Shopkeeper Smokes Armed Robber In Colombia

i know the fans love it when the bad guy takes the room temperature challenge so today you get your wish [Music] hi everyone welcome to today's active self protection lesson i'm your host john korea today's video comes to us from columbia today's video is brought to us in part by the generosity of for the best selection of name brand defensive ammunition and lightning fast shipping on bulk target ammo head to and thank them for being a sponsor of active self-protection what we have here is a jewelry shop the guy on the left side near the top who is coming in is part of a two-man armed robbery crew and what we're going to see is that guy come in announce a robbery and start to pull his shirt up pay attention for that so watch him walk in with his buddy at the door watching for the cops when he pulls his shirt up our good guy actually pulls his gun as well puts a shot in that guy and that dude takes the room temperature challenge so we see it again he puts one shot in that guy's dome and that is all she wrote in this instance his partner is going to run off apparently when you read the news story that i've linked in the description they did find the partner as well no good people were harmed in this one they did find a gun on the bad guy when they found him and that's where this one ends well smoke them if you got him if you want to get better as a self-defender please think about joining our active self-protection patron member program at the gold level it's 10 bucks a month or 99 bucks a year and you get access every month to our monthly online seminars and those are super valuable deep dives in many topics on self defense we do them via zoom once a month so hit the link in the description and join us would you first rule of winning a gunfight is have a gun and our owner did a really good job of that here had his firearm on his person not only that was paying attention to his world so i know we get this old saw that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun but really it takes more than that it takes somebody who has a firearm is prepared to use it has the requisite amount of skill to to meet the shooting challenge that presents itself in the moment and our owner had all of that so good on him for that so carry your firearm with you all the time if you have the ability to do so now then our bad guy is going to then showcase his gun he's going to lift up his shirt and start showing the gun very common for bad guys to do it this way because what they want to do is they don't want anybody else to see what's going on that said he's announced an armed robbery threatened with a firearm he absolutely is an imminent threat of death or great bodily harm in this instance and this is our ghost signal for our defender this is the one where he's like nope i gotta get a gun out and go to work on this guy and one of the things we talk about at active cell protection all the time is a rapid draw and first shot on target now in this particular case what our good guy does is he gets the gun out and shows it first and that gives an opportunity here now he has the time to do that because our bad guy has just shown the gun and then dropped his cover garment again so he actually has the drop our defender has the drop on the bad guy so sometimes it's the right time to draw the gun and give commands with it rather than point and shoot it so i think we need to practice that as well we don't always practice drawing and shooting sometimes we practice drawing getting the gun in our hand and issuing verbal commands that said as dude then starts this is about the half second point before our good guy shoots so again in human decision making about a half second before the actual shot breaks is usually where the good guy has decided to shoot when the decision making process happens and you notice our bad guy has gone back for the gun and patted it with his right hand but by the time our good guy actually presses a trigger the bad guy is actually turned away from him and that does happen sometimes human performance means there's a delay between the stimulus that causes the action and the action itself and so this is how sometimes in 100 justifiable shootings we get somebody who's shot in the back or you know shot while they're running away and and if you just see this still you might think oh you know uh this is a store owner shot a guy in the back but he did that because the threat was very real when that happened now they noticed that our our bad guy dropped immediately and i do want to note as well that our our defender actually was backing up himself and because of that he actually took his support hand off the gun because he almost fell over here and and moving in a gunfight is definitely a thing and sometimes you're going to have barricades that you're just going to have to work around and so knowing how to keep that firearm pointed in a safe direction excellent work and the fact of the matter is his first shot ended the fight anyways so he was not in a bad position and that's very good for him however he did get up and assess his work through his sights i think that's a really good thing so when we see our post shooting follow-up questionnaire the things that we look for in immediate follow-up which i got from chuck haggard is you know did i hit him is he down do i need to shoot him again next did he bring anybody's to the fight and next thing after that am i hurt or what's the condition of my gun and then as anybody else hurt take follow-up actions call it in do what i have to do from there so our good guy did a really good job here had his gun on his person got it out issued a command but then when he saw the stimulus that said he had to shoot he put the shot where it needed to go did a good job of covering his asp

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