Two Examples Of Defenders Taking Down Multiple Moto Robbers

Today we will see two examples
of people who were not afraid to face various
motorcycle thieves. Active Self-Protection
Attitude – Skills – Plan Hello everyone! Welcome to
today's Active Self-Protection lesson. I'm your host,
John Correia. Today we have two videos
of motorcycle thieves, one from Brazil
and one from Argentina. The Active Self Protection Medical Kit
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have a great ankle kit. I use this same
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for stocking it and making it available. In our first video we
see a woman walking down the street when two subjects
on a motorcycle, one of whom has a delivery backpack,
which is common in Argentina and Brazil, grab her things, throw her on the ground
and hit her hard.

While the delinquent driver waits,
look to the left … Because while
the woman is being beaten, another delivery driver says: "No, I will not
tolerate that …", runs over the motorcyclist, giving him a touch of love
with the bumpers while the other person approaches
and the fight goes on. Unfortunately, they
didn't put the brakes on the truck, so they had to
call him out later. But you must admit that
the criminal is being beaten up. Thank God
they separated him from the woman. They are going to chase
the motorcycle driver down the street, and I think they are going
to get his car back, but look at the victim
on the right side … She is on the ground
and significantly injured as everyone runs
to deal with the thieves who tried to hurt her … She's hurt, actually,
look at her wobble a bit and then she doesn't do a good
job from there, and ends up falling.

What we see in this other,
there is a similar situation, two guys on a motorcycle,
turn around … And when they do, this
off-duty policewoman sees them and shoots them. The one behind escaped, but the first one was hit
by the shots, fell wounded and took the challenge of measuring
the temperature of the road. We have a lot to think about
in the latter and there are some lessons
to be learned.

Ah! He caught them. Listen, if you are a
firearms instructor and want to improve as a
defense skills teacher … Consider applying for the
ASP instructor certification. We are gearing up
for the fourth group of people starting later
this year and we would like you to learn how to be the most effective
defensive skills teacher you can be. Well, in the first one, I want you to see
how these attacks happen. Because if you look at it,
she turns around and sees the subjects … And again, this is determined
by the context. Two guys on a motorcycle in
Asia or Africa happens every day; in the United States it
is almost rare; while in South America,
the Caribbean and Central America, this is
undoubtedly armed robbery.

Well, the criminal jumps up
and grabs the woman … And I want you to notice that
it took him less than 3 seconds from the
moment she sees them approaching until the subject
puts his hands on her. This is a significant part of what we will talk about
in the next case. You only have a few
seconds here, which is why you'll want
your defense plan , again, not just a
self-defense attitude and skill, but a plan. "Hey, if the guy gets off the bike, I
'll go to war and I have an attitude
to do it and protect myself." Because no one will come fast enough
to protect you, not even the men
who arrived in the truck were fast enough
to protect her.

Women, you are the main
agent in your own rescue and this is a
very important lesson from this case because only you can protect yourself
from this type of bodily harm. Now, I want to highlight here also
that that use of the bumper … Again, they hit the driver
and took him off the motorcycle, and I want you to recognize
that the use of the car, when you hit someone with a car,
generally speaking , anyone speed, any speed
over one mile per hour, is
considered deadly force because it is very likely to
cause considerable physical damage.

In this case I think it is
totally justified, the criminal
hits the woman on the ground with a high probability
of causing her physical harm, and the motorcycle driver is
in conspiracy with him; so you can treat them equally, in this
particular case, while the crime is happening … and you would be stopping
a violent crime. So, that being the case,
it would probably be fine. I also want you to acknowledge
here that the driver, who has a great attitude,
not many skills , comes up and tries
a very poor takedown. So if you have those
skills, great … But we have seen several times
on the channel recently people coming in with
kung-fu kicks and things like that … Guys please go and train
so they have real skills and can overwhelm
an attacker quickly instead of ending up in a
kung-fu style fight with the offender for having seen too many
Hollywood movies. Now, also that you see
that he had enough, you have a great advantage there because that guy
has a huge bag on his back, and now it's 2 against 1.

So, the fact is that if you have
a 2 against 1 you have to communicate and deal with the upper
and lower part of the body, lay the subject down and not let him get away
with it as we see here. Now, of course, they
have to hunt down that guy and look for his truck,
and all that stuff … And I'm not too concerned about the fate
of the criminals, but the fate of the victim. We see her having difficulty
getting up and walking. So someone should offer you
medical help, let someone else deal
with the criminals. Keep a medical team with you and you must be present
to help the victim as well.

Now in the second video there are several
things to pay attention to. First of all, these guys
are on the prowl … And you could see them here, they were going down the street, they
saw someone and they said: "Okay, let's turn around and see
if we can identify any victims." This is very common, they are openly looking for
someone to victimize in these particular cases. And that's a very common thing, again,
depending on where you are. This is why in your culture
you must know what the
probable indicators of an attack are. We see the behavioral signs and we analyze
the behavior profiles 100%. And that's what this
woman did, she analyzed the behavior profile
of the subjects and that was very wise. Because we can see right here that they had waited
until she is close and they stalk her from behind hoping that she does not see them
until it is too late, but she is paying attention
to her world, very important.

