Hi guys happy vlogmas day 4! Today I'm
sitting here at, can you guys read this? it's the zombie outbreak mobile this is
awesome I ran into my friend and I wanted to give you guys a tour so let's
say hi to my friend Emilio, Emilio come on over. Hi this is Emilio, Emilio
actually also has a channel but he lives in this rig full-time and I wanted you
guys to take a quick look and then maybe we'll sit and talk to him for a few
minutes but first tell us your name and tell me about your vehicle
my name is Emilio and this is a Class B plus or you can call it a Class C but
it's actually a B plus because it doesn't have the bed on the top and
that's 20 22 feet long and I can fit two to three people and it's very
comfortable as you're gonna see in a little bit
great let's uh let's do a little walk around now Emilio has two dogs so you
were living this full-time right? and he has two dogs that he lives in this
full-time and unfortunately he had some bad news yesterday what happened
yesterday oh yes yesterday they downsized our
work and we got canned at work but it's alright
cuz there's always other jobs and you know what? and you don't have to worry
about paying your mortgage or getting kicked out of your house or your
apartment because there's always insurance let me see yeah look at it let me see if
I can let me see if I can back up and give you a good enough shot of it look
at this thing this thing is awesome alright let's walk around so that he can, we're gonna walk around and he's going to give us a quick little tour so
let's, he's got a generator back here so go I'll let you tell us come on.

That's a little
Honda generator it's a 1000. It's 1000 watts and it's only like 27 pounds
and it runs a whole bunch of stuff you know you can run your lights, your TV,
charge your batteries, it even runs a small AC, a window AC. great. and how many feet did you say this was? 22. okay let me – all right so maybe you can
stand right here and we'll walk around and tell us what everything is in here. Right
over here of course you got a refrigerator every RV has a refrigerator this is
for the outside it brings the water and stuff like that and over here is just a
closet and another little closet over here
and over here you got your back your every RV has a propane tank back for cooking and taking a shower heating the water okay so this turns on propane great hi
baby dog don't be scared this is the house battery, your house
battery that runs your lights, your water pump, okay, you know for your
kitchen and stuff like that. Hi babies! these are the babies the babies as you
can see old babies 10 and 10 and 11 and incidentally, that house battery, you charge it when you're driving around or when generators
connected right also good perfect and then over here we got the generator
another generator a built in generator me see if it's open
called an Onan generator it's 4000 watts okay that one runs one use it runs with gasoline from the gas that you put in your truck and it's a little bit you
know runs on it runs on gas but it it's a gas guzzler so that's why I have that
yep your little generator it really helps and that runs everything the AC on top
if you have another AC on top that runs out to your microwave so it's pretty
good good so you want to go inside and do a
quick look let's check it out okay let's do it okay so I'm gonna start from the
back this would be as if I was entering the back okay and if you can see it's pretty
big like nineteen probably nineteen feet long it's very big it's wow it's so nice
in here look at all (house on wheels) okay give us juice and then over
here's the bathroom wet bath where everything is all
together you've got your shower here your little sink to wash your hands it's
all lit it's pretty good besides I'm not gonna be taking a ten
hour shower so you don't need to have that big right and then I got a big
closet over here I can hold like 48 shirts perfect but I got some drawers
you don't need much.

You don't. socks. you know and this is that little window AC that I actually did this on my own it goes to the outside of the RV in
that closet so oh yeah that's what you were talking about, in summer time
you get some cool AC but I gotta keep the closet door open so it vents out the
air so it's pretty good yeah then you got your microwave 1800 watts
you got a Dometic refrigerator that runs on actually on propane gas propane gas
and also an AC electric and this is a really big refrigerator you've got a
lot of stuff in here were big but you know just sure sure it's more storage and
then on this side you've got a gas stove that you can cook on gas as you can see
a sink and a sink to wash this is your computer
that's my TV computer and then you work over here
it's handy. That table you can eat it also goes down and becomes a single bed
you can see what else? Oh another roof AC
yes I have one of those in my van Domedic Brisk, but that wastes a
lot of electricity so only when you're connected to an RV park or somebody's
house yeah or when you run the engine or when you run on the generator
outside well I turn my engine on I run mine
engine hey long also have the generator the external generator the Onan
generator I want this built-in right okay and this is this a bed this is
where you sleep this is a sofa that becomes a full-size bed when you open it it's called a jackknife bed they call it and water tanks is actually
under the bed a 35 gallon water tank so these RVs have the water tank on the
bottom but you actually put the water to the outside this is nice this is really
nice material and then you've got all the storage up here how about three
space yeah storage actually a lot more storage in my previous studio that I
paid 800 a month yeah 1,000 well throw money away give it
to the taxman right right this is awesome I love it
it's so big in here and it's just so wide this is, this is big and it's does it
fit in one parking spot? yes almost it sticks in it the back sticks out a little bit
like two feet out but if you park it backwards you can fit in like a regular parking lot.

