Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle? We found it! – Ep 112 Sailing Luckyfish

This week on Luckyfish. We're giving you a taste of life on board during seven weeks in self isolation in Belize. Seven weeks is plenty enough time to work out. What would make the perfect bug out in a post apocalyptic world. Before we get started, I'd like to say a special thank you to many of you regularly. Commentors Jim Nichols, Terry T Bricey, Rick Gaston. Oh, there's Tim woods. I mean, there's so many of you, there's too many of you to mention. I'm sorry if I forgotten you, but thanks so much, guys. You're really helping us to grow and we really appreciate it. Let's jump right in. I'm sorry.

Yeah. I come from Mongolia and we have been sailing across the Atlantic ocean and around the Caribbean for the last five years and I'm steward and I'm passionate about sailing and teaching sailing. And just recently, yeah, cruise expanded with the arrival of this little guy, Leo March was a tumultuous time for lucky fish piece by piece. The world started shutting down all around us. Tim made it back to the States, okay. And area, and just managed to jump on one of the last flights out. Guatemala closed its borders, leaving hundreds of cruising, yachts, stranded without access to the famous hurricane hole. The even if you were to get back into a Guatemala and you still can't fly out in Guatemala right now is locked down until at least the 6th of April. So that's all the info on that. Over that was optimistic. There was no telling how severe this was going to become. So we took stock of our situation. Maslow's hierarchy of needs is not a bad reference.

When thinking about priorities, the bottom two rows of the pyramid being the most critical at this time, we began with food and water and filled the boat with a month or two of reserves. We bought a generator just in case we had prolonged days without wind or sun. We depend on our batteries to run the fridges and the watermaker. We needed a new tech ACAT dinghy, but with the factory in China closed for the virus, we couldn't source a replacement.

We hastily got a standard thingy sent down from the States. Well, never a dull moment in beliefs. I'm just packed out. So I'd fix the customs area. See, I don't know what area it is, to be honest, I'm dealing with people in uniform, uh, but they don't, um, they don't follow the book. So I'll probably fill you in more later, but we've just driven away.

Having got an unsatisfactory on receiving an inflatable thing from the U S some of the prices being taught the ridiculous very often transit. So technically no duty is payable. I'm happy to pay a bit of a fee for the paperwork involved or handling charges, but the duty payable is very high and it's unreasonable. My driver's just gone off to have another word to the gentleman in charge. I were basically negotiating a settlement at the moment and right behind us on the other side is a knack. Okay. Playing, let me flip you around over there that rather flashy looking twin jet aircraft, Lia jet is found in the jungle a couple of weeks ago on a jungle airstrip flown it here. It's now in pounded, but apparently that is I knock, I playing all the registration numbers have been painted over and there's no seating onboard, right? I will fast forward a few days.

And here we are an anchor. This is ad thingy here at last. Yes. Yeah. I know you want the fuzzy and here's the dinghy pretty much is where he packed it after a pretty raffle bus trip down from the lease city. Alrighty. SP sports boat, that's it? Yeah. We decided to go with the sports boat brand, Amazon. Cause we saw our friend Steve with one at Ray. I don't see, he just got it. And it was that looked like quite a well made tidy little Denny kind of a thing. He narrow enough to go straight up ass. Wouldn't let up be the taste when they get on the flight to see whether it can come up the swim ladder and also set sort of a Fort chips between the tiller bar and the back end of the pod and flight it of course, with the engine on narrow.

It's a very something, a seat I imagine. Alright, let's blow it up and see if it works. Yeah. This thing here blows up, becomes a bit of a, like a V bottom support. So yeah. Gives you a VCO tower instead of a catamaran. As we had before glow panel. These are the side rails they're trying to lock these joins together. Yes, he has. The day you got look at that little reinforced reinforced rubber keel looks good, honey. It looks tight enough to me go down one. I understand that no boats can come in at or leave over. Roger. That good news, I guess, or news by mid-March.

