The Single Guy Lives In The Wilderness, Set Trap , Wilderness Alone , Survival Instinct , Episode 41

Wilderness Alone It has been two days since building the barn for the two wild chickens. They are very strong and really like tree seeds. I have to go to the forest to collect tree seeds so that they can set up some traps by the way to have more food. store in the dry season A huge cave Very wide inside the cave In the dry season Animals go low to find drinking water Traps placed in their passages It has been more than a week that no trace of any traces have been found. Boars in this forest Boars' survival instincts are very clever.They move in herds, maybe they have sent my breath in this forest.And they have moved to another location. Around this forest , there are still traces of cheetahs. They often leave food scraps in the stinking forest. Suppose I am prey that has caught the eye of the leopards? Surely I can not escape the fangs, claws sharp them I planted the crop to get more food for the next time 09 months later can be harvested tubers Cu wheat lot of starch and tubers US is a favorite food of rats and others.

At night, I use fire to keep my body from the cold. The new day's job is to check the traps and pick up the seeds. A pretty big string mouse Very lucky, So there is food for today. Palm fruit is very wrong, unfortunately they are an itchy fruit that cannot be eaten This trap is ineffective Survival in the forest, the problem of lack of food and water is a worry.

the most sedent I can cook it with a bamboo tube A small water mine here I will build a well and use the water for daily life.

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