 Cleveland it's a big v8 the battery was dead I just think did a great job let's move a little bit further away get away from noise but I'm gonna have to let this thing run hype i shut the hood it'd be a little quieter okay so it's pretty impressive I gotta say I was actually had my doubts as to whether was going to work because it is you know a lot of these jumpstarters say they're only a good up to five five liters this is a 5.6 or 5.7 liter I don't know I'm still doing the cubic-inch thing it's a 351 ok let's talk about the specs this thing real quick it's a 550 peak amps with 280 amp starting current it is a 14,000 mAh battery and it's it's um takes about 4 hours to recharge the battery from 0 and again it comes in this nice kit that has the little pot it's got little pockets for everything so everything's not flopping around everything's got its own little place and its own way to fasten it it's got a both a short and a long USB to micro-usb which is pretty cool I think it gives you two different cables to charge your devices and you can actually recharge this from either your car through the power point here or through the wall so which is pretty cool but it's also got a couple other features real quick I'll show you ok so it's got two USB output smart outputs the power button here if you hold it down it gives you a flashlight just hold it down for a few seconds which is really good to have because usually if you leave your lights on your battery's dead it's probably going to be dark so this is good to have if you click it one time out though it also gives you an SOS feature which I think is just great for any kind of emergency gear to have an SOS because that just lets people know you got a problem and you click it one more time it's just straight up flashing beacons so that would kind of you can put that and kind of get people's attention if you're on the side of the road with a dead battery or whatever so you don't get a run over you know I mean so and click it again it goes off in my opinion this is a very handy little piece of gear honestly I was skeptical a little bit because again of the the size of the engine but did a great job if so this is something that I highly recommend that everybody have with them is a jump starter and this one from ravpower seems like a really good when it's very well made it's kind of rubberized it's got some great features and it did a great job on the old Bronco so once again thanks to the folks at ravpower for sending me this so I could show it to you and as always thank you for watching survival on purpose thanks for subscribing if you haven't done so I'll put out a new video every Friday a new straight Saturday video every Saturday and probably a couple of other videos throughout the week the video you're watching now is part of a series called the bug out Braco which where I'll take this 1988 Bronco and try to fix it up or not necessarily restore it but but you know do what I can to it to make it more off-road worthy if you like this video please give it a big thumbs up let Google know you like this kind of thing and as always thank you thank you thank you for supporting the channel by doing all your amazon shopping through the survival on purpose links there'll be a link to this below or just go to survival on purpose com4 slash amazon anything you buy help support the channel doesn't cost you anything extra and one more way you can help support the channel without spinning into your hard-earned money up front is there will be a link in the description below for a free one-month trial to audible.com where you can download a free audiobook and get a free one-month trial to audible I like to listen to those while I'm driving it just helps put some information in your brain instead of wasting time and it's just a great way in my opinion to read a book so anyway that's another way you can support the channel and I sincerely appreciate it so once again my name's Brian you're watching survival on purpose remember survival is not an accident so be prepared I'll see you next time turn it on and check the manners in

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