Top Ten Must-Haves for your Bug Out Bag

hey guys Kelly here for Bradley circles and Bradley surplus calm and today we're counting down the 10 must-have items for your bug out bag my bug-out bag of choice is the fox tactical duty pack because it's got a lot of great different compartments for your things and Molly webbing so you can attach different things if you would like first and foremost you're going to need some sort of fire starter I recommend putting at least two different types of fire starters in your bag because fire is going to be most important I can't emphasize that enough the second most important is going to be water filtration you can get tablets or you can get a ready-made I don't like the frontier Pro number three is going to be food you can do either MREs or my favorite the day treks meal packs they are very lightweight and great to have if you're hiking camping or in your bug out bag number four is a multiplier multi-tool this will allow you to have all your different components as opposed to just a knife which is really one purpose fifth item is a military-grade compass a number six is a military-grade flashlight number seven is durable 550 paracord and number eight is a great casualty blanket that is perfect again for your car or your bug out bag my favorite is number nine this is the attachable shemagh scarf which is used in a variety of ways as you've seen in our other videos and finally number ten is the first aid kit if you have any questions please visit us online at Bradley circles calm or give us a call thanks so much and have a great day you

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