the light weight bug out vehicle is getting some attention part 1

long ago a few jobs go tied to the outer first of all then what going to do you're trying to pick out to mount on here for the head I've got a head shovelware got a pickaxe mount now so that's all complete I'm probably gonna do make some sort of thing here this is a lot of waste of space on the train of recovery strap on there was something I don't have tied it the idea what I'm gonna do is really restore this one as you know I used to use this one about what last year I was using this one but it's still here that one you liked start ripping it down and get all these all these didn't sound everything pardon for the character if you do have to move the truth we spray all the dents out everything because of a minute been used to storage that's still fine reporter nother keyboard yeah do something with this get everything painted when I paint everything and repaint of NATO hitch all right laughs all the shovels all the accessories everything and you need to figure out how to dye the jet wash all this off and I ate all three waterproof football so yeah I can a new ones call the wolf wheels on and everything right like a few accessories tip on so Jonas he's born you check up like kids written everything yeah should be going to another friend's farm now Matt you can pick a gear up last week once Prague is down here rather than at home ah this is what I did last week and it was all wrapped in holes and those big sections cut out and be replaced that's traveling the world for it's as good as you're gonna get sir it's all dust in Hangul it's as good as you're gonna get we painted in a barn in the middle of winter all the from these tractors home is it is private competition so I get some pictures of in plywood and the put on the front end stuff and another humpin to all the original signs against their will perfect maps that were played that thing the other side and after 15 run for it is it's please important so I ground you but then it's about the rest of the time in the Middle East and actually been fully rebuilt again sort of the dutiful everything on it everything done bring you there we go from the I recon painted all these because has faded other years it was all things adorable furniture like I'm really a mess of trucks didn't say further graphic ambition I mean this has been the bushcraft truck and I've got no issues whatsoever pushing trees out away with this and because Spicer it's 25 30 year old vehicle the rough page on my calf pain trouble men agreeing bushcraft truck because then you don't get all emotional when you do actually catch something slip something I mean these are so easy to repaint I mean I'm gonna go to town and spray painted military anyway so yeah it takes nothing to redo so just crack on a little bit brand new took applied kit as well for it so I'll just tidy it up a little bit have also got the snow cover saw a bit more of a modern modern touch and everything so we've at the target yesterday its whip them two old stretcher mounts off I've got another minium splash back to go on there I haven't decided what to do with I started doing this lighting and I've changed my mind with it and think about having one long central LED light and then spot lights for the various little things but not sure not sure yeah I think I found a place for everything now so the next job likes a splash back like Tim I'm gonna put some boat deck in in here I've got all the LED downlights to go all along that side to light the floor up a bit this all need to reach room in anyway we can see here I'm getting through it slowly what I'm doing when I first got it I rubbed it down and gave it a quick paint I only gave it a quick rubdown what happens over the years with these is nobody ever rubs and down they just put more paint on top so you get white flaky little bits that peel off and chip off as you can see even though I've just quickly rub this down and this is fairly smooth you get the different layers of paint so what I'm doing is I'm roughly rubbing back with some heavy grit to get an axe kind of smooth even finish I mean that looks like it's all different layers but that's one smooth even finish it's just as it's been stacked up over the years that's what you get so bringing it all down even unto these bits I'm gonna repaint these as the word nice and yellow and get it all back out as it should be for yeah give us a little respray are we getting there slowly is the worst bit on the line forever this is my father worst part this is corner to the right groove kicking at some point totally popped him what I'm doing it's on the aluminium the pickaxe had it's actually small enough to go up in the gap here and what I'm doing is I'm just pushing it up and just manipulating the dins from the outer edge and just push it and what you can do is you can actually see where it's pushing and it's slow like just work that didn't sound I mean this is not gonna be absolutely perfect I want to retain the original wing this will be the hardest part for what I reckon I can do from this bit is go from the top of the bonnet here put the pickaxe head across so it's touching and give it a few light taps get the bulk of this all the way in out until it's almost there apart from a few ripples then I'll do a little bit filler in rub it marking so I'm no body shop expert but he is coming he's coming slowly I mean as you can see this bit here that was all pushed in the reason that's a different color is because I popped straight back out and the paint's chipped off which basically means is the dins been in a lot a lot of years and been painted a lot of times for that so the other minion will vent the paint won't be enough got the back half done my wife calls me after half a job so I'll get me out and then drying and everything I love the rest of the vehicle down the next weekend the bit of pike laughter that in the filler now but what I do is because I've rather day in you put way more on than what you need and then what you do is you send it all back to get a nice smooth finish I'm not the perfect book it's a 30 year old Land Rover come on they came at the factory didn't took these things you said with the TDI con division in it as well so it's got the modern military spec engine in it we've just taken off just so I can get to the inner wing to knock some of the dents out one thing this would benefit from is a raised air intake but that can with the next owners thing I'm also going to steam clean all this engine bay as well so its operating

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