You can see that she takes a look right
now and looks at them … A couple of important things here, she actually has her hand,
you can barely see it, but she is hiding it I guess she has her hand
on the gun or already She has it outside, but under her sweater
or something, because she knows
what is to come. Now, could this woman
in this culture and environment, seeing that there are two men about to assault her
from a motorcycle, have they stalked her … And knowing that this modus operandi
is very common in her world, justify the use of lethal force? I think the answer is yes because of the disparity
in strength for her as a woman. So, she sees this,
pulls out her gun and detonates it. It takes him about two seconds to
get the gun out and fire … But of course the most important
thing you want to see here is that he missed the shot, You can see there he missed the subject
because they move from right to left, so it seems to me that the shot
fell behind them.

So having some target practice
with a moving target is a good thing. It must also be recognized
that even at close range you must have the ability
to hit the target. Because yes, the FIBSA does something here:
"F * ck, they're shooting at me", but it doesn't end
the threat like "FIBS": "F * ck, they shot me." So you want to
hit the target, hit the target right.

The # 1 cause of reloading
is a missed shot, according to Tom Givens, so I think that
's good advice. Here we see the second shot … She does n't shoot at fast speed, but one thing I want you to see is that she just follows
the boarding rules a little bit, but not that much. Because she managed to hurt
at least the first subject and apparently turns a little
towards the second guy; But even if she didn't,
the guy in the back escaped, so she's not
shooting at him. It is well standing, it has a good
stable posture to shoot, but that is why the grip is the master,
the sight gives the rhythm and the trigger is the servant.

You need to train and practice
to be ready for that day. Now, here she does turn around,
without a doubt, now she's shooting at
the guy driving the motorcycle. The driver, right? That is,
not the passenger, but the driver. So we talked about the rules of boarding
all the time in Active Self Protection, everyone must get shot,
before someone gets second shot. You just have to admit that we are talking
about bursts, not a bullet, right? So you want to put
1, 2, 3, 4 bullets in one subject before focusing on another,
to change their behavior for good.

So everyone gets a first burst
before they get a second burst. Now, she turns to the subject
and I think she didn't see him very well … But then again, she's failing. Now, I think she did a pretty
decent job coming back so she could see, right? You don't want to be so focused
on a single subject and have the other subject shoot you
for not paying attention to him, but at the same time, you can only shoot
as fast as you can see.

And you must have a good vision of your sights
and your target to be able to take a good shot, because if you don't you will run
out of bullets, friends. And you don't want to run
out of bullets in a shootout. Remember, your shooting ends
when your gun is empty. Well then she turns around and takes
a shot at this running guy , and again
, marksmanship is the master. Now do I agree
with these shots? The answer to that is "yes", I agree
for the continuity of the actions. If she had waited 5 to 10 seconds
and the subject had run down the road … I would say no, not that long. But given the risk of great
bodily harm that she had and the fact that these
are all ongoing actions, I have no problem
at all. I think once
she sees him away, she lets him go. So again, a good look,
good trigger discipline, and a good
stable firing platform. I want you to see here,
I see a lot of people who say: "Hey, you have to move and make sure
to shoot while you move …", but what I see rather happen
all the time on the channel is that when people get
their shots right In real shootings, it's very often when they stabilize
their firing platform, get the grip they need
and the sights they need, the trigger discipline they need to hit the target as such.

And here she has fired use
5 or 6 times, before. to get an anatomically
significant shot at the criminal. A couple of things about that. Many people who carry concealed weapons
have only that amount of ammunition and you don't want to leave so few
bullets in your gun , you just want to hit the first,
second And third shot, not with the sixth, seventh,
not eighth. And then finally
what we'll see here is that she will finally catch him and make him finally
fall to the ground. Now, I can see here
that she continues to scan, she catches this guy and when
the guy is already a bit far away, she turns to see
the other guy … And I think that was a
pretty smart move there because he's trying to see
if the guy is still running away.

The last thing I want to see here
is that the criminal here was shot, but was on his feet for about 6 or 7 seconds
before finally losing a
lot of blood and falling. I don't know how many shots she hit,
but it took a while. You must recognize that
shooting someone with a pistol, even with FIBS, could take a while
for them to lose consciousness and stop being
a threat to you. So regarding the second case, I think
the defender had the right to do what she did given the disparity of strength,
due to the cultural context, given the fact of the knowledge
that she had regarding the likely result of being isolated in the dark
and this guy of things. However, I believe
that aim is the master, you must be the one who
hits the shots. Fortunately, she fired them because
when the monopoly on their forces evaporated, they cowed
, which is good. Let's make sure we know the true
meaning of the rules of boarding.

Get good and effective shots when
we need it to cover our ASP..

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