Solar Electricity for the Off Grid Log Cabin with Goal Zero Yeti Power Station

everybody welcome back to the cabin I really never wanted to have a source of electricity wanted everything to be totally off-grid or just things that I could get from nature but the reality is in this day and age especially because I have videos that I need to film and upload I need power I need power to recharge my batteries I need power for lighting for inside the cabin especially when I'm filming and just a number of things like that cell phone a laptop so finally after a year or more of talking about it trying to decide what to do about it we finally came up with a solution you've probably seen me power up some of my equipment with a backup power source things like my cell phone that I use as a GPS and as a map I have my light that I have on the camera have the camera itself I have what my spot the emergency beacon things like that I just carry and need power in the backcountry so to solve that to deal with that issue I've been using cool Xero products for maybe five years now I guess I'm going to show you something we're gonna unbox it actually the first time I've seen this product in person and it's the first time I'm going to get my hands on it and open it up in front of you so let's take a look at this gold zero full system I mean I'm going to use to power the cabin and also power the other things that I need around the wilderness homestead here so the interesting thing is you're gonna have to tune in to another video where I set this thing up but my challenge here of course is that I have a lot of trees so finding it an open spot with good sunlight that's long enough to charge something it's going to be a challenge so I'm gonna have to work sort of around the area move the panel's around [Music] this is the heart of the system this is what's going to power everything so this is the Yeti 3000 lithium I think it's their biggest inverter system and as you can see it's not that much bigger it's probably the size of I would say two car batteries two good-sized car batteries so I think what might end up happening is as the like I said the Sun is moving around I'll be able to move this along with the solar panels set up to run a longer cable the longer cable run you have between solar panels and the inverter and from the inverter to the things you're powering the more voltage loss you have so you end up not either not powering enough devices or you run out of power quicker so that is it that's the meat and potatoes of the system this is what I've been waiting for for a year got my solar panels I have my portable inverter and charge controller which allows me to move it anywhere on the property in use it so I can take this up to you know down the path where I'm building the next building I can power the equipment from there and really excited to be able to move the whole system around to take advantage of not only sunlight to charge it but also portability for actual power usage so the other thing that I really like about is is the ease of use and the ease of setup so these things are designed to be basically foolproof and not require technical knowledge so what I love about easy to use plug-and-play systems like this is a guy like me can just literally plug in place so I can charge the inverter directly off the solar panels I can plug my devices right into the converter and that's it away I go or into the power station is what I should be calling this because the inverter is part of it but it's a full power station and here's what I really like about it as well can't always count on the sun's here in Canada and especially in the winter I'll probably end up for the simple reason that I need to continue to power things like my camera and my camp and my computers and stuff like that in order to be able to continue making YouTube videos I need that power so I'll probably end up adding a small generator that I can also plug into this to power quickly get it up to full charge and then shut down the generator and not have to listen to that thing running very often at all so this is the solar panels I've had these like I said for five years I always just carry them in a ziploc bag like this and keep it watertight if it falls overboard which it never has so inside the bag is this nomad seven solar panel it's just two small solar panels reason I like this one is that I can attach it to a backpack just carabiner it on or to my canoe or if I'm paddling I'll usually put this on my canoe pack in front of me on the whatever like facing whatever way the sun shining so the charge is fairly quickly like that and I could just plug this in so the way that works is literally take blue plug it into blue flip that open put it in the Sun and that charges it so what I have been using for my backcountry trips is this solar panel the number no mad seven combined with the guide ten plus what that is is a just a solar charger for double-a and triple-a batteries so these batteries are pretty old now but cold zero was good enough to send me four packs of four so one two three four yeah four packs of four double ace and two packs of four triple ace so these were all use for a lot of my trail cameras around the property and these work well in my lights so that's awesome looking really looking forward to using that system so that's my while system some of my wife and I go on backcountry trips where we go on long hiking trips to photograph specially sunrise and sunset stuff like that to go through a lot of batteries so we'll take the solar panel and the Sherpa and we can use that the charger or our idea solar batteries but also to run lights and stuff like that so really really looking forward to that I used that actually on my my woodland caribou canoe trip last year was a loaner from the outfitter and it worked really well for us in fact it kinda saved our lives because we actually changed our route dramatically because of the wind and some fires that were in the area but we were getting picked up by plane in the middle of the park so we had to have a way to contact the the airline or the outfitter to pick us up tell us tell them where we were gonna be at the end of the week well what happened is I left the satellite phone on by accident in the battery died so we literally needed that to charge not only the last batteries that we had in our camera there was a little bit of charge left on this and I plugged it into the Sat phone got it running called the outfitter and got our pickup arranged so that's why these things are important and then a couple other nice little bonus things so the thing about the cabin is that it's dark even right now because I only installed three windows for mostly for heat retention I don't want a lot of window area that lets out heat or lets in cold in the winter so it gets kind of dark in there which I don't mind but what happens is that even at this time of year nice to have a little bit of extra task lighting I don't need to light up the whole cabin all the time but task lighting is really important so it's 50 lumens or four thousand a LED for some weighs next to nothing but that's pretty cool so as you know I'm not a big fan of doing sponsored posts or paid sponsorships on my videos I've only done one ever but when there's companies that would like to send me stuff or I'd like to work with because it makes sense for what I'm using here and and I like the products that they offer and I like the company then I accept trial things like this I really really appreciate that goal zero thought it valuable for both of us to send me the system to try out and I'm really looking forward to giving it a try I really think this is going to work for me and I'm happy to share that with you guys and keep you up to date on the progress and how it goes so what I'll do is film another video of me installing the system and then I'll continue to just show you how I'm using it and how it's performing and if it's living up to my expectations so goal zero thanks very much for for this opportunity and thanks to everybody else for watching this video really appreciate it and I look forward to seeing up the cabin again next time take care

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