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I'm never going talk about a cachet we're going to talk about a certain type of cachet not necessarily something a lot of times we feel like it needs to be buried in the ground or hidden somewhere but it's kind of remote but we're going to talk a little bit about hiding things in plain sight I'm really going to talk about one subject in particular and I hope this inspires some of you maybe to think about and consider this option things that your house can be compromised things can happen it could be a house fire in fact that's one of the reasons why I put this together in the first place we have a couple of friends I have an aunt and uncle that were burned out of their house and I have also a good friend of mine whose dad was burned out of his house there they are standing right in front of the house maybe with just some pajamas on or just the clothes on their back that's really one reason why I wanted to get some things off site away from the house I really wanted to do something that would give me a backup for my supplies things that will get me through at least a 72 hour period until I can get myself oriented and know what I need to do next I've said this a number of times but souls were fortunate in a study a few years ago and they studied all different crises all around the world and they said if you can survive the first 72 hours of any crisis situation that your chances of survival dramatically increase but that's what this is based on you could up this a little more long-term especially with the cachet idea that we're thinking about now when it comes to items that myself and my family are going to need to survive I definitely want to have a backup so we have a storage unit it's a small very small storage unit in fact myself and another friend of mine have it together and so we're putting our survival supplies in that storage unit as a backup storage is a backup cachet this is not our regular bug-out stuff this is not our stuff at home our self-reliance here at the house or things we might need on an everyday basis these are things that if we are out about and we can't get to our home or again if we have a fire if there's a storm if there's a chemical spill whatever the situation may be we will be able to have the supplies we need to function for a number of days and be able to get by now I have three parts to this setup and this is the first this is our basic survival necessities now we can have a survival bag for this but I chose these harder cases because we're going to want to stack some things course one of the things that I really want to have and I threw this in late so I haven't even packed it in but just a good radio that is a has a communicative communication shortwave the weather and I've even done a review on this particular radio itself it has a hand-cranked the one I'm going to keep here at the house has a solar little panel to it but this one has a hand-cranked so I can use it for emergencies just to know what's going on now in the survival kit itself this is my survival kit and I do have a list of things that are in this box so I can open it up and I can see what I have in the box I'm going to have this list put together in the description below where you can copy and paste it you can even make a Word document out of it but I'm just going to have the things that I have in here this is not an all-inclusive list but it is a lot of the necessities you're going to need here it is packed up I'm going to show it out on the table for you to really get a good look at it and we're going to look at most important items first and water is your most important thing you can last three days without water that's it having these little emergency water packs this is going to keep us from having to look for water and allow us to keep it stored up you can also store some water bottles which we probably will just some distilled water but this goes in the survival kit itself also we have a little Berkey sport and we have one for each of the family members there is one of the best little water filtration systems on the market you can check out the Berkey guy from direct 21 com a great way to be able to filter water and it just kills tons of the pathogens and Cryptosporidium and the different things that could really get you sick then of course I've done a review on this little jolly tank but you can fill this up with water you can even fill this up with fuel or gasoline if you need to but this is just a great container next comes food and what we're doing is just because this is a 72-hour type deal we have these SOS food bars and this is a three thousand calorie pack each one they come in bars they're really great but having some sort of food that you can just ready eat MREs would also be a great source or something like that now the next thing is fire and we have a couple of different things we have a fire steel we have some trioxane tabs that we can light a fire have a candle for light and also I have a fire kit inside my little survival kit I'm going to have all the items of course with this also in the description next we have just a first-aid kit in fact I've personally put first-aid kit items in here this isn't just your basic kit and even have a turn one of the tourniquet the self Kat tourniquets and a lot of other different things that you might need more for kind of a trauma type situation but also with antibiotic ointment and things like that that you might need just reminder scrapes and cuts I have a really good flashlight and one of the things that I like with flashlights is to try to keep it to a double-a triple-a just