Redneck Roundtable – On prepping, survival, and heading off-grid

hey guys Josh from the redneck homestead channel i'm here with Jacob and Billy can't see Billy but um he's kind of shy I'm still recuperating from my yeah uphill hog so um as you can tell we're here at the off-grid cabin and we are like the paragon of preparedness we came up here and we got tubs of food we got everything we need and we're like let's make some coffee we want some coffee and we had one cup one cup what a joke I mean how many cups do we have in our cupboards at home and we look through and say we have too many coffee cups and we only have one cup here well I bet you if we took inventory of this place we would find it this place though it's warm and covered from the elements is basically useless in a real survival type scenario yeah I'm drinking out of this thing if you can see it what a joke water water bottle so we're gonna have an episode of the redneck roundtable right here at the cabin and as we've talked about before this idea called the redneck roundtable just a few friends it's getting around talking about whatever the subject may be we'll try not to keep it too boring you can turn off the off the tape whenever you want or you can listen through the whole thing so no I have to listen you have to listen to the whole thing Billy said so I don't like what you're saying about preparedness it's funny I mean you forgot the keys it's easy to forget things that are real it kind of brings to mind how you need to anticipate that you're gonna forget something and and have something in place so you don't have to remember it so you don't I mean don't be dependent on remembering the keys okay see our plans kind of change because of that and it could have been something even more important you know well think about this though this routine ization that you're talking about that's why I've relied upon so I don't forget the keys and add a layer to what you just said I always leave the cabin keys with the cabin and everything else there's the excavator the bulldozer the tractor the shed the cabin keys whatever all the keys are on a big key ring you know right janitor the janitor keyring and they are sitting in the center console my truck they're there right now right but we changed how we were getting up here today why and well that's why you need some redundancies maybe you could speak about that as a pilot with like checklists and redundancies and stuff like I mean I think that you should have like a key like hidden someplace where you know it is and whoever else needs to know knows where it is so in case for some reason you can't get your truck or your someplace else and your wife needs to get up here or whatever at least you know there's there's something else in place because it's easy to to think that things are gonna go a certain way and they don't change your plan and all of a sudden nothing more well truth be told the only reason we had a key to get into the cabin in the first place is because I bought new locks for basically everything yeah and this happens and bringing the new key with you well what happened was I put wonderful they're all keyed identically so I put one of the locks on one of my trailers and I figured well I've got to put a copy of that key on my main keyring primary my primary so it's almost incidental where we have all of the accidental oh not even I wish it were incident that looks more accidental and it's funny like with the lock picking stuff yeah I'll usually bring like a little box except that I have Jacobs an expert expert turning them sure I usually bring like a little lockpick so if we're going somewhere just again it's funny how often you think like you think when are you gonna need a lockpick set I mean come on and there's an dozens of times when I'm like shoot I wish I had yeah it's not to break in somewhere it's cuz you really need so I'm gonna I would imagine especially being like school-aged and whatever you come home your parents at home you forgot your key well you only but you only quote break in to some place that you have a legal right today yeah well my my feeling uses yeah we've got a bunch of propane we got lots of wood we have the ability to be here we have a decent amount of food up here some entertainment not much but we don't have cops to drink coffee oh that's pathetic yeah do you have Forks I have forks and spoons yes nothing oh you just food though so I didn't amazing like we were saying about what like how differently like I mean this happened to me the extremely mild winter and it's not like dangerously cold out I was like there's a breeze maybe you remember this time last year oh yeah temperature was zero or less yeah we took that hike before you bought the place it was 10 or 15 below or so I thought that was 2 years ago and that's where I mean your hand is without a glove for 30 seconds you can't do anything yep so I don't know it's everything about this whole thing is what I said about the heat die me the it sounds it sounds you know so self-evident but how important it is in cold air is to make sure you have a reliable heat source wherever you're going it's easy to think like all be fun when you get into someplace and it's you know 15 or 20 degrees below zero out you freeze to death very easily it doesn't take much to get into serious trouble yeah well like we've said in the past especially when vehicles and equipment of stuck bad things happen very fast in the cold you know and good things very little warning here our truth is we're not that removed here I mean have the neighbors a mile down the road if you really need to you walk down there and he has electricity enough sure but not if you're hurt yeah but it could easily be where you're somewhere and you know the engine doesn't start and you have a real problem that's right well I mean here we have some good redundancy with heat and many people who scoff at the anything less than the purist approach to being off-grid will look at a propane heater that's not off-grid and I agree I tend to have a purist definition of off-grid as well no batteries no Solar nothing with an engine but nothing you have to refill alike but it's gonna go on a continuum and it's all on the continuum and you know what are you preparing for I mean all I'm preparing for is the possibility that nothing works and the truth is coming up here in daylight today we're not gonna come here and start