Every parking lot around the United States has where you can park
backwards right right so that's good and then you've got these shades that
pull-down. Typical of RVs you know the ones that go up and down yeah yep got a Fantastic Fan also oh yeah the
girls inside yeah very important Fantastic Fan for like two hundred dollars and it really gives a lot of air. Like 10 miles an hour
of air when you open a little window so is very nice. I have another TV there I
hardly ever use it came with it yeah and then more storage storage over here and
then the the captain's chair and yeah this is great
something very important even for you that you can buy a refrigerator oh you
have another one in your refrigerator yeah yeah yeah
runs off I'm doing a video on that today – runs off your batteries your car
battery they can also run off what brand is that one is that the Dometic
Domenic's cf-18 it's like an 18 litre 18 litre capacity and you can put a lot of
things here it can go for hours and hours and a couple of batteries marine
battery take one better as you can see okay so I'm sorry about that I wanted
to get out and yeah you know what we've got a generator right here we've got
another RV here but we might move around this side so that we can we can hear
better and let's stand next to this so tell me about this tell me about this
zombie oh yeah I got this at Amazon that's awesome a lot of people stop me
take pictures of it they think it's something related to the Walking Dead.
Right, absolutely.

Well, when I saw your rig I was like man there's a there's a
full-time RVer and I didn't want to come knock and I saw you walking your dogs
and I said that's that's how I was like yeah this guy's gonna think I'm rude, but
if you would have been in here I wouldn't have knocked so what led you to
live in an RV full-time? Well I was actually thinking about it for a couple
of years because I used to have a job that I would travel and I would have to
stay over like a day or two right somewhere then I started figuring what
do we have our apartment if I'm gonna go work for two days somewhere else and
then I got a drive back home right so but when I was thinking of all that the
landlord came and knocked on the door and said "you better good tenant but I'm
gonna have to raise the rent $800" and I go okay so no problem then all of a sudden he came back a month late he goes "I'm sorry but my realtor says I'm actually
cutting very cheap and it has to go up to a thousand." Wow.

So at that time I was
looking for RVs and a friend of mine told me "hey there's a place called La Mesa RV
in Port Lucy, let's go check out the RVS and I just went to check, I had gone to a couple of shows like everybody, but you know this is something
that you want to do research. Yeah, absolutely. You want to make sure you
don't buy lemon. Right. And then I went and I was actually
looking to finance one because if you finance one for 20 years brand-new you
can pay like 200 a month. But it's 20 years. So I go, maybe I should get a new RV put like 5 grand down or ten whatever but, so what year is this this? is a 2007
okay well I bought it in 2014, okay, so it had a sticker price like $30,000 and
then I got it down to $25,000 which was not bad at all
great great. and it had 47,000 miles 40 that's perfect as you can see that condition is
in pretty good shape and have you had any problems with it? at all nothing
I had a fix the one of the sinks the faucet right but engine-wise no and you
you live in it full-time? tell me what you did for work the job that you just
got laid off from? I was I'm a respiratory therapist so when we were
working in a nursing home and because of the Obama changes under that just
starting to cut and making the nurses do a job but it's alright
you mean you mean the Trump changes well actually they were saying is because
Obama because of the changes in the health the way to get billing and stuff
like that right but Obama's going out of I know, out in December
now that Trump's coming in maybe it'll help but the owner says no no the
Obama company is too much money with the insurance you know that so they go
Obamacare yeah we are way they're billing Medicaid and all that (so you got laid off) but I foresaw that happening and I got the RV thinking of the future.

