Using MMA for Self Defense

Okay guys. So today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about MMA , the difference between MMA and self defense and how you can use your MMA training in self defense. I spent years boxing, kickboxing, doing MMA, doing scenarios. When I was doing the Mixed Martial Arts, well, you need to have basic understanding of footwork, speed, timing, your range, your mobility. How to use your whole body, getting in the ring and boxing and kickboxing grappling is going to develop the skills that you need to deliver the engine, after when you're doing self-defense.

Obviously, I'm not going to kick-box a guy with a knife but if I have my kickboxing skills well, I'm going to be able to throw him really quick because I've done kickboxing. If I've been in the ring before, I know my range. All you have to do then is just adapt certain principles into your self defense arsenal. Like you take the basic of your body, your footwork, your speed, your timing, your hand and eye coordination, your power, your mobility, your explosive power, and then…

You know, when I do self-defense with these guys, well I tell them look. The difference is that now, I don't want you to go to the ground. Keep the fight standing up because if you hit the ground you're going to get boot in the head. When you see the knife, you're going to trap it this way. You can trap it that way, but the fact that there is skills and everything is developed, they're actually the easiest people to train in terms of because all the natural instincts are already there. So training in MMA is very important. The only thing you have to understand that there's certain principles that you don't want to do outside in the streets and others that you want to apply to in self defense. [BLANK_AUDIO].

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