chopping wood and make a fire we've been with wood by the time you get everything here we leave so I mean the truth is this is much easier and it works better almost all the time yeah for now it's it's good and like we talked about in the past putting something in like this lets us leave at 8 o'clock at night one night decide to come up you're not getting here til 11:00 and not have to wait till 2:00 in the morning but what stove to heat heat up dude all hour and less than season wood yeah so depends on what you're getting ready for right I mean I don't know what my view has never been not never been but it's not exclusively that everything is gonna go permanently bad maybe I want to use this just for fun too yeah yeah you know how we've discussed in the past Tao and I've had this discussion with other friends how it's easy to prepare for the most extreme situation whether it's a physical situation or even a financial situation or whatever where you're into one thing that's so far in the into the extreme but yet you're unprepared for everything that all the interim steps that might come before that right like people are so invested in shorting a stock and then have a look at the upside or they're so invested in real estate and whatever yeah whatever I mean there's a play out there's whether its financial or anything else you could be prepared for the end of the world but over about the 10 years it took to get to the point where nothing works hmm you know and it's easy to miss a lot of opportunities that you should be taking advantage of well not that any of us or anyone watching has any real insight as to what could practically happen what do you guys think is likely to be on the horizon for the next say 3 to 5 years between now and 3 to 5 years yeah I mean I think just the economy is gonna get worse and worse but isn't it booming right now I mean the unemployment report State of the Union it's all great it's all fabric and what I mean yeah I don't I don't I can't really picture something happening as you know a single huge event like some some nuclear bomb or something like that where you know you wake up one morning enough works and you're driving up here I don't think Jake is to think about her I think about like for me a lot of it has to do with I think in many ways and under many scenarios the culmination of of where all of a sudden you're in where life changes when you have no electricity that's when life changes dramatically and whether it's a financial thing or a war or you know you know the bomb is dropped type of things you want to talk about briefly when we didn't have well that's what I was gonna say view we were in New Jersey a few years ago with hurricane whatever was that what it was whatever there was like three hurricanes in a row that hit us then and we were that without power at one point for 11 days straight yeah and it was like it was I mean we kind of adapted the work the weather wasn't an issue was at the one time it was like where you didn't need heat you didn't either Erica it was like fine in terms of that so it wasn't that big of a deal and literally a mile away the supermarket's work the gas stations were going to everything was yeah there was not concern about crime and our neighbors could crawl into our windows or anything there was no concern about that like I said there were no real weather issues or anything and even at that we were without electricity for 11 days and it's amazing how everything we were in a house we're in a regular house but nothing worked you know well I have a friend I'm actually he's been in one of our earlier videos Richard he has two hundred and some-odd year old house like mine and when he bought it it was in a similar condition at no heating system and etc etc he put a monster a wood stove in the basement and that was last year actions on winter when it was like negative ten twenty thirty all winter he but that single wood stove kept his house at sixty degrees and that's pretty cool to consider that all he needs yeah is wood and he's in reasonably common the electricity is really that's really when you understand how dependent we are on this system and but in the same way it's pretty easy to live without electricity if you're prepared for yeah I mean I go to a summer camp for two weeks every year and actually this past summer I was there for two months and I'm gonna be working there this summer we don't have any electricity and you know it's not like we're all running around not knowing what to do it's very but everything is D'Mello yeah everything is completely circling surrounded by woods and we know that there's no electricity and everything works well that's why when people say like oh you know an EMP you know my electromagnetic pulse will hit and we're gonna get we're gonna get put back into the eighteen hundred's no you're not because in the 1800s their lives will develop emigrated no electricity right whereas here we're dependent on electrodes that's that's the wrong analogy actually it's like the more like the 1950s when they started to really depend on things but they didn't have the technology that we have no it's gonna be it's a totally different thing and people don't realize how incredibly dependent we weren't for everything is that well it's all I don't need mom you know I don't have a well I have public water well how do you think the what against yeah that's right at some point there's a pump someplace that's right pumps powered by diesel which gets trucked in where by a truck that pumped it into the truck everything is dependent yeah it's all dependent and we're all two dimensions and interdependent well I mean to give you an example the public utility company came around they've got these new meters going in it probably happened to your house and Julie calls me up and she goes there's some gun in her front yard he's changing out our meters our power just went off like laundry this is not a smarmy tourism it's a smart know it is and so we have four meters at the house and he got through two of them and Julie called me you know panicking like why is the power out it said it's a guy in our yard so I sent him on the phone I promptly kicked the guy off the property in the middle trespassing so you remotely kicked him on the remote control anyways I had a few questions for the guy you know what's the deal what frequency does this transmit who's paying for what kind of manager runs