SELF DEFENCE FOR DUMMIES (ft Fusionfightingsystem)

this is my area you communicate save it from me how many times have you heard oh we know the laws and theories that has bought the universe into existence hashtag Big Bang therefore God does not exist welcome to this special episode of smart agenda we have a special guest here since say the same to our nakum and sensei Hussein teaches the fusion fighting system I'll come to the unfortunate enough to be studying with him as well I just started my class about two weeks ago and we were going fine and we were supposed to do a video next week but after what we've heard this week about the 11 year old child committing suicide because of getting bullied which has sparked off this debate of self-defense and some people they are still you know not going towards self-defense I'm not encouraging this for their children so we kind of wanted to do a video where we're just going over the basics just to encourage you guys to get into self-defense and inshallah sensei Hussein will be talking and showing us a bit more about that so it's gonna be a very exciting video don't click off sharing Tony stick who have you studied under I have studied the many have alone instructors some of them you might know I heard about one is Dan Inosanto one of the students of Bruce Lee one of the famous one because because then Bruce Lee he's given a certificate to full certificates only one person is Dan Inosanto there are other people there's a full instructor certificate given to one person to carry on his studies is a art to further whether Bruce Lee's art is not just a one art it's a combine of many arts and he thought he's the concept the concept that concept actually make me to open to other arts before that meet Dan Inosanto I was doing certain art I was just concentrating and arts not the wider knowledge but the martial arts is its vast it's still I'm teaching about 20 years now but the martial arts I'm into meaning right 35 years yes so this all still I'm thinking Cinderella to learn a lot to learn and Dynamis until there's a eddie queen jeff Thompson Peter considering the loss this names up probably people know if most of the time even cuts adult if I ask someone in the class newcomers should shout louder stay back many people many people can't say if they say I'm come aggressive person they're coming to you yeah and then if you say to me stay back yeah I was just a test yeah just stay back very good that's what very good okay so if I want to say someone this is how you're gonna say and also I will show you three times it's good it's good but I will say but more aggressively now you shouldn't be smiling you should be aggressive because this is a cold fight stopper if you can stop in that if you're giving him the other person the feeling or this is the wrong person then you after that you are you sure your posture and it should yeah you might be inside you might think you're do you know what's gonna happen but you don't show the person yeah so yeah that makes a control the situation another thing always happens is even for martial arts experience you control the situation when you're walking back you are not aware you just walk blindly you're just not thinking it might be attack me actually do should we do a technique with a knife oh yes I have my brother here who would be doing this for me so my skinny hands don't get twisted there he is yeah it looks a stronger you're lots of nice I'll choose what sometimes something like a street type phone yeah okay we'll get this one yeah it could be anything but they're just sorta doing here so now if I'm if I'm a martial art mentally I'm thinking what it's not about my survival I'm thinking about what my martial arts I did so that technique in my head right so I'm not saying any particular muscle I'm just giving a general analysis about say say now I'm a martial artist I'm gonna he's attacking me I'm going to be doing this right this is the picture everyone will get this I'm going to think about martial arts and I'm gonna do all the loss of technique but now keep in mind that then now so same way unity is a block here normally the knife attacks deserve the attack they don't give you like this even if he gives is it's not only one and then he you know even if you block I can just still cut the hand see is it natural is very aggressive here here you're blocking and I'm cutting on come and I'm going to me if you don't come like that if I come like that I even if you block even if they blocked what's gonna happen you're gonna cut the knife cut is very very dangerous knife attack our most dangerous than the gun the firearm wherever you hold view both hand Nancy people think me hold and you can kick and this many things it's very the person is attacker is not going to be standing here now I'm gonna be more and also my other hands working and okay I can take you from here this step yeah and also even if you're here like they say I can just still cut me here I can cut you I kind of it's not that easy if you can avoid the situation if you can our decision that's the best if you can run if you can give them whatever they want to but it's sometimes we can't begin we can you go your family your wife your kids there you don't even that even if you give something still is anyone so in how to defend your self and your family so bad situation say if you become like this here now I say say you know the demanding situation is demanding Mickey or something my wallet something yeah give me what what then I'm talking I'm negotiating because he is not he's not attacking now he wants something listen so I yeah I'm talking sorry calm down my come on look okay okay I go I got my wallet I go more I'll give it to you thank you but now Han I am actually doing this you don't see I'm here I'm doing these nails from here attacking this I don't have I don't I don't like holding knife if he can is good when here I'm going to I don't have a pad to hit harder this is a nose here when I get one here so you help one who yeah and also it could be anything like if you minor hit give me your phone yeah this one I'm just engaging his pain from here I'm gonna hit C that's hit sorry I'm sorry so here this is let's go here Karen here that take that that's only nice way of doing it and walk through it yeah skip because if you wait there much what's gonna happen the more people yeah oh yeah your friends your brother going to come here I got this help motorcycle helmet because it's much safer so I can use the full force on you without without harming you so here now I don't have a time to do anything martial arts thing because this is a the continuous of motion he's keep moving and keep coming to me I only had to say first I had to say warning him stay back sorry morning room if you back very good that's the best thing you can do it unlikely to be sometimes can happen he it doesn't work like that so only thing rather you doing all this setting up the he can see what I'm gonna do I'm gonna do everything I'm here I'm gonna surprise him I didn't have any plan the way he he gives me energy the way he comes I had to move faster stay back stay back that sucks him now what does such a once you okay okay well that is it gives you more options me too now use the any other my other as attacks attacks and and you can hear me growing and push away yeah walk with the looking around say okay steady morning not talking to you I totally is Terry all right look what is : what we do is we make using the technique particular techniques and then also we do the scenario training when the real situation when you come to me is it when you're not going to apply exactly the same because that's that's not going to happen because you cannot see how the person that attacks you you can either you can't see the left right it's situation is different so now everything is not going to go the way I want