SOL Thermal Bivvy Bag Survival Bivy Sleeping Bag- Must Have Prepping Gear

SOL Thermal Bivvy Bivy Bag must have survival prepping item SOL Thermal Bivvy Bag survive outdoors longer emergency sleeping bag what is a bivy bivvy bag hi it's AlaskaGranny SOL Thermal Bivvy cheap outdoor gear review prepping for emergencies you need a shelter the SOL thermal bivvy bag is essential for survival SOL stands for survive outdoors longer the sol thermal bivvy bag is much better than a space blanket it is like a sleeping bag very sturdy fabric opens down the side like a sleeping bag velcro closure down the side opening side opening goes down about 1/3 to 1/2 way of the bag it is 82 inches long 36 inches wide tapered at the bottom to 28 inches wide as wide as a single bed keeps it from sticking to your skin rustling noise, but better than a space blanket more quiet than most can crawl inside waterproof windproof use as a ground cover fleece like fabric coating on the inside for comfort use as a shelter Warm and durable for any season, the SOL Thermal bivvy's metalized non-woven fabric provides waterproof protection from the elements while reflecting 80% of your body's heat back to you.

More versatile than traditional emergency sleeping bags, this thermal bivvy's hard-wearing thermal fabric resists rips and tears. s soft face and aggressive side-venting, it can be used as a light weight stand-alone sleeping bag in warm weather. the SOL thermal bivvy bag has adjustable side vents to let air in reduces condensation or close in wet weather. includes 84-inch by 36-inch thermal bivvy and a stuff sack. learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel.

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