oh by the way I wanted to well we will segue into that subject Jacob took the both of the ham the advanced ham exams with me he's the one who my test with in fact funny story how this all played out Jacob and Billie had come over they just stop by and sign me the driveway or something and I said hey look what are you doing this won't take in the channel exam this is felt like a Thursday yeah I'm like Jacob you want to teach us the second level the second level yeah and I said hey Jacob we want to take it he goes what was this this was like Thursday night or something and I was like are you serious you've been studying Fritz for two weeks and I'm just gonna jump in and say good yep and he took it and got a hundred percent on it yeah that was crazy that was pretty impressive and then we got the extra yeah so Jacob is one of the younger I would imagine people that has as a mature extra I'm sure there are young people all over the place but it's highly unusual it's probably like I would say it's less than 1% I bet I know people are late under 18 all I know is that I have a decent foundation in the sciences and physics and math and electromagnetics and just understanding and I can say it was difficult yeah and I'm in you know school knows where I'm used to studying the small amount that I do and I'm saying are these public school mundo that's true you're actually feeding back into the system you're probably teaching anyway so yeah I just thought that I'd give that shoutout to Jacob here and you got a new call sign – I did k3 APB so good oh yeah so back to the thing so I wanted to know a little bit about the smart meter thing and the guy had absolutely no idea what the he just following he was just following orders just doing what his boss has said he's just being a yes sir man and so a few days later the public utility company sends me a letter oh we just want you to know everything will be okay they don't answer any of my questions it's a standard form letter to people who are objecting to this don't worry about don't worry about that so just yesterday I might have even been on the phone with you I had to get off the telephone with somebody and there was two guys there were two guys standing in the front yard and I'm looking at the window I'm holding my little two two month old and I look at the guy like what are you doing here like what are you doing in my guard who are you so he comes around at the door I go is there something I can help you out with yeah and he goes well we're here to change out the other two meters like actually you're really not here to change out you might think you're here it turns out I found the only two nice guys work for the utility company and they're really cool guys and they one was like a senior manager that had been with the company for 43 years they know more about you everything I said what free to transmit no and he goes oh 32.5 and i said ok and you know what's the transmission power and does the smart meter sleep or does it transmit on an interval you know it sleeps and we wake it up and that's an upper sideband lower side more atypical conversations he's had with home owners everything I would imagine but I mean I think that anybody who's getting one of these types of things involuntarily pushed on them like this should have the answers that they that they to the questions they have yeah but I did was the point of the whole story was that Julie was without electricity for literally three to five minutes at the most in like her whole world came apart not because she can't handle living without it it's cuz she had a load of laundry going and she had the dishwasher going and to me I would much prefer being in this bum no cabin right here it all comes down to the whole concept of being dependent or independent of things we're very very dependent on electricity and how its how it's delivered and everything else and it's in its I mean I know people who work for different utilities and they say that a lot of this stuff is hanging by a thread it's extremely vulnerable I mean how with the cell phone system in the communication system everything is very very – well is it vulnerable or is it highly controlled I mean I I don't know that it breaks it down on its own very often where it breaks down in the controlled intentional fashion well I do know that after again if it doesn't eternally can write be it can be use that after those hurricanes in New Jersey where we were four months they just had stuff you know rigged up however they wanted with ropes tied to telephones rails and things like you remember the Boston bombing and of course 9/11 trying to make a phone call yeah I was gonna say that you were saying about the self-service I was in DC with literally hundreds of thousands actually over a million other people at some whatever protest rally something like that and we got off the buses of whatever and no one cell phones were I mean they clearly Jam the signal cuddle whatever they did nobody can communicate within a certain area they they whoever was the police the government the whoever the capitol police I don't know whoever is in control of it through the co-operative phone company they made sure that nobody can communicate in that group that's that was you know well then a square mile where safety how is that for a safety first so you know terrorists can't communicate and blow stuff up I guess that's what they might say I mean why would they do I mean we were or more likely it's because they don't want people coordinating any sort of yeah don't say go against what they want to do well interestingly some people said you know without getting too far into what we should do as we're walking to the Capitol we should basically do an about-face and head the other way and go to the White House and the reality is if nobody can communicate with their cell phones and would have been extremely different called to coordinate and unless they have ham radios that's right but so I mean it's interesting you're saying about the cell phones that you're saying you know is it that the service stinks and that there's problems with it I think what Jacob said indicates that there are a lot of is just worn out busted up stuff and they're trying to save money the utilities and I'm sure that the phone companies do the same thing with you know crappy equipment and everything else yeah right but on airports but on the other hand we know that they