Survival Skills 101: Time To Bug Out! The Perfect Bug Out Vehicle?

hey this is the Rhino for survival skills 101 here today to talk to you about bug-out vehicles and I'm going to show you my personal bug-out vehicle it's freaking cold out here let's get this thing going okay this is my 2006 Jeep Rubicon for those of you who don't know what a Rubicon is it's like a Wrangler on steroids this bad boy will go just about anywhere where I want it to go it's totally a lot of fun it's got thirty threes on it and a four inch lift and let's go forward and I'm going to show you about the winch over here okay on the front of this thing I got a worn winch man that thing I don't know pull six to twelve thousand pounds in case I get stuck I don't foresee myself getting stuck anywhere but it'll certainly help pulling somebody else out as you can see front bumper guard there Casey foglamps two tow hooks in the front okay so I need to get hauled out somewhere again I'm not foreseeing that you know I call this thing the Green Monster after Fenway Park's Green Monster wall and man this thing is awesome it's got oh crap straps right here case I'm rocking and rolling and I need to hold on to something that thing has come in handy I've got satellite radio and GPS the whole thing on this what I'm going to upgrade to is I'm going to upgrade to a cell phone enhancer to when I'm up in the hills up in the forest and I want to make cell phone calls that's the next thing that's going to happen here got my car bag right here with a bunch of goodies in it I'll show that eventually we'll do a whole video on this this could be called the get home bag I call a car bag to just stuff I need we've got a couple gas cans on the back of this five gallons each yes these are full of gas right now in case I run out of gas which has been known to happen I've got a shovel got an axe on here also have a big old car jack so I can replace this back tire if my tire ever goes out that's happened timer – on the inside I do a lot of firearms training so I need something that's clear for my firearm stuff but I can get into the back of it whenever I need to so I put my firearms bags right here and if I need to fix the firearm or something right here I can always come here I've got a medical bag right here super important when you're teaching firearms but you know just in general when you need it lots of cool stuff I should go through that show you all the stuff I have got a bag right here of all kinds of assorted stuff don't even really remember what's in there but man you know you need some bug spray or some suntan lotion or whatever I got it put in there I got some extra rope here in case I need it paracord extra hat for myself this is important paper towels I'm getting my hands dirty all the time toilet paper when I'm at camp and if I need some extra stuff when I'm doing firearms training right here I always try to keep some extra water here for myself I get thirsty a lot I got a couple chairs that I put the chairs out here have a seat man up here keeps the rain off of me and it makes kind of a nice little place for me to sit I'm going to go into my box right here before I do that though right here I have my shotgun holder and put my shotgun back there I always like to be carrying lots of guns with me kind of a gun guy as you can tell anyway I'm going to go in here let you see what's in my box I keep various stuff in here I got an extra bag holding stuff I forget what's in there an extra jacket this is important when I don't have a jacket there's one for me right here here is really cool this is my personal bug out bag and I'll do a video on that too this is my personal one I have one for everybody in my household but that's my personal one if there's something in this bag over here that I don't have I can definitely go into my bug-out bag and get it I try not to though because the bug out bag is for when I need it and so try not to go into your bug out bag if you can help it because what happens is things get taken out but they don't ever get back in so one of the things you always should assume with the bug out back and I'll go into detail on the video but one thing you should always assume in a bug out bag is once it goes in it stays in there until you absolutely need to don't take it out but you never know I have problems and I need it up here extra storage you can see this blue case right here man got a ton of storage up there and over here I have just in this bag right here I have man extra stuff in case my vehicle breaks down there's hoses in here tools the oil things you're going to need in case you break down now this isn't the perfect bug out vehicle let me tell you this because obviously it doesn't have a third seat so you can't take a lot of people with you I got that what makes the perfect bug out vehicle though let's talk about that now I know that a lot of people don't have a lot of money they're on a limited budget and they can't afford to buy lots of stuff for their bug out vehicle so do the best that you can all right now I would highly suggest let me say this that any vehicle is a bug-out vehicle alright now most of the time you're going to be bugging into your house you're going to go home alright bugging out is for when there man there is a disaster of epic proportions and you absolutely have to leave so bugging out really isn't as important as bugging in but you need a vehicle to get home to but if you have to leave any vehicle to do but I would just suggest that you have enough gasoline stored away so that you could put it in any vehicle that you have and be able to leave and go to Grandma's house or some wherever wherever you have decided that you need to go in case of emergency and that's very important is have a place to go you're probably not going to go up in the mountains of the hills that's that's not really realistic alright most of you don't camp and if you do fantastic but you know what everybody else is going to have the same idea as well so I just suggest that what if it's your family car or whatever just have it ready in case you need to leave now I would suggest to you that not necessarily a jeep this is my personal preference but I would suggest that you get a four-wheel-drive vehicle because you never know when the roads are going to be impassable and you can't go by the roads alone alright they might have them blocked off and you might have to do some four-wheeling so I would suggest you that if you could afford it or during your next vehicle purchase by a big old truck all right I don't care if it's used or brand-new but man have four-wheel drive on that thing I think it's really important all right and especially important in the snow in swinter time right now there's snow on the ground it's good to be able to have a four-wheel drive vehicle so a bug-out vehicle doesn't necessarily have to be one with all the stuff on it that's just my personal preference I like it's what I do and and it's a fun thing for me to do but you can have a regular vehicle if you want that makes a great bug-out vehicle it doesn't really matter but if you can get a four-wheel-drive truck I don't really care what kind but as long as you like it that's really important all right and be prepared to load all your stuff in it that you're going to need to take off and again have enough gas to be able to put into that truck to be able to get somewhere in case you in case the gas stations are closed which happened in Sandy people couldn't get any gas so and we'll do a video on gas storage as well okay that's a tour of my bug-out vehicle and I hope you learned something about bug-out vehicles for survival skills 101 on the Rhino are you prepared to look forward you

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