Sucker Punch At A Bar Is Bad In Every Way | Active Self Protection

friends sometimes it's not the first punch that you can prevent but you've got to work hard to prevent the second and beyond if you're frustrated with your shooting and your shooting performance you need the mantis X to help you to get to the next level of skills it's definitely helped me hi everyone this is John with today's active self-protection lesson I am almost sure it is out of North Carolina in the United States if you have a news story put it in a comment and I will add it to the description what we're going to see here is a man who had some kind of a personal beef who gets caught up in a problem and a sucker punch and really bad stuff ensues so our intended victim is sitting at the bar facing us to the far right and his attacker actually just walked away from him that we're gonna see here in a minute there's been some kind of family beef and you can go look at the original and it'll show you you know the link in the description what's going on there but they're just sitting here at the bar for quite some time and now this guy's gonna walk back over and just haul off and drill this guy and absolutely rock this guy's world multiple times in multiple ways and notice that everyone is just kind of going oh wait what's going on there now I don't know how well these guys knew each other or whatever but he just whales and absolute tune on him and everybody just kinda stands there and lets him and like I said there was some kind of family beef here but not a direct family beef so it's not like these two guys have had a whole lot of words or whatever but their families certainly have and this guy's just not having it kind of goes off now I've left this going here a little bit because I want you to see what happens here as he comes back by and gets after him again and it slaps him upside the head and now look at our victim here he is obviously way out of it and if you go look at the original I've put a link in the description you can see that he's lost teeth and he had a broken jaw and he had to go through surgery and and again notice what everyone else is doing there's a whole lot of nothing going on there this guy finally kind of steps in and tries to restrain him a little bit and now they're gonna get each other and thankfully it ends there I got to be honest with you lessons like these make my blood boil a little bit if you appreciate the since that you get here every day at active self-protection do me a favor hit that subscribe button turn on the notification belt so that you don't miss a lesson out of this one I want to talk about defending against a sucker punch the reality is incredibly difficult about the difficulty of overcoming diffused responsibility and the bystander effect and about the importance of emotional fitness to our active self-protection okay as these guys get going again you know I really don't know there's a whole lot that this guy could have done in pre attack cues because of the sucker punch nature but friends if you know your family's got some beefs maybe it kind of like hey are we okay or whatever and try to bring a little preemptive proactive about it but I don't know there's a whole lot you can do about this sucker punch that's coming in because he just drills him in the head from behind hardly any kind of notice or anything like that and friends if you've ever been hit hard like that it is completely disorienting and mind-boggling now that said emotional fitness is incredibly important and the reason that emotional fitness is so important is because you got to be able to continue to protect yourself to protect your head and neck in particular and this guy really doesn't have a whole lot of opportunity to do that now I want to talk about the fact that we have the bystander effect here and these guys in the bystander effect are just kind of standing around doing nothing and guys you can't just stand around doing nothing you gotta at least protect the utterly defenseless and I get it it's not your problem or whatever but at least that one guy's like hey man let's let it be let the guy up or whatever but they're not really giving this guy the business to get away from his victim here and guys you gotta step in when things get ugly like this I get it two guys have a beef and they want to have a fist fight or whatever and you don't want to get involved in that but but letting some guy who's obviously out of it here get stomped with the chair and stuff like that I find that morally really not okay so I really would say you've got to be able to break that diffused responsibility break the bystander effect go ahead and get involved if you can because otherwise these guys are gonna you know could have caused even more damage and these guys might even be negligible okay so anyway so let's be cautious of everyone and let's cover our ass [Music] [Music] [Music]

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