could cut it off as they see fit or whether it's communications or electricity and that gets the communications gets back to why we really all started with the ham radio stuff i mean josh has been you know you've made up for lost time with this but I mean Jacob and I were involved with this five or six years ago we didn't really go very far with it but we do recognize that yeah we knew that there were that there was any that we had a lot of vulnerability with potentially not being able to communicate through the normal channels the ability to be able to set up a complicated and pervasive communication network with no infrastructure is extremely appeal your own infrastructure your own control you literally take your radio throw it in a backpack take a slingshot with a wire sugar urk it up to the Train yeah I'm it's really remarkable to consider that you can communicate near distance and far distance with next to no effort and there's no power and of course it's not off-grid purist because it involves patterning but you know the fact still remains that moving water can spin a waterwheel we do a micro hydro situation to charge a capacitor even that would you know run your radio long enough to get a SOS oh well I think the main point about all this is you need to rethink what you needed and how you get yeah I mean you're not gonna be up here and think alright I want to take this morning in that shower every morning right not gonna happen although it can I mean there are ways to would you agree that generally speaking of the D and it probably is a lesson for life aside from the whole prepping aspect of things that we should become less dependent on I guess less dependent on more things or whatever you know I do we should just be less dependent I think we should reap good speaking specifically the word that you use prepping implies that one is not prepared I think we just practice we should be very parents they should be living in less in the less dependent condition really yeah and then when whatever it is happens happens we're gonna be in a position where when we're not that we're not gonna notice of course but it's not we're not gonna have to scurry around and change everything because we're going to be living like that that doesn't necessarily mean you have to totally move off-grid at this point no wrong yeah I mean you should be able to flip the switch between your level of higher dependence and no dependence relatively easily yeah I'm not there I love you guys well it's kind of like the curve between you know practical and comfort and dependence yeah and at some point you need to give up one or the other right and what this point I really enjoy being able to go up to my thermostat and turning it might have an exam yeah yeah actually the system is pretty well under control yeah cross my fingers but I I actually enjoy being able to go and just press a button and return the dial yeah in the room becomes more comfortable I'd like be able to open the shower valve in hot water just pours out forever how often is it's interesting that you bring in these type of examples of but how many conversations have we had about now yours or mine it doesn't matter everybody can participate in this conversation the heats not working right the air conditionings not working right the dishwashers broken again I mean these things are like they're they're not that dependable you know and they seem less dependable now than ever you know and it's like alright so you have a dishwasher but it's like I mean I know our Brandon we're always having problems with us dishwashers 2530 years or what dish was appliances nowadays generally I'm replacing them every three 40 years right yeah but in general it seems like if we were living a simpler life more generally I don't I mean I don't really I don't know if all the technology and all the what we consider you know trappings of modernity are really I don't know if it's a good thing in many ways you know I mean I'm not I mean I appreciate things that I like cars and motorcycles and all kinds of stuff like in a lot of ways this stuff is it's there's too much complication I mean how much aggravation of you I need your cell phone every time we have a conversation it's a problem it is you know get your boy one thing we were talking about because when we would I think before we were on the air so to speak we're talking about what type of things we would do if we first came to the cabin and you know they weren't going back home yeah so to speak it's like our what's the first thing you do and we were talking about you were talking about eating and getting wood together and like that kind of stuff but one thing we didn't mention was let's assume something obviously if you're here because you have to be here then something happened out there and the first thing you're going to want to do is know what's going on in some way you're gonna whether it's because a friend your family or just or more generally how to plan your next move and how to adjust the things you're gonna want communication I mean that's the first end and think how often it is that you know something happens it's like the power goes out what's the first thing you do normal circumstances oh you pick up the phone you call the power company going on no once the power coming back on invariably the answer is I don't know we don't know we're like we're done there we're working on they never say all that don't worry beyond in 20 minutes as far as I'm concerned no answer is it's not coming back home well how about I mean even this is kind of a weird example we called the internet provider because something was going on with it where the internet wasn't working properly we ended up being basically on hold for a half hour before we hung up no one no one knows how to fix this well even when you call the power come you ended up getting a recording right that tells you nothing that's right if this is a medical emergency hang up and dial nine-one-one all right well so but to your point that your people are going to want information I mean I would rather have crowd-sourced information information that came from real white on the street immediate source I don't know filtered down through everyone to make your own cha cha den and you get different sources and you determine whatever independent of each other and what their source was or whatever as much as you can instead of putting on the television