Thrift Store Prepping Supplies Finds Bargains

thrift store prepping supplies finds bargains Value Village haul prepping supplies from thrift stores value village prepping on a budget save money on prepping supplies hi it's AlaskaGranny I recently went to
a thrift store Value Village in Alaska prepper and I wanted to show you some of the treasures that I got that
are going to be wonderful additions to my prepping supplies
my strategy whenever I go to a thrift store is to first go through the
housewares then I go around the store and I look at the other items but I
always begin in the housewares because that's where the most useful items are
that I've ever found for my prepping stockpiling supplies the first thing I bought at Value Village I
found were some of silverware I found six each of spoons and forks
$1.99 for a six pack of spoons $1.99 for a six pack of forks they don't match but
it doesn't matter I'm going to put them into a bucket of extra food that I have
stashed for emergencies in my bunker and into the bucket I'll put a few spoons and forks then in
the event of an emergency if you have a bucket of food you also have a utensil
that you're able to eat the food with make sure you include some kind of plate and
a can opener with your buckets of emergency food the next thing I found
was a USB powered cup warmer it was brand new in the box for $3.99 I have never
seen one like it I've seen cup warmers that plug in the wall but never that plug into
a USB why would that be important to me as a prepper I could use this in my car
I have a little outlet in my car for a USB I also have the adapters to plug in
to cigarette type lighters so that I would be able to use that but I found a
plug I also have an adapter I could plug it in there the other way I could use
this is plug it straight into my little battery packs the first thing I did was
plug it in the battery pack I had in my purse plug it into the unit and I could
tell immediately that it actually worked it was brand new but I wanted to try it
out just to be sure I'm not sure if it would warm up a liquid but it would
certainly be better to have a little warm than no warmth at all next thing I found were
some warm gloves these are only 50 cents look for things that you might need like warm winter clothing
heavy gloves or hat look them over make sure they're still in useful condition
and if they're a reasonable price consider getting extra winter clothing hats gloves coats to have to keep
in your Bug Out Bag in your car with your winter supplies you don't want to
be caught in the winter without a pair of gloves
so having extra gloves is always a great idea the item that I thought was the best
deal ever was I found a little boys winter jacket for 99 cents
they're usually eight to ten dollars and even more so when I was looking through
them for one that was reasonably priced was I ever excited to find one for only
99 cents in an emergency having a warm jacket can really be a lifesaver to find
some warm clothes they don't have to be the latest fashion they just need to be
warm and in good repair I also found a few items that I would
have enjoyed having cast iron pots and skillets fry pans but the prices were quite exorbitant and not something that
I'm willing to pay for an item I need for my prepping supplies so one of the
things you want to do strategy for shopping thrift stores is become familiar with the price of what things actually
cost that you might like and then know if you're getting a good deal when you
see it at a thrift store don't pay more than you should if it was brand new
but you can't always know that if you don't know what things really cost
remember anything you get secondhand look it over carefully to make sure it's
in good repair and that it will be useful to you and you are not just helping
someone else clear out their garbage Value Village haul prepping supplies learn more at please
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