but you have some confidence that you know something to defend yourself generalize it that's what we teach about here now I read all the technically and now he's dead you're gonna do full full force I'm gonna do the same technique in my over the same way I might to add something I might do different wave we don't even look at this so now I go ahead look say here yeah so yeah yeah if I fully headlock he closed his windpipe he can be unconscious and again it's a it's not only that now here the attacks if I'm here I can control from here yeah yes and if you're trying to go this way I'm in here now look at this some people yeah and I yeah the control from here here so break and hear me gonna take them from here so what we are going to do now we are going to do a real-life scenario where I'm going to attack sensei same and I'm going to attack him in any way I see fit we haven't rehearsed this whatsoever so because of that reason I'm gonna wear this helmet so we'll see if this protects me inshallah I will I mean it protects more cyclists when they fold and so oh yeah and then carefully okay he'll be softest on each other so so we'll see if I survive so so again this is going to be a real scenario I'm going to actually really go for him I'm gonna pull through for so I'm going to go you know the fastest I can and we'll see how sensei deals with this if it works it works if it doesn't then don't go to bang guys know you can get that far stay away let me go is staring Tory stick this recently when you train we don't these are the slabs this is not just generally yeah people really go the slab is another one this is using behind the slap you got lots of force you are sending lots of force from me generating lots of force mommy's a body mechanic here hey yeah did the force you creative from the earth yeah so the leg and then from hip and then you're exposing yeah throw your shoulders in this slap so you're not just using your hands it's not it's not that that's why that's why because you're saying that that's different yeah if I do it this is different yeah yeah and you see whole body mechanism oh this is different yeah in a week time you can master this this can this anybody can do it yeah and they need the simple things and you don't need to train years and years elbows natural keeping hand arranged a way it's a natural thing actually when you put the hands actually you doing this but you don't show okay the accuracy way you're not aggressor please please let me go if you can discover his here now my hand you can't see I'm doing this but this is what I I'm just saying that I'm not stretched so please let me go you're already my I'm already here say if you have you're coming home yeah that's it different and even here that last bit now for me that escape or further attacks I'm just wanting to to explain about pre-empting strike the premium to you what I'm the exactly says come to you aggressive way talking to you then you are talking to him engaging his brain meantime that's why we preemptive strike while you're talking while you're not waiting he's what point is what kicks were because that's unpredictable you cannot wait for that we don't know what's gonna happen but I'm stopping from the beginning before it's happened and also I'm shocking his system because he's not aware what I'm doing stay back don't wanna I don't have any trouble why please stay back I told you told you that's one yeah it mean if you can aim it is very good but I'm talking about really strictly you cannot aim Perth Pacific place the elbow is a is a big I call big artillery it doesn't matter where it's hid its kind of this whole the face everywhere anyway hit is a big and also his know about Pacific it is a whole body he neck and he's a brain shakes and then he's more likely to be unconscious – okay these shocks it's a shock to brain to shake the brain and then just the things not one time elbow without training you cannot the right angle and generating power elbow elbow head but you can use a head but knee high kick from the shin kick yeah that's very simple there's no fancy kicks it's not very high and you don't need to ten years and drop your whole weight with the second baseball battery hitting with the baseball bat anyway here and here I'll just show you this is a baseball bat imagine you are with the baseball bat and hit that what else do you need more that's this button nerves here what does you need me here I don't go up there okay you don't need it because that's all you know it starts from here so here that it's not here this knee knee there's our nose here then that one you feel that one and also here this B here the elbow elbow is like a knife can use many angles raise here goes and also if someone coming closer to you that's this going to yeah you're calling yourself not to get hit and going through right and hold the person's here and slap big slap and part of that and eyes in the time controlling oh yeah hands here that control their control here yeah now opens what every action go reacts are you going here now some yeah down person you can take down for this up and down from here oh yeah what's the necklace let's put your way to me control so just Allah paid to a sensei Hussein for dedicating his time it was raka it was all because of what that child had gone through it affected us and we wanted to make a video on this and just I mean mashallah you've got family classes you've got sisters classes as well yes it's only classes only classes will put all the links in the description all the information in the description if you want to join all the information is there you've got the email you've got the telephone and then speak with the sensei go sign and see whatever class suits you best but please you should be dedicated and you should be willing to obviously dedicate yourself just like you would do to other Arts and Sciences as well this likewise is an art is a science in itself so please be dedicated and yeah yes sure the dedication is important they the commitment you need to commit to do something if you are not committed a it's just waste of time so intellect you guys want more leave a comment in the description and inshallah share this video we want to create awareness join sensei's classes if you have something nearby join those if if you want to look into it and now's the time now's the time prepare it obviously your children if your parents and your watching and if some of you guys you're in school you know join these off the school clubs as well because you've got you know nowadays there's a lot of classes happening left right and center but fusion fighting is very good because the reason why appealed to us was because obviously sensei has you know credible teachers one of the things that appealed to us was the fact that he is trained with dan inosanto is a student or Bruce Lee and the fact that it's realistic it's not that okay you you go like this move your hand like this it's realistic yes someone comes to use the elbow someone comes up to you you get the neck so it's realistic and at the end of the day that's what you need isn't it and also our the last thing I want to advice if the youngsters who was watching this video clip don't get into the situation like that don't get into the the place you think is troublemakers there the whole Egan's there and this it's avoided always try to avoid it if you avoid it is you're not going to have in this situation fighting is you don't have to do unless it's something you cannot avoid last resort so if you are in that situation is you will be able to control if you are if you are avoiding that's the see if you have a enter in to fight then you go police codes arrest at all this is going to happen so simple is that not to go into that situation be decent we did with the distance people that's all I can say you

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