Rust: Indie Survival – Hunting & Cooking Tutorial (1080p)

all right everybody so welcome back to some more rust I got a lot of requests of people saying they wanted to see me play some more of this game so I am on the same server that I was on previously although I don't know how much longer I will remain here because it doesn't seem like that many people play on it nor did you know and I also I don't know I don't whoa they've updated a lot of stuff this is cool um I also don't necessarily know exactly what I want to do for my series but or if I want to do a full series anyway because there's really no end game it's mostly just survival so what I feel is best is creating sort of tutorial videos showing you guys give you some little tips on things if you're wondering you know if you want to learn more about the game or if you just want to sort of watch me survive and show you things I don't know but people that did see say they wanted to see more videos so that was cool and so in today's video I want to show you guys how to hunt and cook food because I know last video I had some problems with food and ended up dying at the end and everything so luckily for me I did end up starting when I logged back onto the server it gave me some sort of survival kit so it gave me some campfire some food a bow some arrows and everything so that's perfect because it saved me a bunch of time in crafting all those things and gathering all the resources that I would have had it done before this video and hey I get to log on and just record straight away which is really cool so what I would be doing today is yes right here looking for some animals now I do have some food already I'm sorry this is actually raw so I am going to show you guys how to hunt now if you want to learn to hunt you can kill things with these stone hatchet but it's really quite fun to hunt with a bow no where's the bow on here the hunting bow right here so the hunting bow is created with cloth and wood so in order to get cloth you're gonna have to kill some animals anyway with either Iraq or Hachette I definitely recommend the hatchet now things like this I think this is a border right here these gonna be easy to kill with a [ __ ] you could chase these down but I'm gonna kill this today with with a bow oh wait this is not a no gosh okay that is a wolf come on hurry there we go oh and I'm bleeding so let's stop the bleeding about healing there and I thought that that was a bore but no this was that was a wolf so I did get some cloth off of him I am going to go ahead and oh no I can't eat yet I do need to be careful though but I'm gonna hunt this deer and the thing about aiming is quite hard there is no cursor or there is no crosshairs really there's one when after you shoot but not before so that's a bit frustrating but so basically you just take your arrows shoot the deer and you start harvesting the meat like this obvious you can see the deer yields a lot more resources than the wolf does there are some more animals over here I want to see what they are I think they're wolves looks like there's a boar over there but he's a little too close to those wolves I don't know if I want to want to chance that that might be a risky move there seems to be another deer here so it's going to take this down and the really nice thing about Bo's as well is obviously it gives you an advantage when look at that shot leaving the deer Oh baby it also gives you an advantage well I heard something coming with the contactor you know fighting another player especially if they don't have some sort of weapon you can definitely attack from range which is nice now one thing I have not figured out with this game I'll have to do some research on before next episode is basically how to create guns you can make ammo and you can do pop shot airpipe shotguns hand cannons revolvers I think that that's it for now but oh I forgot to mention too they updated rust and they've actually big update they removed dom bees from the game so this is no longer a zombie survival game they didn't I guess felt like they just didn't want to make it about zombies there are enough zombies survival games out there and what was that Junsu that Tech was that was that it's like a chicken that meat I don't know but yeah big update so no longer are there zombies they said in the article that I read that the longer they kept zombies from the game the harder would be to take them out of the game so they decided early on here in alpha to just get rid of them it's obviously very hard to remove something major like that once you've already had it in the game if this game was fully released and they took out zombies people be like wait what so smart move on therefore it definitely smart move on their part but I'm just collecting some more resources here and hopefully I can set up another shelter this episode or this tutorial video or whatever and really get a good place established now that I have some food I'm running really low on food I'm getting gonna get really hungry here soon actually can arts see it there it says hunger the bottom right so it looks like it's about time to figure out the place to make our new base cuz I died and I don't remember where the last one was so let's make ourselves a new base and we'll get that campfire going I like this little spot right here we've got a wood pile here that might be might continue to generate at night and a stone right there so those two may keep spawning in I don't know if spawn rates are if they're the same location every time but there's a little house over there so here's we're gonna do we're going to go ahead and make a wood shelter like last time so let's dig in crafting that and I don't know I guess we'll put it under this tree I don't know what kind of limitations you have oh crap I really got to start cooking up this food what types of limitations you have when it comes to can I eat the raw food oh yeah I can oh well that's bad poison oh no don't kill me oh you got to be kidding me oh no shoot okay I got to think fast here dan you stop throwing up alright got comfort oh here we go go to open come on come on okay no stop that I'm throwing up cuz I'm hungry I don't know what kind of things you can do in the way of like a tree houses or a tree post or something like that but it can be kind of cool to do that here okay so let's open this up waiting for things to get cooked come on baby come on hurry up and cook that wait is it cookin yeah it should be cooking it split right that in there oh man what's taking so long I think you put him in here right some animal fats damn alright let me go ahead and put my shelter down at least I put it all right here we go put that there give me the food yes okay now I've got food don't eat that yeah give me 500 thank you yes there we go we're in the clear hooray I kind of missed a line this a bit but alright so that is how you basically get food and cook your food very very useful useful for survival and we still have some daylight left