The Best “Get Home/Bug Out Bag/Survival Kit” Ever? – You Tell Me.

hey what's going on everybody you know the birds do a quick load out on the get home bag now to keep my pickup now depending on where I'm going I will throw this in my wife's car I usually leave it in my truck but if I'm going somewhere it's going with me and let's dump it out see what's in it now use this pack for everything I'll change the contents of it whether I'm I'm going on a hike I get stuff that's that's particularly for the hike I've done a video on that if I'm going hunting or dove hunting I swap everything out I use it for that but when I'm not doing anything you know recreational it lives in the car and this is what's in it so here we go attached to the outside we've got another stream light nano now this will be in addition to my EDC that this stuff I've always gone on me in addition to that I will grab this out of the car get home is why I have it in case I have to walk home for some crazy reason who knows why but if I can't take the car with me and get straight home this is what I would carry to get the job done so let's get on all right in this little pocket up here this is the Maxpedition jumbo versa pack we got their shades it is Arizona pretty sunny all right CCW I've always carry the nine-millimeter Glock on me in the bag I always leave my nightie now 1908 Colt vest-pocket 25 Auto just leave it in there just for fun never know it's a one strap kind of pack I've got a flora click to it and tucked into it I always carry another knife on me but this one is always in the pack nice and sharp stead I always like to have another sharp knife all right let's see it's a little outer pocket got a pencil headlamp do believe you spare batteries for it right this is the SOL two-person emergency bivy now inside of that I've got a one of those cheap rain ponchos just tucked in there I can do have to spend the night out I sure like to have something and that is something not much more but all right so QuikClot every time I take the kids out shoot and I've got this with me I just couldn't imagine watching somebody bleed out so got one of those in there toilet paper it's about a quarter of a roll so let's say about four or five servings all right now this is a life straw water filter I've had one of these before it lasts Max and me about a year that's why I feel pretty comfortable recommending this this is it thickets developed in Sweden I'm not I'm not 100% sure but it's not made in Sweden this thing you can just drink out of you know pretty much any water source that you find the thing is you have to stick it down in there and suck the water up through the straw where you could do is I've got a Nalgene on the pack fill that up with nasty water and then drink out of the Nalgene with the straw that filter filters up to a thousand liters 200 and like 65 gallons to 0.2 microns it removes bacteria protozoa protozoa you know stuff like Giardia and Cryptosporidium and it's pretty good there's a lot better filters on the market but not ones that will fit this pack and not once for 20 bucks this is this is a lot better than say the Aqua mirror that cheap little straw you get for 10 15 bucks I've seen the you know as a teenager in scouts I've seen people get sick after using those this I just drink canal's ditches water troughs it rocks it's never never failed me so that lives in the pack and you can keep using it I think the problem with the aqua mirror is once you use it you're fine but then you put it your pack and you use it months later I think that's where it gets you this thing you just once you drink through it you blow back through it the opposite direction it kind of dries it out and I think that's what makes us good to go over and over again all right Leatherman core multi-tool with a firesteel stuck in the pouch I don't think they make these anymore these are pretty pretty rock-solid I like those alright I try not to keep way too much in here because I do kind of go light duty on this button alright little pocket stove there for the for the fuel tabs in it big lighter for the pocket stove the reason I carry that for you can purify water keep the Nalgene in the little pocket here if you can see there you go inside the pocket the Nalgene rests in the simpler pane to get out but I've got em on stainless steel cut by MSR I've had this thing for God must be 15 plus years by now that's the only bugger about that that goes in this pocket with the Nalgene so you can treat up the water do a little bit of cooking or whatever you whatever you got to do alright we're almost done alright in here I've got my survival pin that's basically all first-aid stuff I don't really want to open it up but several different kinds of bandages it is packed tight a bunch of different bandages butterfly bandages a needle a little bit of there's a suture kit in there so superglue purification tablets for the water mold skin for your feet in case you really got to walk a bunch of pain tablets you over-the-counter stuff and it histamines goes on and on there's there's five six other things in there a nice full-size set of tweezers you may not need that I live in the desert you can run into cactus so I go ahead and carry the full-sized tweezers there is a little razor blade out of a scalpel that's about it pretty decent you uh can't do everything but you quite a bit it's a little bottle of hand sanitizer why not a little bit of food not much bag of corn nuts little thing instant coffee the tea bags Fig Newton another Fig Newton some Cholula for some reason I think some other tea bag oka matches sugar pepper salt and a mrs.

– I don't know why I have those in there but they're in there this is a second identification card with about I'd say about 15 feet of duct tape wrapped around it now the first wrap I get a duct tape I did upside down so the sticky side is not down I got about 50 bucks in there in sort of different bills then I flipped it over to the sticky side and wrap the rest of the 15 feet around I just always carry that I always have and then one more thing that I've been carrying it you carry this if you if you want if you're comfortable with it only if you're comfortable I carry a pretty comprehensive lockpick set now you can imagine why you might need that and you can imagine that you could possibly get in trouble for carrying something like that so use your dispute your discretion use your own caution and your own judgment I can I can justify having one of these because of my profession and it works for me you can imagine the the benefits of being able to get into something without having signs of you know force even using on your own property I've had I've had up locked myself out and open my house without having to you know fix a door or window so I carry it you know it's something that something that I have so might as well use it it's got pretty much everything I need to get into just about whatever I want anything you know regular security I can even use it to start you know a couple of things if I had to and that's it are you guys happy to share that with you one thing I didn't notice it's good to go through your stuff you know it's nice doing the video and that's fun and everything but it's been sitting on my car for quite a while and going through this I noticed that I'm missing my little Hank of paracord that I usually keep in here I think I think chef Morgan got her hands on that I remember giving that to her to use for something and I didn't replace it so I'll put that on the list and get some paracord back in here and in the comments section if you guys see something that I could throw in here put in the comments I'd love to hear your suggestions this has taken me a while to develop it's not perfect but you know I like it but if you've got some good ideas I'm always happy to hear them if you think I'm carrying something that's you know not worth its weight you know I'll go ahead and humor that to let me know I mean you could be right and that's about it everybody thank you very much for watching let me know what you have to say and I will see you in the next one

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