Small Bug Out Bag Truck Kit 1.0 (Part 1 of 2)

hey guys SC survival and hunt in here so today we're just going to take a quick look at our book out vehicles and so what we're going to do with that is we're just going to take a look at my personal bug out vehicle at the moment now this vehicle that I have it is also my daily driver so you know I go drive this every day all the time and also as my bug out vehicle so the reason why I have this one is just because I like it it's good on gas and it was a inexpensive compared to some of the other models i was looking at I have a 2005 toyota tacoma with 240,000 miles on it and gets roughly about 20 miles to the gallon which is good compared to a lot of other newer trucks which get i don't know maybe 14 to 16 at best you know for some models so that's that's one of the reasons why I went with this truck so i just want to show you the quick things i put in here just to some quick modifications to this truck now i do not have all terrain tires as i do not plan on having to bug out and mountains are very treacherous terrain you know it's okay to go on dirt roads it does very fine on those but you know it my truck is not built to go you know through mountains basically and so I don't have any alternate ayer's and it's not lifted very much so again you know not really for off-roading but for the purposes that i use it is very good so i just want to move up right here i'm going to show you everything that i have in my truck so to start out with I just have a half no I you know I just love has gotta wear them so I always keep one in my truck you know if I don't ever have one on me so the next thing that I have I just got this a couple days ago new little item this is the Zulu nylon gear Molly visor panel I really love this thing got off of their website and Zulu nylon gear we will have a link to that in the description it's I want to say it's forty dollars for the for this panel itself and then an extra ten dollars for shipping and handling so I'm just going to go through the gear that I have on here I have a pen and pencil right here I Kershaw clash knife very good you know I just wanted to have something that was quick easy to grab I have one of these d-rings just got off of the old military backpack and then I went and I attached a flashlight to it you know just so I can grab the small flashlight also I have balfame uv-5r radio now not only do I have one of these radios in my bug-out bag but also have one in my truck you know just in case I ever need to use one you know while I'm on the go or something like that and then the last thing on here is I just have a sharpie and you know Sharpie is good you know for writing stuff you know or just doing different chores also a final item that is missing from here I took I took it out by accident earlier today is I'm missing a another flashlight and i'm also missing a glow stick so just missing both of those items out of here now i'm going to flip it over to the back side here now as you can see there's not anything on the back side or so you would assume right here across the top it is suited up for a something like a Maglite you know just a small skinny mallet man glad that you can put in there or another flashlight or maybe some kind of pan or pencil something like smilies now the reason that I have it up here is just click grata case I happen to get in a bad car wreck or maybe someone else does have something to help I can pull this out on my advisory for positive they can go start working on somebody while I applaud the rest of my first aid kit in my trunk now in its other panel I happen to have a nice multi-tool just cheap like twenty dollar multi-tool I have if I can get it out yeah I have a small notebook that I can use you know for writing notes and stuff like that and last but not least i have and more they were just like a horse so you know great stuff to go have in your truck at a very quick and easy disposal that's everything out of my out of my panel here and i'm moving on to my tool kit now last two items here is my go bag and my toolkit now before i get into both of those i want to start out by saying that my toolkit I I did not put many tools in here for the reason being that I am NOT an automotive expert I just know the bare minimum about cars and trucks so I only put the tools in here that I know how to use and what to use them for so again nothing to high-tech are really expensive or anything elaborate so the reason why my tools are in this am ok in here is because the it is this a mccain is waterproof so therefore you know if i happen to be using my tools in it and you know the box got rained on or you know having to accidentally drop them in a puddle of water and a lake or something well they're good because they are in a waterproof ammo cans so therefore my tools will not rust so there's my ammo cane and here's my tool kit very large bulky item I don't know ways ways probably a good seven or eight pounds I don't know something like that so just to open it up on this left side I only have three small items or two small items a bigger item I have an LED headlamp right here I have jumper cables and I have a tire gauge all those are very important when you're on the side of the road now these tools in here you know I have a little assortment I have to these let me see one's a Stanley pliers um I really don't know what these are I can't read that any way to pair of pliers I have a nice cobalt high-tech ratchet and with some of the adapters to go with it some smaller bits and pieces as you can see in here also i have just a very extreme basic first aid kit here finally the last two items is not focusing okay all right there we go and started focusing now awesome awesome okay well I just have a very minimalist first aid kit I have a screwdriver flat head and then I just have a pair of work gloves very light cheap pair of gloves so that's basically everything for my tool kit in my truck again I don't have anything to high-tech or expensive just because I don't know how to use that much on it on the vehicle but I am willing to learn and that is one of the next projects I'm working on is learning how to use more tools and how to be better with automotive care ok well now we are going to take a look at my go bag now before I get started I just wanted to say this go back is that this go bag excuse me is made up from bits and pieces of other kiss other survival items tools etc so I don't have many very expensive items in here or anything that is really well thought out so to speak this bag is mainly used for me to get from my vehicle to my next location now whether that be home the office you know I want to go see the kids somewhere or something like that so before I get started with the main details of the bag i'm going to start out with a scythe section this right here is just my shelter yeah sorry i saw strain upon it it's my shelter section so i have a poncho and a Mylar blanket and some string right here on the side just you know for some quick easy access for