and have him whatever anchor who's getting paid by the guy who probably cause around to start with and telling you what you should do let's face it there's always a lot of truth that run through a lot of rumors yeah a single rumor source isn't very reliable but ten rumors that are saying the same thing are pretty relieved the sources are not the same that's exactly so I mean that's amateur radio right there and it serves so many different I mean like I said in my last amateur radio video I feel like it's a lot of fun that really enjoy it but yeah the practical value is extremely high you know it's amazing to think like more on the topic of communications and stuff like to think of how we got our information even if you were pretty advanced like twenty years ago I mean there's basically no internet information right think about like now I mean like Jake when I haven't had television and our family I was in a television in like ten or twelve years or whatever you know we don't miss it and we're about five years so you know and it's like and we didn't do it for any kind of like weird reason this was I got tired of paying for it I got tired of life having crappy service and crappy programs and it wasn't like this like cable cutter fad it was just no not at all this is a waste of time it's a waste of money but and then Ellie Marley the internet took its place and it's like it's scary to think of the idea of not having access to information that's got that you acquire from various sources right and getting back to where you put on one of the three or four networks and then that's even before cable where they were basically there were at work today all told you the same thing one shade of the same it's just it's just amazing to think you know in some way we were critical of the information we get now and more like oh if it were X amount of years ago the media was different well there was no alternative realize right what was the alternative some newspaper with some editorial policy that you thought was good and right you get the stuff when it's three weeks after it happens right it's meaningless well I think also it gets to the point where you don't you don't care what's going on around you you know if you're doing your own thing here and you're not being affected by it you know what do you need to know you know it's really not too much if you know what's his name down the street radios you listen guys mergency guys and trucks are I don't recognize and they're driving up your road yeah that's important but if some guy in Florida is telling you something I mean how important is it really well and that brings us right squarely on to the point of do we really need to consume all this media I mean not to be cold or insensitive but if some massacre happened in in the Middle East or in Africa does that directly affect us anyway Josh think I was just thinking of what you said before you said I was thinking of this example of Jake but I discussed a while ago and it's and it sounds really coarse but I think that if people are honest they will agree with this well we were saying that I mean literally if our dog died it's gonna have more effect on our life than if a million people got wiped out wherever it is that's right and it's not like we don't care about people and we have and certainly our values are in line with caring about what happens to other people but the reality is my day is gonna be affected a lot more if something happens to my dog then if something happens four million people and whatever even in our own country with it's really scary I mean it's the truth but Duke the question is the overriding question do we need to consume all this meat no no what is it doing for us is it altering the way we live is it altering the way that we treat our neighbor is it altering anything about as well is it is it altering a decision that we might make that might have an effect I don't know well I share the most recent example of watching you know the the Trump event versus the debate and the democratic debate the week before and we just got so sick of the whole thing we stopped it early and we loved all of it and I mean it was just those are people who we should be agreeing with and who a lot of the time we do agree or disagree yeah exactly where we have feelings about what they're saying it's obviously super important on a big scale and we were just so sick of the way it was being presented and the way it was being handled that we just couldn't watch it anymore right so well I mean my feeling is that having all this consensus media to consume and all this news the things that are going off in faraway places all it's doing is desensitizing us I mean it's what does it do to put these graphic images or to even create this image in our own minds of these people being massacred or this bomb going off in whatever city yeah what benefit more think about it there could be a benefit whether it's to us directly or to other people which we would say has some value if we saw that X was happening wherever and then we go through the channels at us is put ostensibly set up to affect things we would work through those channels and whatever happened wherever it is gets affected by our so-called leaders then you could say that there's a value in having that information but the reality is to a large extent if we go through those channels we're not affecting anything that I don't what they're doing is they're playing on our fears and then the people that can make a difference aren't yeah well they're playing on our fears eliciting a reaction and then the reaction doesn't come to anything it's priceless I mean because I like to a large extent the same people whom we're in pleading to do something about whatever it is we're part of the group that cause whatever it is and we're so so naive sometimes the thing well if they only can say stupid you know the idea that well they're gonna chant they're the ones who did it well I mean the example of a cop shooting someone unfairly then we go complain to the judicial system about it and they just all they do is protect their there on the other and my background is such that I've been involved with this on on this kind of level but the idea that there's a police shooting and quote Internal Affairs handles the investigation I mean it sounds ok but if they're but if there's not something that

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