Survival gear: Combat Bug Out Bag contents

it was requested I do a video on this so here we go this is my bug-out bag now I'm only doing my weapons and sort of our equipment bag because obviously the food ones and medical supplies used and everyone do before so I won't bother boring you by going over those details over and over again like everyone else does so the bag itself is an East German knapsack back and if you can see the green but at the top that's the waterproof lining because the entire bags waterproof now don't me to see if the bag is a lot bigger than it looks like on here it's just the what unless you pack it full of stuff you don't realize quite how big that back and go okay so if I start on the left you've got a gas mask there or respirator I've got an s10 in there or oh I might actually use my CT 12 and the reason I'm going for this all right over Scott GSR which is more modern and should be in many ways better mask ministry hits the fan type scenario you're far more likely to find 40 millimeter filters or 60 millimeter filters you can pop them with an adapter and the problem with the GSR is because it uses a bayonet type filter it'd be much harder to find supplies when your own filters run out whatever reason just I'm using s10 so right we have the modern German army NBC suit in a bag with chemical gloves and chemical boots okay down below we have an air rifle and sand pellets and allen keys for adjusting the scope and other weapon fixes and air rifles a choir you can hunt small game with them and you can carry around literally thousands of pellets because they wail it tree nothing this is a tutu here next we've got a pair of 20 x binoculars and I'm using 20 x 1 because the scope there is a variable 3 to 9 x ooh so scope you use for cloaks sort of magnification the not close can be used for long range counting down here we have a selection of knives I have a little free inch pocket knife with a load of attachments which is also useful for general stuff then I have my survival knife next and the machete at the bank there's also scream that therefore general concealment purposes I could you know wear it on myself as camouflage or leave it over a bag to help hide the bag if it's stashed somewhere then we have a silicon cloth which is for cleaning knives and the guns to prevent surface rust and keep them all in good working order and there's also a little pocket knife sharpener down there just to keep a good edge on the blade now a crossbow is one that would potentially be in here but it obviously depends on what sort of situation we're looking at the problem is a lot of videos as people say this is my bug-out bag I've got you know 10 weapons in there and in reality you're probably not going to need that because obvious depending on what the scenario is might depend on what sort of weapons you need so I'd always have the air rifle because that's good for small game and maybe one often counter with via human well I see you're on a crossbow if you're running the risk of running into a lot of trouble that's 150 pound cross were there for a hundred and twenty pound crossbow and when that arrives that would probably be my go-to crossbow rather than one hundred and fifty pound because 120 is more than adequate and it's easier to [ __ ] and everything and to the right there's some beeswax for keeping the string lubricators usually I was probably fraying a bit there's a nine band radio and that picks up am/fm and that's long and short wave and that's the nine band just a short way so I can get connections all over the world it's a spare crossbow string down there crossbow cocking aid and I move our phone which like the radio is used obviously for contacting and receiving calls I hope you found that interesting and like I said in a scenario what I actually would take with me would apparent change because I rather much rather pack according to the scenario rather than take everything and have too much stuff okay also another thing is like opted 12 a few more smaller backs and one big back because although why one big bag can be useful with smaller backs you can stash stuff in different places in case one of your stashes got found or stolen or damaged or whatever so I hope you found that interesting and that's pretty much the contents of welcome back

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