some shelter you know yet if you have to go and abandon your vehicle now our next compartment here this is my front pouch now I have duct tape in here and i have a bunch of other small things I that I wanted more organized instead of just having it in the middle of my pack so in the back here I have issues I have a small multi-tool and gum and playing cards now the reason why I pangong and not any hygiene products because again this was not very well thought out I through this bag together in 15 minutes and this happened to be sitting and the pile of stuff that I grabbed so I don't really have any hygiene and herbicide some lights so I I have gum you know for your breath you know maybe you've been out in the woods for three days you go come back to society you know nobody's really gonna want to talk gotta have some dumb in here now over here I have a screwdriver I have a small NRA knife very nice cheap got it like 10 bucks maybe so it's kind of nice I have a small pin blue and I have another small knife down here in the bottom gerber hair frame that this is a really old model I got this I don't know four or five years ago maybe even before that can't remember so anyway that's everything for this front compartment now this next middle compartment it is not a very big compartment it does not go down all the way into the bag so I I had just enough room to fit this small survival box and and if the camera can pick it up it's a bit it's not very deep in there so you know can't put a lot of stuff in there so I'm going to talk about this survival kit this this is all one of the two survival kids or so to speak survival kits in this bag I have one that i bought from local sporting goods store for 10 or 12 bucks is you know kind of a credit kit but you know if you have it it's great if you don't that's fine too but I just wanted to talk about this kit the reason why I put it in this box was because I as I was walking through walmart one day I found this old pencil box and the reason why I stuck with this one was because one is all black so you know isn't it's not very noticeable to it has a very tough rugged construction and three you can log it with a set of keys so I unlocked it i'm going to show you what all is inside so inside here i have a pen and a sharpie i have two different lighters i have a flashlight and a USB that story snow pictures other valuable family documents you know bank notes etc you know but bunches of tax information you know that only the government cares about and then i have a whistle and a small survival guide so so that is everything from this top compartment going down here to the bottom I just have a soft wash site with a laser and then I have a small paracord bracelet in case i took my paracord bracelet off that day and then in here is there this though i have a higher starting water purification tire real i have a more pens pencils i have a little bit of first aid another knife inside of this alkaloids 10 and i have some Vaseline No so mostly fire-starting and bushcraft in here I have a little bit of water purification and anti diarrheal in case you do pick up something bad so you know nothing too big about this kit this one was also thrown together you know kind of suddenly so anyway I'm going to set that off west side and let's take a look at the main section of this bag now I must warn you this has no organization also ice notice it this is a water bottle this is a really old water bottle i had so i just filled it up with water put it put it in my bag so this is only on a probably almost 1 liter close to 1 liter of water so i thought well that might not be enough so i have no i have those water bottles and in different locations in my truck no way in the bag so you know just different locations for the water and and more sources of water so start out with first thing coming out of the main compartment is a big roll of toilet paper now this is jumbo size i just grabbed a brand new one out of the container put it in a bag so it'd be more waterproof that way you know if you do happen to stop off at the side of the road and you know you really got to go and there's no place around well this just saved your butt also in here i carry a full change of clothes so i have a pair of jeans i have a belt i have a pair of socks and I share this very down all the way in here now I do not have another change of shoes or a change of jacket you know an extra jacket so you know most of the time if not all the time during the winter down here I'm always wearing a jacket and I'm always wearing shoes so therefore I should be good also i do have a extra change of underwear if i need it also i have a sleeping bag liner that goes along with my shelter section you know just in case you want to have a little bit of extra comfort and i have a small shovel this is a really good piece of kit to have as a small eat on fr 160 radio we have a review of this put the link in the description but you know it's just crank it runs off of solar crank and batteries and not only is it radio but it is also a flashlight and it can also go good weather bands which is really nice also it can charge your cell phone which is uh I tried it works but it takes a really long time so you know if you have to it's good to have but you know it would be better to have a different kind of charger so you know this is that small survival kit I was talking about earlier everything else in the kit is basically small redundancy items I have a small first aid kit in here very basic I am upgrading to a bigger forsaken so I can get my truck in case of emergency ranking right now right where somebody else does they need hell I want to help them this is just a small kid forsake it in my bag now the last and final item out of here that I want to show you as my MREs now this is a complete one day MRE not only does it come with everything that a deluxe MRE would come with but it comes to the salt pepper and garlic you know just in case you know you happen to go find some yummy delicates and some yummy food on the trail you know or wherever you're going through you know you can cook it up and you have some spices for also have some oatmeal I have some powder for your drink I have chocolate hot chocolate excuse me and I have raisins and you know other than that it's just basic MRE so this is about a one-day food supply so that was the last big thing out of here other than that I have hand warmers and I have wipes as you can see and I just have a Bic lighter so again this is not organized at all but it is just showing you what I have I am working on this this is definitely a work in progress so I just wanted to show you all that you know even if you don't have a lot of resources and Candace though a little something small together for your truck or for your other vehicle so guys thank you for watching this video we hope you enjoyed it please check out all of our other videos and our other channel please make sure to like comment subscribe thanks and bye

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