Three on One Shows Important Lessons for Self-Defenders | Active Self Protection

In Soviet Russia one on three not fair five four three Hi everyone, this is John with today's active self-protection lesson out of Russia here We're going to see a fight that bruised that I'm not sure who the good guy is and who the bad guy is but it is going to teach us important lessons about using our verbal skills and de-escalating conflicts about Managing unknown contacts and not getting into the danger zone and about protecting our head in our neck from a sucker punch so what we see here is some guys who are Arguing and I don't do a whole lot of social violence videos here on active self-protection And I'm not sure what the argument is exactly over But you can see he's clearly agitated and when he steps out of the elevator He started swinging punches and he hits all three of them here knocks two of them over in the third one He's just wailing a tune on goes back to the third guy here while somebody's trying to get in the elevator and like oh What's going on? well The third guy finally drives him out of the elevator while the first two guys try to pick themselves up off the floor and figure Out what happened? He's gonna yell at him a few times more and walk away And that's where these guys beating is gonna end and this one's over.

Let's go back and learn some lessons on this one There are some significant ones here I want to talk first of all the guy on the right you can see he's got his hands in his Pockets there you can see his head in the very bottom right see him in the reflection with his hands in his pockets anybody else? Is standing with their hands down? Well, you got a guy who's clearly agitated and when we talk about managing unknown contacts That's what Craig Douglas uses for that phrase there you got to know that you got to keep your hands up and you need to know what your defensive fence is and and I'm Gonna link to my video on that so that you can learn some of that and you can see here from his body language He's got his chin forward. He's got his shoulders back.

He's got his arms out clearly and an aggressive posture Now you see him turn and he's turning towards his right? which means if any if he's gonna throw a punch he's gonna throw that left hand and you gotta know he's gonna throw that cuz That's where he's coming from and you gonna see him hit the first guy with one and knock him almost completely out That second one goes to this first guy and doesn't quite knock him out and the third guy gets one as well And now the fight is on and they gotta decide what they're gonna do here But he just his sheer aggression knocks them out of the fight. I don't want to think about the guy in the green shirt Who's coming into this elevator here? What was he planning on doing in that moment? If you're a bystander in this kind of attacking you're gonna step in and stop it get the heck out of there, man Don't stand there and figure out hey, can we get on the elevator and go to the seventh floor or whatever? Now he comes back to this third guy and you notice here He uses what we call a vertical Shield or he gets his heads up his hands up to protect his head and his neck and that Was a really wise move could that let him start? weathering the storm here even though he's taking some punches to try to close the distance and take this guy down and you can actually see that that let Him gain some distance Because he had what looked to me like some fairly decent rudimentary wrestling skills And because he was able to get that distance he was able to get away from the beating so let's use this video to number one learn about Managing unknown contacts number two learn about our defensive fence and how important it can be number three how to weather that storm and and protect our head and our neck and get ourselves out of Danger so that we don't have things happen like this instead we cover our ass You

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