Tiffcomp Plays Minecraft Hardcore Survival PS3 Part 64: Hunting Endermen

oh and welcome back to tiff con plays minecraft where we are and i have sleep now we are just whenever they get we're heading towards the end nail you know not right not literally heading towards the indian but heading towards the end of the game like well we're all diamond done we've got 14 points or 12 diamond spare or something please come on the cutter sauce arrows eee eee jokin there's nothin else EE way to be and then we could go all the way over that same thing over there it's gonna be easy to get there so extreme hill by and they call it I do a lot of investigating a lot of things you know i'm paying west and less of a new year bullet all the time you know far and i thought i was doing all right at first but you know you learn what a newbie are after all the own if I could finish this is a noob on hardcore survival I'd be wrapped I'd be wrapped I would be absolutely around now where we go Annie I'm going to cut through the jungle probably be quicker than the string hills by him oh man absolutely ripping it i'm so happy i feel so comfortable right now I hope that doesn't lead to my death but I feel really comfortable and very confident right now mmm you thought it would author you think I would learn my lesson link are you let's go the long way around because it's just about to be night but just run right around this forest in the dark looking friend American that'll be the way to go 10 we're nineties in the pulse will never been so quick to take them on scare nitrogen potion running our food imageicon apples for a sec let's wait for it to get done we just got to fly this jungle all the way down hopefully and back up hopefully I don't need to pull my map out again to do it I shouldn't have to maybe when I get to the bottom and I start heading back up but yeah there we go he quickly let's have this patient now all right skinny out gold now pull out just in case I'll get this one yeah sweet a late next anymore and that's where i had the ax I don't see any Endermen this is where we are spawned up go right around I guess spot like this that was awesome check out that night I'll swim around I could make it boat yeah let's make about it okay I did not hang on did I even need to do that yeah I did okay um with sale crafting table make sure nothing's going to jump us where is the boat I think of any more words sorry I gotta buy cool it's going to leave this here alright let's go that's good we'll go I don't think with many many boats not yet maybe once or twice it's cool i can cover ground really fast we might pull up here actually I where there's a creeper right this Shh God get out he thanked that mr.

Kaiba why do you think worry about this by it so I'm worried about okay look at everything everywhere I'll take on everything guy you went flying oh oh spotter you've given us the hottest guy yet nothin this guy's he come back up you should be dead after that Oh God must be another one mmm we need all this XP so let's take it really need endermen anyway come on we passed a check-in area before but um you know I didn't think you know look like a really good place or when I say check it do you know what heaps of a little too close they're okay my name is fine it's all I really care about oh yeah freaky burger oh oh huh cool I think I think I just fallen this far stop can't see any in the minute anyway can I can't say any intimate you really want to say some andaman come on we need those Interpol's so badly just so so badly can everywhere for an Interpol sandbanks and then independent so I'm being so quiet just looking everywhere for them scanning scanning scanning you know can we creeper thing can't say any in them in any way when we should kill this skeleton over here where are we on the map like hey I thought hang on it's narrow billions over here somewhere sutton yeah i don't know i think i thought the temple was a village oh come on should be using my bow kip moore full full pro limit I thought that cactus was an in terment for a second there Oh think you're clever do you buddy now that's an inter- are awesome ah screw you pal all right let's say yeah there's nothing come from behind us let's get ready to take on this intamin come on mate are your piece wake come on Alec come on it come on got nothing absolutely nothing do we get nothing I've got to interpose awesome oh really so did be awesome yeah you want some more ender pearls there's another Endermen give me a might need to take another night vision potion your bloody piece week uh-huh come at it come on you okay sweet thing come on look at that three of them that makes nine we've got a belief shouldn't be signing so I don't know how many we've got really I boy I think it's for pretty sure it's for well she'll even be bothered running down here I'm looking friend of and let's say any end up and down there got one more note of that and we should be right I thought that skeleton was an Endermen he would eat a spoon or something yeah we did we got 66 so with the for that makes 10 I thought that's so cool that's just so cool I'm so wrapped we're really getting close we're really really cool oh oh awesome in that blackness out here this is just a mad ripping the ground f we checked it out or not little clock with being down there but we can't okay looks like lights down there or something let's Mike Lee out we might come back to it I'm getting so close to the other you know I'm just running around though i'm just still looking for any man even though it's daytime i can still come in daytime where's this village that I thought was here somewhere goose water was a village here somewhere we really need more arrows that reminds me though I'm gonna number it eggs back at the UM back at the house yeah I've got this sword as well which will give me more feathers so I don't know how much day time we got left fair be eat and I could keep exploring for this village we might get lucky and find an intimate till we need just enter pearls I've got six so we've got 10 we only really need one more well actually we need more than that because we're going to find the theme now for throw them in the end you know they they break and stuff after a while I hope it's not in the jungle place in a squat applied it was it's in the jungle on the world well I'm playing with my mate ok guys please remember to Like comment and subscribe I thank you saw for watching and I'll see it's all in the next episode

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