you knew in advance, you knew, did you know two years in advance that you were
gonna? no, but I wanted to be protected and doing something like this or even having
a tiny home or anything that you have paid off it helps you a lot when you're
you're paying a rent you're blowing away money. So, if I may ask you, and you can
tell me no to any of my questions or to say you don't want to answer what are
you going to do now that you're not working? Not working? well, I…

Do you have anything stocked? saved? probably collect for now, but I can always
got a job in respiratory. Right, because they gave you, they're giving you a
little bit of money to get by. I can always find another job, yeah, there's always jobs you just gotta find them. Sure. And you can go anywhere. Would you be willing to relocate? I could travel anywhere in the United States. There's respiratory
therapy everywhere. Would you be willing to relocate? I can park-like Trapper John, I can park
in front of a hospital remember Trapper John? yeah. He had an RV – and
you get them to park it yeah yeah sorry I can't do that but for now I'll
probably gonna just take a couple of months off and I do it like I was
telling you do the stock market on the side I do a little bit of trading and
yeah tell us how how else you plan on making money I could make some money
doing that and as long as I don't go crazy and spend a lot of money but then
again I'm saving sure is sure I can probably do that for a while if it goes
good I could do that and probably work part time later on do you mind sharing
how much your monthly expenses are total ah I gotta pay 259 a month as I finance
it for seven years 259 a month for the RV you know that's your your
quote-unquote mortgage is two hundred and fifty nine dollars that's amazing
and a hundred for for insurance okay and that's about it
and then gas it's only it gets like 12 to 13 miles per gallon and you haven't
been driving a lot because you've been working right that's why I always tell
people if you gotta buy an RV don't buy it too big because if you buy it too big
then gets like eight miles to the gallon right you end up paying rent like almost
an apartment right and then you can't find a place to park it and then you so something else I want you to tell me about tell or tell my viewers
about is you had this as painted or wrapped? oh yeah this was actually white
when I bought it was white all the whole thing with stripes kind of like kind of
like your friends over here oh he's this right his has stripes okay so yours was
all white and you could kind of see me that kind of see it had stripes but the
guy sanded it down and he wrapped the whole truck so it's a lot cheaper than
painting it you know (generator) You wrap that whole truck and
supposedly a wrap like this it's called 3M like 3M paper, it lasts like seven years
and you take good care and wash it from time to time okay I tried out now the
park next to the Sun that much do you have any solar panels no I know someone
a little bit but if it wasn't that good so I'm thinking of buying – I'm probably
– 300 watts and putting it up on the roof so they did a really great job it
does look like it's paint and you mind sharing how much that cost it was
actually $2,000 dollars but the guy took so long to do it he had to use
five employees that he goes from now on anybody that once in his $3,000 I didn't
know how hard this was oh this was his first? yes he would do vans and trucks and
companies but he never did an RV and I guess the RV has a lot of a lot of
different shades and how long have you had it like this for two years? since March of this year.
so so we'll see you know I was gonna say do you know how long you know you don't
know how long it's gonna according to 3M the wraps last seven years.
And did you get a warranty? yeah but it was like a year okay you know like that
year, if something happens bring it back blah blah blah right right of course with it it looks great
it looks great well think about what it's a silver
color you can park anywhere it doesn't stand out as much as an RV, well this isn't even darker
like your friends is silver but this one is like a box truck yeah it looks like a
box truck I thought it was a box truck under the radar yeah for sure I thought it was a
box truck and I love that up there how high is it? actually ten feet ten feet.

Hi babies. well Emelio, thank you so much I really
appreciate it. Guys, now we gotta get you one, when you got one exactly. Emelio's going to do a tour
of mine, but I wanted to I'll put a link to his description. I'll put a link to
his channel in my description and you can check out his channel and he does
little reviews of things and different products that he's done he goes also
into athletics so, thank you very much for your time.

pleasure, my pleasure and happy Vlogmas in a van! RV TV freedom living! yes! .

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