so I think I might actually go out and do a little bit more hunting here sort of see what's around is there a lot of resources around us here which is actually really awesome I picked a really nice spot actually I really pick it it just sort of happened when I spawned in but oh I got lucky I guess definitely got lucky so let's see here see what kind of animals we got there was some things out there I wonder what's up here in this house if this is a Bandhan house or if this is someone's house I don't know we haven't got a bear out there oh boy alright what is this place so it's really cool about this game too is you actually come across little ruins like this this is obviously could it be that could either be a temporary base for you or or nothing I guess oh and there's a town down here hey that's pretty cool how many arrows do I have left two arrows okay that's problems so we can create more but we need to make more arrows are stones and wood so let's craft some more of those actually next time you can you can I always end up crafting one accidentally you can you can make it craft multiple it's hard to do this graph that and it'll take longer obviously but you will you'll get more arrows out of that and you only have to craft it like one time basically so okay I want to see if I can long-range this guy oh did I hit him I hit it totally hit him Oh BAM oh he takes multiple that's a good thing I started from long range oh yeah get dead brother boom so once you get the hang of archery you sort of get up get a feeling of what's this was this small stash oh cool what's in there umm you sort of get the feeling of how you should you know once you get the hang of our tree right so you got a big bear here I got two rocks chicken breasts what is this or these drop by these guys I got a mo sweet I didn't know you can get that from those things this is an update baby I didn't know that these some animals like this dropped I didn't know some a nose like this draft uh like yeah packs like this oh I got shotgun shells and ammo for what is this five five six some kind of gun oh my goodness this is pretty legit alright so let me um where's the Sun okay ready buzz we're good we're good we got a lot of time I don't like recording at night it's too scary it's too dark alright so I want to run back to our little base up here and throw some more stuff in the fire grab some more food so I can boost my health up or my food count up a little bit let's grab some more these stones there we go I like this breaking animation this is really cool I really like it makes it feel like you're actually you know busting apart the material they're very nice alright so you go ahead and do this open and throw those in there grab these and let's go ahead eat one of those that you basically just press the number the button on your keyboard that corresponds with the piece of meat down there there's no like you know minecraft you have to like hold it and right-click wherever there's none of that in this game it's basically just I just just select it on your your inventory bar there and hit that button so I'm gonna head into town here I kind of want to see what what's over here before do that chop down this tree yeah there is another hatchet you can craft take a look at actually so I'm kind of confused alright so crafting there there's the this hatchet Oh metal fragments and then there's the or is it the one that I have which is do oh my gosh where is it stone hatchet right here so I guess the other hatch is probably even better I bet it's probably the top tier of the hatchets it's like king of the hatchet world you know I'm talking about you know I'm sorry I'm sorry uh oh there's another wolf over there okay well I first want to see what's in this town and I don't know if there's dangers in here but would be really cool though maybe for next episode it's just sort of oh this radiation in here oh there rads let's see what that bumps up to but we're at to bottom wet sticks I don't know what's gonna happen that's not good probably a poison let's get out of there I don't want radiation poisoning how do you protect against that I wonder I don't know but yeah maybe these somebodies towns have some radiation problems or something like that figure what that sound is called it's some sort of a device I should look that up I used to know what is called the detects radiation we missed hey buddy hey buddy come and get me you wild dog all right yeah I don't know say Oh for next episode I think what I would like to do is maybe jump on a really populated server and sort of test out that scene and see sort of what that's like you know with a lot of people running around not trusting others it could be kind of cool maybe a little bit more scary than playing by myself on a server like this that was I'm the only one on right now this is the server I was on the last time thinking maybe I could find my old base but nope when you die you respawn somewhere totally different I believe so but run back to the house and they call it quits here you move ahead eat a little more food which is pretty nice let's get up to over 2,000 food that would be nice so there we go very good very good so our rads down there probably radiation is down at zero again what's good I should look into that you know learn a little bit more about the game now cuz I pretty much taught you guys everything that I know at this point no pile of wood left but you know I don't know about like radiation I don't know how to craft guns those types of things so I think I'm gonna look into that a little bit more but I think that's gonna about do it for today's episode of my rust tutorial oh yeah we were what's in here yeah what is that oh wait a minute what did that do whatever I get raw chicken breast no what happened there oh here you go search wait a minute I get this back why did I put that down oh did I break that huh see like this I don't know what that is I don't know somebody put that little bag on the ground I don't know why Oh before I go though oops before I go I should make a wooden door so let's craft ourselves a wooden door and Josh craft our action to this guy played some gmod with him what up dude I got those videos still actually put those out they're pretty hilarious so yeah I look forward to those in the coming days but um yeah making myself a little wooden door here will turn the fire off and then I'll sleep so I can come back if I ever wanted to play on this server again and feel a little more protected all right so give me this wooden door oops they're six and boom there we go alright guys so I'm gonna shut this fire off so I don't burn myself well I actually know what I'm gonna cook those how do we sleep Oh see some of this stuff still a noob still a noob nope can't sleep in there maybe you can only do it at night I don't know I'm gonna look into it but anyways guys thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I'll talk to you later peace

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