We were self isolated on anchor and ready for come. What may Leo was the pivot on which all life on board spins, seeing him discover all the wonderful tropical fruits Billy's offers makes us happy for breakfast. Avocado will. Apple will benign. So you have to choose which one? Avocado, Apple or banana, which breakfast. Wow. Every almost never. I have a good day. Well, enjoy it. The last one truck comes from Mexico. Hopefully next Tuesday, Leo. This morning for breakfast. Would you like banana Apple or pair? Oh, okay. Something new. Do you want to do double blind test on this? Would you like pear banana or Apple? Still the pair. Okay. From the prime minister believes who has, uh, named this as his ultimate step. There is a 14 day quarantine for the entire country. And, um, as far as the boats are concerned, we're to stay in the Harbor. I did announce a flight out of belief's city to Houston and then onto the UK. However, it's unclear whether it has been rescheduled or canceled all together. Leo this morning for breakfast, do you want an orange? Do you want a big banana? Do you want no, not yet.

Not yet. Not yet. Don't take your daughter a big banana or small banana or pineapple. Orange. Think about it. Horn orange, big banana, small banana pineapple. Orange, orange still wants the orange you choose. Yeah, I think it was the orange all along. Wasn't it nice. Organic orange. Look at their hair. That's a really sweet, beautiful orange looks ugly though. So that is a good believes orange from Belmont. Yeah. It's the same as this. I mean, this is the same juice from the huge orange orchard say have out West of here. No preservatives, no added sugar. This is a haul lesion product Belizian product. Keeping the fridge is seen as it's bottled a hundred percent pure. Wonderful. One of the great things about being here and beliefs, easy supply of vitamin C is email this address to all the people who are planning to enter Guatemala and are waiting for an opportunity to do so as possible.

First, I want to clarify that foreigners are not yet allowed to enter Guatemala. Like I, this morning for breakfast, do you want pineapple or mango or do you want papaya pulpit? Do you choose pineapple mango? Which one? What did he think? Which one would you like for breakfast? I thought it was the poor Paul. Yeah. Okay. Billy's has, um, has 11 days with no change in the cases and deaths, the Marine parks will remain closed this morning. Would you like banana or came to life or, or, or Apple banana cantaloupe or Apple? This one, you'd like a fruit salad this morning. Is that it make up your mind, which friend banana came to life or Apple. Which one? Well, this is what I really think started my office about night share and why it's just so prolific. I mean, having a look at that, every single word of ours say is vulnerable. It's a vulnerable cantaloupe Vaughn, sorry. From one candle art you could grow literally. Well, I don't even know. I mean, how many cans, cans a lifeline? Let's say 10 or a hundred and each one of ours would go out and produce all these seeds.

And each one of those that my goodness, the exponential growth, the yield, I mean, you talk about yield and banking and hedge funds. And I mean, Jamie Dawn and he couldn't get a yield, like nature can provide, let me that log already. The guy put them in the ground. And I can tell that it's coming out of your ears this morning for breakfast. Would you like mango three bananas? Cantaloupe? What would you like to pick? Which one? Choose one. Yeah. No. Okay. You gotta lay out. Whoa, hang on a minute. Let me open it up way, way, way, then it just breaks off. Wow. It's a mango hitchhiker. there's more here. he really picked on me. we going out for a day? If you wonder where we grow, where are we growing? We do do housing. That's why we're dressed. We'll have to get water, which you believe the fuel station. Sorry. Yeah. And I haven't been out for almost one month or maybe more, right? This is, this is a big day for us.

right? Yeah. I know. You'd like to work harder. I liked the exercise too. If you can't complain, huh? One Bailey. All this can be your action. Action. Okay. I'll call him up here. Then say what the producer, let us know in the comments below. If you think a yacht is a good bug out plan and what you would have on board to make it work, please give this video a like subscribe to our channel and leave any other comments below that you'd like to add until next time. Thank you for watching…

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