Stanley prep and cook set (part 1)

hello everybody welcome back jiu-jitsu mm here today I'm back with an interesting video for you today I want to show you something that I just found out about I'm pretty excited about this this is the stanley prep and cook set weighs one point six pounds there's 10 pieces in this kit it says right here in cute includes a cutting board spatula and a ladle and this is all stainless steel construction what does it say here single wall which is cool because we can cook over the fire with this cutting board and it talks a little bit about this thing how it all fits together in one little convenient piece so there are the lids that go on the bowls and those can double as cutting boards then you have a looks like a ladle and a spatula and of course the pot and a lid a nice little nesting system it says prep kit brings ease of indoor cooking outdoors this is what it includes this is the bottom of the package side of the package there's the top let me go ahead and remove these stickers because I want to open this up I'm pretty excited about this about this kit yeah we were walking around at the store today and we just happened to notice this on the shelf and we never saw it on the Shelf there before so I thought wow that's kind of interesting let's take a look at that okay 24 dollars for it so it wasn't that expensive so I thought I'd pick one up and take a look and share it with you guys so there's nothing left in the box I'm gonna go ahead and put that in the back first thing I noticed is these nice graduations 40 ounces 32 ounces that's pretty cool they're stamped into the steel I like that pretty cool so here is the handle which is riveted onto the pan see that sorry about that this handles riveted on so you have to squeeze these together and then this pops down that's pretty solid actually and to prevent this from coming undone you can slide this little piece downward get it closed down there and then the handle stays fairly solid now one thing I'm gonna tell you right off the bat that I do not like is this piece right here is made out of plastic I don't like that I'm afraid that if I put this on the fire it's gonna burn and we're gonna have problems I do like however that they put these holes right here so that if you had some sort of pasta or something water boiling in there you could hold the lid and let the liquid out pretty cool and it also has a hole here up here on the top which will allow for so it's not gonna vacuum inside there but this I would personally change I would put you know maybe a metal tab or aluminum or something or just like the old-style pots just drill a hole here and then run a stainless steel screw into a piece of metal or a piece of you know wood or something like that would I think would last longer but I don't know well we'll give it a try and we'll see how it works it has different little notches on there I don't know if you can see that but this thing locks into several positions it basically catches those little notches but the the quality I mean it's really good solid very thick stainless steel I don't know if you can see that how thick it is but it's pretty good pretty good thickness to the touch feels like pretty solid piece so now looking inside let's go ahead and just dump this whole thing out let's take a look at what we have here so the first two things that we're going to see are going to be again these are the cutting boards that will double as lids probably use them as small plates if you needed to you know they have a little rim that goes up on the side so if you had some sort of liquid or something you could use these as plates I guess throughout the woods of course they say the word Stanley on them kind of kind of made pretty well they stack together there's these little notches that go all the way around and then on the bottom this this rim here you can see that the rim corresponds to those notches so they fit together nice and tight now let's take a look here what do we got going on here looks like we have the ladle / spatula now I'm not too sure folks honestly what I want to think about this yet to me it looks a little Kesey but I don't know we'll see these are slide release buckles so I'm guessing how does this work so this is some sort of slide release buckle system here so there's the spatula actually fit together better than I thought it would and it's actually a little stronger than I thought it's a slide release buckle system so that's cool kind of a spatula right there BAM cooks right in kind of cool let's take a look at this ladle it's got a little pouring spout and it's got a little deal here I don't know what you would use that for but still kind of cool so you just slide release buckles just like on your backpack so I thought that was kind of cool we have a ladle and a spatula I don't know what you're gonna do with a spatula in a pan like this but a ladle yeah if you had some super songs that's kind of cool now the next thing I see is some sort of documentation maybe owner's manual or something like that instructions it's in a lot of different language Chinese looks like German or something and there's our section right there English care and use so you can feel free to pause the video if you want to read this trying to hold this as still as I can pretty cool Stanley there's the back which is all kinds of other languages now let's take a look at these bowls these have a really good fill tomb I like these bowls my first impression I'm digging this kind of cool you could set that baby like that see it goes like this I had it upside down check that out so you could actually put whatever food that you're gonna cook in there and then you could drink out of there if you needed to that's kind of cool kind of like that this this this rim right here fits just like that it's kind of fits it fits very well and I'm guessing they would be stackable obviously cos that one there's the other one there anyway this is a really nice looking kit let's take a closer look at this pan I like how everything is nice rolled steel stainless steel everything's really I mean this thing is solid it's no no no slouch built very well and I'm very picky on my stainless steel stuff you know I'm pretty picky one thing that I'd like to have seen was if they could have put these where you could read them on the inside instead of having them backwards but I mean we still know what we're doing but I mean when you're pouring water or something and you're you're looking inside not on the outside so you got basically what is this 16 24 32 40 ounces and I don't know what else you could go up to maybe 50 or 60 ounces pretty cool really nice construction the rivets are real real solid those are aluminum rivets I think not sure but again you have this piece right here that keeps the handle fairly solid you know so when you want to collapse it you just pull this back and then fold them in it locks into place kind of cool kind of works good I think that's going to be a pretty good little setup it's a light duty handle it's not like heavy duty or nothing then everything nests together inside I know you got your bowls inside there and again you take this stuff down just the opposite of how we how we did it how we put them together we just take them down and spatula pops in there we pop that piece there put that piece there we small slide release buckles now these pieces here I'm gonna be completely honest I don't know how well they're gonna hold up that's just I just don't know I kind of have my doubts a little bit see I must have missed something cuz it's not gonna shut all the way I must have put those things in backwards or something let's see maybe there's a reason that those were underneath let's try this maybe I did it backwards or something think that was like that that was kind of something like that I'm not completely sure how this goes just guessing puts not sure that I'm not sure it's like it's like putting those pieces together like on the when you're trying to fit everything together I'm just gonna leave those out because I'm probably not going to use them that much and I'm confused on how this thing goes it's gonna take me a little bit to figure it out all these things fit together in there I'm guessing these little notches fit together here I'm thinking that's how it goes just try it again and see if it's gonna fit looks like a really solid kid though it looks like it's a good set oh I know I know what it is that little circled area goes over this area just like that that's what the deal is it's right there so there's the set turn that lid yeah I'm pretty pretty happy about this this is again the stanley prep and cook set 24 bucks I think this is gonna be a good set really excited about it so anyway folks I want to say thank you for watching the video today I hope you got some good useful information out of this video please feel free to leave comments down below give me a thumbs up if you like my videos and please don't forget to subscribe so you can stay up to date on my newest video releases and until next time everybody have a beautiful day thanks again bye bye okay folks just for a quick visual for you guys this is one pound of ground beef that I'm well into water and then I'm gonna and then I'm gonna drain the water but one pound of ground beef and this thing is still got plenty of room for more water so this pot holds quite a bit that's one pound you

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