standard battery that way I can find replacements and also have replacement batteries store it along with this right in the ring pad with a pen course 550 cord then I have this little Swiss Army soldiers knife excellent little knife multi-tool can have maps with a compass about a couple extra batteries in here as well this isn't one of the lock sacks and it keeps this dry and keeps it from getting wet now personal hygiene is also important which in here I have some shampoo I have a bar of soap these are little towelettes you wet them and they expand pretty large some chapstick and then this is some salve that friends of ours make this homemade that's really great just a little deodorant this is not necessary but it sure is helpful some toothpaste and toothbrushes you can get some small little small toothbrushes if you need them but we just happen to have this five pack we have five in our family and so this comes just together and we put it with our toothpaste now here it is packed back in just keep it nice and neat keep everything together organized then I have my list right on top one thing I try to do too is use containers that I already have not to try to go out and spend a lot of extra money because that money can be used for other things that you might need tools are another important part of any kind of survival situation and so I have a little tool box here it's a kind of a special toolbox I want to head put my aircrew survival guide in here and this is waterproof impervious to the elements and so this gives you a lot to do as far as to follow of course I have my list and then I have a little carry bag a little surplus carry bag that I can put all my stuff in if I need to have an old umbrella in here in case I'm working on my car or doing something out in the rain really important to keep that water off three hours in extreme conditions you can catch pneumonia there's a lot of things that can happen there so being well-prepared for that now of course in here I just have the basics I have a couple of screwdrivers Phillips and flathead have a couple of standards pliers and a pair of needlenose pliers some scissors pencil a chisel some hemostats and some small tweezers and then I have a nice mallet then I have some hundred-mile-an-hour tape or good duct tape and then some twine pack it all back in here close it down ready to go now our local power company came out with this little bag that is called be ready it has all kind of things that the Red Cross recommends this is a pretty cool little system but in here I just have a little rain parka to keep the rain off and then of course you never know what kind of the temperatures are going to be and with winter coming on I wanted to have a good fleece with nylon jacket so having something really to keep me warm and yet something to keep the rain off – one thing – that's pretty cool about this little bag is the way the straps fit you can put this on your back and carry it as a backpack of course if you're trying to go covert you probably don't want to have this bright orange but it is great for being able to signal and you can use it and if not you can ditch the bag and just use your coats that are in here but unfortunately in a very high-stress bad situation and just having just the things just to get your family by to survive you may need to look at some other options which this is my self-defense option for my bug-out cachet and one of the first things that I'm going to put in my storage is my 12-gauge Mossberg shotgun this is just a basic extra shotgun that I have that I can keep over in storage I don't really have to worry about it one thing is important though is to make sure you have a little bit of protection on it put a little film of grease or a little oil on it just to keep it from rusting because those storage units are typically not climate controlled of course I'll also have one of my regular rifles my go-to rifles put aside and we're going to have a kit that goes with both of these of course in the first container this is what I call my tactical survival container and then I'm going to pull everything out and let you take a good look at it to break this down into two different sections and one of the things that's really important is to have a good pair of sturdy shoes or boots these are just some old combat issue boots that I've had they're very comfortable to wear I don't typically wear a much of course because they're just black boots but this would be great in a survival situation to have some really well-made boots and something that I won't even care if they're stored away but one thing you definitely need to think about or a good pair of socks and I would actually have a couple of pair of these which I have another pair these are Keens I got these at going gear go getting some really good socks here is an icebreaker wool shirt also from going here this was a really excellent shirt and really these are pretty expensive but you get a good pair of a couple pair of socks a couple of shirts like this and put them away it'll really could be the difference between life and death in a really bad situation or it can really help your comfort level if nothing else just have a pair of ACU Btu pants you lose a lot of body heat out of your head so having just an old standard boonie this isn't even a boonie cap it's just a regular civilian top cap but I do have a regular wool watch cap just some wool gloves and some gloves that I have some a little more dexterity especially with handling tools or even firing a weapon a couple of bandanas or you can get a shemagh and then having a belt a lot of times you know I might be wearing