Self-Defence Technique for Beginners

Hello I am Mercedes A self-defense enthusiast Have you ever been confronted with a burglar attack? What would you do? Scream, Run, Freeze, Maybe cry? This video is going to stop all of that We are going to show you one easy and very effective self-defense technique against front punches for beginners Before we start there are a few aspects you need to take into account First of all, Practice should be trainer supervised Second of all, Make sure you find a partner, So it is easier for you to practice the technique Third, Wear comfortable clothes so, there is enough room to do the movements And fourth, provide yourself with a pillow and post-it's Place three post-it's on different heights of the pillow These three post will represent three vulnerable points of our body Meaning, the nose, chin and collarbone The technique is called the double block and head bang Let's practice the Double Block Head Bang step-by-step Step 1 When the attacker punches you Move your arms upwards put them in a 90 degree angle in front of your chest with open hands between the attacker's arms This way you will prevent being grabbed by the attacker Step 2 Grab the attacker's head with both of your hands Step 3 Move your head forwards aiming with your forehead to the attacker's nose the nose is a weak point of the body So, an attack on the nose will hurt a lot Let's see the whole technique again Practice the forehead hit on a pillow while your partner is holding the pillow Hit the pillow as hard as possible If the attacker is taller than you Grab their neck or shoulders and aim your forehead to the chin or collar If the attacker is slightly shorter than you Aim your forehead to the nose of the attacker You know you have been successful performing the technique when the attacker slows down or is in a lot of pain this will give you time to escape If you want to see the explanation of the technique again Check on the table of contents below in the description Thank you so much for your attention I hope you enjoyed it and to see you next time in another interesting lesson Bye!

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