Tree Identification – White Pine – Nature Awareness, Survival and Hunting Uses

hey everybody this Craig cuddle director of nature lion school coming to you today on our continuing series on tree identification today we're going to be talking about the eastern white pine this is one of my favorite trees to talk about because there's a lot of uses for it as well as these particular white pines that you see here and behind me I actually planted when they are about that tall so these pretty special to me glad you joined us so the eastern white pine however is considered to be the most palatable by far simply because it has almost a sweet taste to it this tree is very distinctive and that it has circular branches that go out palmately from the trunk of the tree and typically it grows to about a hundred fifty foot tall depending upon the earth that it's growing in it has a very straight trunk and it has great green bark on the more younger trees and the win that gets older the bark will come dark gray or even brown the eastern white pine leaves grow in bundles of five needles each and they can grow all the way out to five inches long in addition to making a very good tasting tea that is both item an a and C rich the needles can be infused in water with sugar for a very wonderful syrup now I can't show you this because we're in the midst of the summertime but in the very early spring on the ends of these branches you'll have young shoots which you can see right here but it's already starting mature sometimes these are called candles you can harvest these just like you can the pine needles and use them in a salad my experience has been it's not quite as bitter as you would expect it to be what you'll find again because the eastern white pine is that it has almost a sugary flavor to it the other thing that's wonderful about pine trees and this is all pine trees but the eastern white pine is the best is that you can actually eat the bark and i'm not talking about this outer part of the bark that you see not this brownish green part basically what you want to do is take this portion of the tree off get to the layer that's directly underneath of that that's called the cambium layer now what you can do is you can eat it as is in a true survival situation just eat that because it's got a lot of nutrition in it however what you can also do is collect it scrape it off the bark or scrape it off the inside bark that you pull off as well as the portion of the tree that's left and you can collect that and mush it and you can fry that up and eat it just like crackers basically you can put it over a grill it'll fire up it's going to be pine tasty but it's also going to have a sweet flavor to it now the thing to remember is if I want to collect some poem because I want to try this I can actually you can see that these trees have been cut the branches have been cut lower simply oh that my dad can mow underneath here because these are in a yard right but if you want to go out into a force and you want to collect this make sure you're not breaking any federal law by going on a federal property or anything like that but what you can do if you have access to some private pine trees is simply take the outer bark off and what you'll do is not cut all the way around the tree that's called girdling so if i take the bark and cut it all the way through all the way around the tree what i'm going to do is in essence kill the tree so i can cut a rectangle in a tree as i'm demonstrating here and when i do that what's going to happen is that wound is going to heal and it'll be just fine and it won't damage the tree for future generations eastern white pine trees are basically both male and female species so when they bear pine cones they're basically going to bear one of each if you get to the higher portions of the tree you'll be able to find the female seed cones and lower in the tree you'll find the male cones and this is what you've got there is the continued ability for that tree to survive and so that basically takes care of itself the reason i point that out is because the smaller pine cones that you'll find on the bottom of the tree early in the season are edible you can pull them off they'll be small and you can eat them and again we don't have video of smaller pine cones but you'll find that in the early spring you want to get them when they're less than a couple inches long and still be edible from a pure survival perspective what you've got here some really good fire starter to all your pine trees have a resin in them and anytime they're damaged the resin will come out and that resin is something you can use used for fire starting you can mix it in on a feather stick you can use it to mix with some ash to create basically a glue process that you can adhere arrowheads to two arrows you can glue portions of your tent you can plug a hole in a cup any number of things that you can do with the SAP the resin that comes out of the pine trees another fantastic use for pines any pain but eastern white pine is work for this Wells two is to utilize these for fire starting material if you can find a branch that's falling down and the needles are still on it and they're dry or you can find them on the ground dry which is difficult to do you can still utilize these to be an excellent tender source for fire starting material if you only have a choice of picking stuff off the ground then gather them up and lay them on a rock so that they'll dry out and in due time you'll be able to get some fantastic tender so in short that is the eastern white pine one of my favorite trees in the whole wide world one of the things that's an indicative of the species is I don't want you to think that you'll be seeing this tree out here like this in a forest in essence what we've got here is a situation where each one of these trees as they were young and growing had full sunlight there was no blocking of Sun from other species in the forest so as you can see behind me you've got that circular pattern of branches that grow and then you step up okay as you do that that's going to happen on your pine trees but where these are branches are fuller on the bottom that's because they're reaching out to get that full sunlight and you're going to have a larger crown in the forest where as you've got a completely full tree right here in this particular yard again these trees I planted these trees a matter of fact there's a couple that are missing you can look over in one spot over there and see where one's missing I weady to that boy bad boy down when there's about knee high so that's why it's not there and there's another species of tree in its place so with that said I hope you enjoyed our look at the eastern white pine if you have any uses for it then check it out below put those in there and that way we can help each other as always we really appreciate your phone is here we ask that you continue to follow us on carbon TV on YouTube and as always go to nature Alliance o RG to find our blog with all the information and all the places that we write and do videos for with nature high school always come on join in let's learn together

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