SAI – Self defence with Intellect part 1

So, now I will give a demonstration of SAI. What you are about to see is just a practice of

these people who are learning to become

hypersensers and at the same time we are developing

the SAI system – Self defence with Intellect. Now, go towards them You take two steps and spin around Now spin again in opposite direction
so return to back their places Peeerfect Come on now, Veska you try. make two steps and face towards me Spin back. Right.
Go stand over there. Lenka, you come here You walk over there, near them,
and you end up here Wait! You want everyone to fall down Come on, go back. Now Move away,
over there Now.. for instance…
Pay attention. Relax! Now I am about to do something which might not be

very pleasant to you. I just want to demonstrate. Ooh, I am sorry.
It hit me on the hand.

Are you, OK?
Yes. Now I am going to do it with less power. It hooks you, doesn't it?
Ok. I am removing the spell. Well, this is used when a group of people is

threatening you Come on now. Who? Aim down Release them.
Right. Now you will do it selectively So…
We assume that Veska is …
Being attacked by the three of them Come on, gather here
When I give you the signal, you will face her And you will swing towards them
Come on! Here you go.

Veska is all safe. Probably..
Let’s go over there, because here is… Probably you should have been taken hostage. Come on now you go over there and act hostage
There is a lot of pain in my hand Come on here, Peter
OK, We assume that she is taken hostage You are holding her tight
Now turn your backs on us Hold her!
Hold her tight.

He goes from behind and with one swing releases her
Do it now. I should release her, right?
The move is swing in midair so their hands spread away from her, then they fall and she will be set free.
Do it now. It didn’t work.
Now do it again! Fuck this stick. None, you are not like … just, no. You want her to be
released and them to … you know. To separate?
They should fall down, man! Yes, to lay down and stay down
and not been able to get up.
Go It must be obvious that you are holding her.
You shouldn’t just stand next to her, hold tighter. Grab her by the hand!
What kind of person grabs by the shoulder. Move further so the camera catches you.
Well done. See that.
I almost fell on my back. You, move away there. Good Now you see, what you have to bet on is that she

is released and you are blocked and cannot move. Right?

Now, who wants to try it? Now Stefka attacks,
and you swing like this. He will be coming from over there
When he comes around you swing So, you are blocking him, so that he can’t move
You shouldn’t harm him, just block him. Can you stand up?
It is little hard, but … aaaah oooohh Release him! So, on the second strike, then…. Block him with the first hit,
then with the second hit directly block him. With this funny face you cannot startle anyone!
Ok I WANT YOU TO BE FIERCE! And you shouldn’t wait for him to come around here

to knock him down on his head, but instead when he

makes the first step you do the move.

AGAIN!!! Make him lay down!
She is striking me on this area, I dunno. It's ok. Now you do that.
I am afraid not to hit you. Now you two attack her. Us two?
There, there, there..

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