shorts I might be wearing something right don't have a belt on me so it'd be really great to have a good belt some safety glasses to keep your eyes protected have a pair of binoculars and a couple of 2-way radios and you want to make sure you have extra batteries for your radios any kind of electronics that you have whether the flashlights or whatever make sure you have extra batteries a little survival kit with a lot of the different survival items knives whistles different things and this is a little cleaning kit and it actually has the rod and everything down in here I have a little bit of Froglube stuff down in there and a little tube and this really will help with my firearm and I have my extra batteries in this little pod then from where desperate situations I have a little bit of camo tape and some face paint have a little very light little chest rig this is one they discontinued for Maxpedition it's a lightweight chest area this is very small packs easily of course I have six magazines for and to just put aside and I can transfer them into there if I need to or I can separate it if there's more than one of us have a pistol mag pouch a BDS tacticals one two two point sling now I have a um eighty-four Universal holster and I had snapped attachment and also have a flap and the reason why I chose the universal is because no matter what pistol that I have on me at the time in my truck or whatever I can use this holster if I don't have a holster that will go with what I'm doing now I've also added an m16 bayonet and the main reason for that is because I'm carrying my a ar-15 already but the supplement I have a nice little kukuri from Frank's handmade knives which these are coarse imported from Nepal these are excellent knives great for field work and bush work and then since I had room I went ahead and put one of my old hatchets in here sharpened very nicely and this is really great for different tasks a little stream light scorpion flashlight with some extra batteries and then I have one of these falcon to the Maxpedition falcon to that I have that I could put all of my gear in and carry this on my back now everything that we saw there is all packed in here all my clothes all my magazines my vest and then I just put my pack right up on top I'm not really counting on putting this thing on my back and humping it I'm hoping to be able to have my trunk to be able just to throw it in the back and use what I need out of it but just in case it's great to have a good pack and then just pack it down ready to go now the third element is your ammunition and I like to store some extra ammunition this has nothing to do with a 72-hour period this is my bug-out ammo can just a hundred rounds of 9 about 20 rounds of 12-gauge in about 570 rounds of five five six then just for extra stories and to keep it safe I have another thousand rounds of 5.56 that I just keep separate ready to go just packed away and I'm not going to need it so it's just great to have a place to store it goes in these two cans real easy to transport taking a little silicon oil and putting on your guns it really helps to keep it I plan to come back and put these in a rifle case I just didn't have the rifle case with me getting a good hardened lock like this one is really great I have a buddy of mine that owns a bunch of storage units in another state and he said this is the lot to get because when they go into those units if they haven't paid they have to grind these off so they're not easily cut not having everything in one place is really comforting especially if you're concerned about the way things are going and they are going kind of nuts so being able to put away some things being able to take your ammunition your survival supplies even food and water and having these things put aside in a very inconspicuous place because if anything happens to our house and we have to get out we have the supplies needed to be able to survive course I'm gonna be adding to this over the next couple of weeks mainly just food and water and I'm also going to be putting a set of clothes for each of the kids and my wife and have a good pair of shoes which is very important and just like with this unit there are a lot of units so even if these were molested or messed with look at all these units it's going to be pretty difficult for someone to go through every one of them now the unit we have is just a 5×5 and it's less than 40 dollars a month so we can split that up me and another guy and it's in a different name I don't have to worry about it it's stored here it's a guy that it's a really good friend of mine that I trust my wife will have a key so she can get to it if she needs to but if I'm ever out on the road and I need to run by pick up my gear I can do it without any worries and one of the things you want to consider is paying by credit card or whatever this is a privacy thing there's nothing I'm going to do illegal here by far but it is a privacy thing that where what I have is my business and I keep it that way even I don't have it in my name on top of that I have it in a separate account and the guy pays cash for the unit and so that really helps as well just to keep it private because somebody could get in my house and find some information and be able to track it down and this really cuts down on any worries now remember if you can survive those first 72 hours your chances of survival increase dramatically be strong be a good courage god bless america long live the Republic and this is what we're doing plane and myself I really do then when it comes to things that we need they need

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