Survival-Bushcraft-Prepping Unterschied

hello people, welcome back to back to nature today it should be a difference video because there are quite a few differences between the terms survival os strength and stairs are and wild camping too and I just wanted to pick it up because it's been There are quite a few differences between people and I just wanted to only convey my opinion here, so in general I would like to start with I say the terms are a bit fluent so the transitions between these terms are fluent in my opinion and that's why you can not say one hundred percent okay, but in general you can be like that the best known is meanwhile this term that is most abused if you will, when you say, for example, my make-up in everyday life because I'm the happiest deported and all these things that's a little bit yes that does not have the meaning as it should actually have so because means Survival in general is an English word and survival now means in a situation where you might be threatened and your life is at risk So life-threatening then you can get into a survival situation and survivor he practices for a difficult situation and when he has survived it then he has he survived so far and the freedom would generally like to practice that he if For example, he gets lost or if a disaster forces you out that we then survived in any case that is it and that does also more fun this hobby that you say okay what I had to do for apply knowledge how will i be saved if i am somewhere in the bergen broke my foot then i have to do something have to drink like I can hardly walk and what am I doing that is interesting only from what he eats what if the plane crashes then I'm in the middle of nowhere, something has to be done that means such things are optionally interesting for services ok then there is also a special form, if you will, that's the legacy survival that is then all not in nature like actual survival but in the city ok now the bus knocks to break the word krachte is more concerned with life in nature bush power comes from the australian bush so from the outback and that is It is called it is quasi the life that the aborigines have that is them Australian aborigines who operate practically punished all the time because Living outside in nature is called a cleaner in general as far as I know if you came out now and says yes I'll go for a round bush crafting and just go for a hike and have a drink at the end coffee makes you hot then it wasn't actually a buschkow tour either if that is what many claim but that’s not it then you’re just going to be got started in the café it wasn't a book buy has to believe it is exactly when you have collected a few real plants, for example a lot of fire somehow that doesn't matter definitely one of these things if you just go hiking then this is it hiking exactly like the bosch power that doesn't have to deal with extreme situations also don't worry so much about the mental crises there of course if he then wants to live outdoors in nature which is the goal or other bush force that is also the case with me, for example I want to be in the being able to live outside in nature that is my goal that is a lofty goal if you will but that's it I work exactly and then we come to the word preppy this term also comes from the english like bosh kraft that is bush and power plants and platinum if you will comes from the English to prepare to prepare is English for itself to prepare the hit so I want almost the whole time to be prepared for a disaster situation and yes that could be confused a bit with the survivor because that's the way it is because we somehow have to do with a plane crash and something like that there are a lot of arguments again I would say that the bremer l like that one of those who wouldn't even go into nature is generally the one would just upgrade your apartment first and that's what you are so im we have a real rapper has enough food and enough water because to actually actually be able to stay in the house for at least a week So, too, many can care about the lighting, of course, that's a lot important but also about ventilation that must be guaranteed that means things like that are the rapper's areas of interest he wants to protect his family or just himself he wants to be indoors basically have everything in his house that he needs to be there for a while to be able to survive without being able to buy anything yes what is the difference to survivor is more the one who says okay in the event of an airplane crash, i react naturally So with knowledge of nature as far as I can see now except for survival, that's something else again but for example gin and so on is far less important for the body than we then continue to mean the hit for him, for example, is a kerosene lamp things are very important to him or foods are very long that's important to him and what is the picture of kemper the wild camper quasi a fighter who is not on camping areas as far as I am in the lake the camper of course likes to go out hiking spends the night on campsites in his tent and the wild fighter who is off the beaten track does not have to be mandatory have a tent but also a day or a bivouac in a cell bivouacsack and yes, he makes himself comfortable, he also has a lot of things like Coffee and such that you don't really need, but simply it this luxury he likes to give outdoors in nature that is very relaxed so ballmer is hard if you will, for bus power, sometimes you do without a lot of things nature doesn't need to live outside the wild kemper actually takes that much more relaxed he takes a lot of things with making it more comfortable that means snacks and so it takes along and things like that coffee must be actually not be but it is next to many like with also then or others cleaner he says this is a luxury I indulge in so these are my brief views in summary, you can talk about it for a long time Your views or differences in view could be in the comments write as I said, these are my views compared to these terms, as I said, these terms are a bit of flowing transitions and that's supposed to be it I hope you enjoyed the video, feel free to subscribe if it is you like this channel and see you next time when I meet people

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