Spider With Three Super Powers | The Hunt | BBC Earth

to help her in her quest she's equipped with three superpowers first an amazing approach to getting about Portia is a jumping spider able to leap up to 50 times their own body length nowhere seems beyond her reach next her second superpower supervised sight essential if she's to distinguish her prey in all this cutter because her prey doesn't stray Portia is a spider eating spider this raises a few problems her lunch is three times as Sunny's packed with venom and surrounded by a sticky trap mission impossible not at all because of her third superpower Porter is a genius she can map her world in three dimensions and formulate a plan of attack [Music] you can have an idea [Music] the web builder is blind it won't have a clue that she's coming [Music] right on target and safely behind those fangs but a mind as active as Portia's can always do with more brain food here there's no anchor point for the abseil but Porsche has another idea instead of going to the spider [Music] she will bring the spider to her she plucks the strands to imitate struggling prey drawing the spider in to its death you [Music] you

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